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as he was and forever will be

Xavier Croft was born on February 14, 1977, to very wealthy parents. He had everything he ever wanted. His parents spoiled him for 8 years, then his baby brother was born. After Lucius was born, Xavier lost his parent's attention. They focused all their time on Lucius. It was 'Lucius this, Lucius that..." and X got extremely jealous.

At the age of 18, Xavier went to Harvard and then on to Harvard Law School where he graduated #1 in his class. He was hired to work for Black and Morris, one of the biggest Law firms in the World. Through this job, X gained fame and fortune, but his parents still focused on their beloved Lucius.

At Lucius' 16th birthday party, X encouraged Lucius to drink himself stupid. After Lucius was blitzed, X started playing a drinking game which he knew his little brother would lose. After everyone went home from the party, X stayed with Lucius, watching him suffer from the alcohol seeping into his bloodstream. He laughed as he stood over his little brother watching him vomit. He went to bed, never dreaming he would awaken to find his little brother dead from Alcohol poisoning on his couch. X held Lucius and rocked him, crying He was so sorry that he had killed his little brother, but he had to hide all of the evidence. Remembering two brothers he had gotten off murder convictions, he called them up. The Giovanni brothers, Anton & Dean, cleaned up the whole mess. They created a suicide note and sent it to his parents, then disposed of the body. His family mourned together, none of them knowing it was X who had killed their precious Lucius.

Ever since the day of his brother's memorial service, X has been plagued with the ability to hear and see spirits. Sometimes they leave him alone, but sometimes they drive to the point of sheer insanity. It is for this reason that he tends to have a short fuse. Xavier left the United States four years ago to start a new life. He wanted to leave his dark past behind him. He hoped that by coming to Europe, he would be able to forget his family and that his newfound ability would go away.