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About Me...and a bit about my Best Friend

I have a dear best friend, whom I must tell you of. Sarah a.k.a Din Oshii. I dedicate this site to her with much love. She's my Soul Sista!!!

Just for the gratification of both of us, you must know that she and I will be attending Oxford University together in FIVE YEARS!!!


Thenforth, she will move to Kyoto, Japan and I will live in Italy, in a thus far undecided province. She will be on my speed dial and I will be on hers. She will be the Godmother of my children and vice versa.

And when another dear friend of ours, Patrick, blows up the world, he will spare us, because he likes us. Scary, I know.

Anyway, until that happens, she will be training to become a Manga Artist and will have a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Ein. (Her favorite anime include Slayers, Tenchi Muyo! and Cowboy Bebop.) Her future children will be Damien and Raven.

I will be living my life in Italy, training and working as a medical examiner or a Crime Scene Investigator. Go CSI!!! My children will be Sage, Stella, Troi, and Melinda.

I just had to do this for her. She did it for me.

My Favorite Things