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Okay, I know you're probably expecting more...but gimme a break! This shall remain the most basic of pages until I have enough free time to update nicely. *^^* Tanoshinde!
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Welcome to Silent Nightmares: a (soon to be) fansite for Raditz, Zorn, and all other saiya-jins who never got the adoration they deserved in the Dragonball Z series.
This site used to be "The Lair of the Saiya-jin Tomboy," but with time comes changes, and thus, I have changed this site entirely. Vitani, as seen in the fanart section, is the mistress of this site. If you need anything, be sure to contact me through email, and I will respond promptly.

 people have groveled at Zorn's feet.

Dirtythoughts<*-*> Zorn, King Vegeta, Raditz