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Album Art By:Cradle Of Filth
Album:Cruelty And The Beast

Elizabathory will Show you the way....
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....This is where i keep my cryptic writings,Things I've written about feelings and fantasy.
For the most part all my writings are Vampiric, And Gothic.
There All Explicit, So if thats too much for you, Then go else where.
I work on this site in my spare time, Not too much has been done to it lately
Aside from working full-time. And spending My time with The man I Love,
I don't get on here often.
There will soon be a Personal Page, With pictures...
That will let you know, and see everything you need to know about me.Be patient. In time , It will come.

If Your going to use my Poetry, Please Ask for permission first, They are not yours to use freely.
...... If Any of this Offends you,
You can't say i did't warn you.
If you don't like it, than you can eat my ass : )

moon phases

Most of the images seen on this page were found on different sites,
and are not my own art.
If There is some of your art work on any of my pages through this site,
PLEASE email me,
And I will give you full credit for your art work,or be more than happy to remove it.

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