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jennifer is a different kind of girl.

she likes books.
she likes cookies.
she likes blood, guts and kittens.

she thinks she should stop talking in the third person.

My name is Jennifer. There isn't a lot that is interesting aboot me...but there are some things. I'm 5'1. Yes, I'm a shorty, big deal.
I have brown hair and brown eyes and I go to Churchhill.
It's a shitty school and I hate it. Another thing, I love computers and making webpages.
As you can see, my website sucks ass because all it's composed of is simple tables and crap.
The more complicated stuff will come later when I finish my graphics. Anyways, I have a few friends. Not a lot though.
I don't think it's good to have to many friends. Nevertheless, there are other things on the page that are worth more of your time than my aboot page :P