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Music Codes Here Note* MP3 songs take longer to be downloaded onto your page. I suggest you go with the wma songs. -Other- -50 Cent- -Many men- -A- Aaliyah -I miss You- -At your best [You are loved] -I Care 4 U- -Are you that somebody??- -Come over- -Alicia Keys- -If I ain`t got you- Amerie -All I have- Angie Martinez -A girl is fragile- Ashanti -Breakup 2 Makeup-(orignal version) -Oooh Aahhh- -Sweet Baby- -Then ya gone- -B- B2K -Everything- -Badaboom- -Sprung- -The Other Guy- -Beyonce- -Signs- -Bow Wow- -My Baby- -The Don, The Dutch- -Hey Lil Momma- -Cassidy- -Hotel-
Welcome to MG-MUSIC-4-U. I`m Liyah, the owner of this site. First off, I would like to thank you for stopping by and showing your luv-support. It is highly appreciated. =] As you guys can see, there isn`t much here yet, because this site is not fully created yet. When will it be fully created?? At this point, I`m not really sure. It takes a while to design pages like this, and this is my first music page. That doesn`t mean I don`t know what I`m doing!! lol But please understand that it takes time. Just so you guys know, I don`t take requests. So please don`t send me messages asking for songs to be put up. To be honest, I only put songs that I like. If you want to take music from my page, please give me credit for it. I hate when people just come and go. Theres 3 things you must do:: 1. Save me as a friend 2. Copy the code for a banner of your choice, and put it on your page. 3. And sign the guestbook before you leave. [I love my guestbooks dearly, so please show some respect and be grateful to have used *muah* music]. If you were looking for high quality music, that doesn`t sound like crap, you`ve come to the right place. Only at:: MG-MUSIC-4-U @ MG [DOT] COM Banners: ~4 Deep~ ~Aaliyah~