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Below are my thoughts on life. If you have a comment you'd like to share with the class email me at & I'll cut & paste it & post it.

{Insert shrine of incredible actor who was gone to soon here} John Ritter was awesome & since I am oddly obsessed with THREES COMPANY & a huge fan of his I have been very saddened by his death.

~John Ritter 1948-2003~

Comments: I'm SO SO happy to read that everything is going so swimmingly well! I didn't know Lauren was going up to visit cool! Let me know how it goes! I'm in Palm Springs right now... it's gorgeous here! Hopefully seeing Mr. (Roosevelt) Moore tomorrow. Miss him since he's moved out to LA.

Take care, chica.



A Beginning

AH. Where do I begin? Oh the beginning is looking ever so tasteful this early morning hour (12:47am). I can't take the credit for this on-slaut of words so I'm not. I'd like to call those who inspired this page, divine maybe thats not actually the true beginning, thats actually the very recent past.

The beginning is the day that my roommate (aka the best friend) & I packed up my Honda Civic & headed west to a place I'd lived once (but moved away from when I was 6 mo. old thus the memories are vage) and she had never been but we were determined to moved to. 10 months later we were sitting in an apartment we had thunk up in a time that seemed longer ago then the beginning of this thought, thinking "holy cow we did it!"

So perhaps the beginning is when we both decided we were unhappy where we last year, or the day we thought moving to Tallahassee was a far fetched idea, or maybe the first time we stepped foot on the FSU campus & fell in love with it, or the day we signed our lease & we knew there was no turning back, my roommate might even argue that the beginning was the first home football game but who cares? The point is its a new beginning in general. My life last year felt like the part of Behind the Music when the band ends up smashing the hotel room furniture because of the pot induced rage, combined with the recent suicide of their lead singer...with out the pot, suicide & hotel room trashing. In a nutshell, it SUCKED.

Tallahassee isn't a Jamacian Paradise but its a world away from a lot of things. Vage? Yeah but I felt like I was the passenger in the car of my life. All my friends moved away to college and left me behind, I didnt like my school, I wasnt particulary fond of my job and my social life was nonexistant. I fell behind in my studies because I just didnt care

BUT NOW! I live with my best friend, in an apartment I love, I go to a school I really like, I'd venture to say I have a legend of friends, and maybe even a social life. Not to mention I'm doing so much better in school, I feeling like I am actually getting somewhere plus I feel like I AM IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT on MY LIFE! WHAT A CONCEPT!


Readying Myself

In the nearly 15 years that I dewelled in the same compound as my kid sister there were few things that challenged my brain then the concept of actually looking forward to seeing her, or voluntarily spending time with her. But I've grown up, matured in my ways & now she'll be here in just a few hours & I am a nervous wreck. I've cleaned EVERYTHING, including the fish tank & done some vaccuming (I dont usually have an issue with the vaccum but if you saw our "vaccum" you'd understand the stress such a chore can cause). Its really bizarre. I'm REALLY truly excited about her coming up & seeing my place. She is toting with her her best friend whose parents are die hard Gator fans (& for those of you who happen to live under a rock, the Seminoles & Gators are two of the biggest rivals in college football) & we're going to make GARNET & GOLD look it like lost its lunch on her. We're even dragging her to the Colorado game. Indeed. A fun weekend is in store for all.

SIDE NOTE: I am currently reading Nicholas Sparks The Wedding & I am nearly done & thus far (only about 40 pages left to go) I highly recommend it! It or the other six novels he's written!!


When You're Celebratin' Make Sure the the DD's Navigatin'

That is the line from a really cheesey song that they play on the radio station up here. I think its pretty amusing just because I get that stuck in my head sober & its trippy but drunk...I can only imagine.

When it comes to that place between awake & asleep I'm forever notorious for having little control over the random words that fly out of my mouth. Last night, or should I say early this morning, as I was laying in my bed I asked my roommate to sing "Willie Wonka to Me". Now I vaguely remember her rummaging for a piece of paper and a pen because she had to write something down. I remember this happening a few times in the past & when I woke it was never good news. Some time last semester I stayed at her dorm & hadn't slept in about 72 hours & was finally to my point, well actually I had by passed my point & it was so far in the distance...well anyways point being exhaustion was beginning to ravage my mind as I lay on the floor yelling my concerns of catching menigitous (why? I cant be certain). Then I was convinced that if I just leaned up against the bed post I'd be fine. So I'd lean up against the post and then fall right back down to the floor. I was making a complete fool of myself. My roommate also laid witness such a scene in our senior year of high school. She was staying the night. I was already laying in my bed & she was up working on something for school. I guess I wanted her to be quiet, though I can't be certain cause its very foggy in my mind, so I started wailing things at her that surronded my bed. Finally when I had run out of things I told her that I had nothing to else to throw at her but my body.

Now that I have made a complete fool out of myself by endulging these personal momemts of absent mindedness, I have learned that drunkenness is next to sleeplessness. THE END!


F-L-O-R-I-D-A S-T-A-T-E, Florida State, Florida State, Florida State, YAY!

Florida State kicked some serious Colorado butt. 47-7. It was a great game but I had to teach my sister the finer points of school spirit curtousy. First lesson was don't laugh during & talk during the National Anthem, its just NOT cool. And a huge pet peeve of mine. You dont leave before the game is over no matter how much you are getting beat by or how much you killing by. I actually realized that lesson from Brittany Baker in the finer points of true fandamonium. Walking. Thats another lesson I've had to teach my sister. She didnt understand why I didnt drive her to RUBY TUESDAY to get food (my apartment is one street over from the stadium & if I left [if I even got to where I was going at all] I would have to pay some body $20 to let me park my car somewhere else because I would lose my parking spot. And then when you go a big college, or college at all, walking becomes a divine option. 40,000 student 4,000 parking do the math. That and promptness is a good thing, a lesson apparently high school hasnt yet pounded into her head. URGH.



My guess is that anyone who read this is probably not going to understand what the heck I am talking about in the title. Its an inside joke between my cousins & I. The odd thing is that in the past month I've not necessarily gotten home sick but have become stunningly aware of how much I enjoy my family's company. For those of you who dont know me to well I am extremely close to my umpteen million cousins especially Chase, Heather, Ashley, Isabel, Brittany, Bethany, Morgan, Jeremy, Stephanie, Grant, Nathaniel, Ryan, Tabitha & baby Maddy. Ok so I think I actually named all of my cousins. All that to say I miss them! I am really starting to look forward to Thanksgiving when I get to see most of my cousins & then Christmas when I get to see the other three. I had a blast eating Thanksgiving dinner in my pj's at my best friend's house (aka the roommate), and making the pilgrim salt & pepper shakers dance but I really missed my family! Thus I cant wait until we are tripping over each other, watching family movies, showing off pictures & yearbooks, vegging out & trying to come up with something creative to do that won't get us in trouble (ha that'll never happen), watching my oh so lovable aunt Sheryl take people down with her legs of DEATH, Nammy's FUDGE!...and in general being with everyone! They all drive me insanely nuts but God truly blessed me! "EVERY MAN FOR THEMSELF" to quote Brittany...nah I's got back up so you best watch out!