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My Favorite Weather


The cold breeze of December is my favorite weather.  It is considered as a 

summer season but it is not too hot nor too cold.  I can compare it with 

autumn season of the other countries, when the leaves of the trees keep on 

falling.  The weather is just fine and it makes me feel comfortable and always relax.  I don't bother 

with my hot tempered mood.  I feel so happy and always in love.  I enjoy wearing my favorite 

sweat-shirt.  There's no need to spend the vacation out of town in Baguio City of Tagaytay.  In the 

morning, the cold wind  blows wake me up early, I enjoy eating my favorite breakfast with hot milk 

of chocolates.  In the evening, I easily fall asleep.  There's no need to put the aircondition on.  The 

flower of dama de noche blooms near our door steps and I can smell each sweet perfume.  It' s a 

delightful evening I dream of a wonderland with snowdrops all around because it's too cold.

        I feel life so wonderful and worth living then before taking a bath I use to jog in the street with 

my younger brothers.  It makes me feel glad with the company of my brothers and physically fit the 

whole day.  Then I enjoy eating too much fat and chocolates I feel so badly and ironically chubby 

but stay away from sickness, of course.  The December weather also reminds me of birth of our 

savior Jesus Christ.  It is the gift-giving season which I like the most and of course I feel the love of 

my parents, caring and forgiving with my friends even I don't do anything because I really feel the 

presence of Christmas