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        Many people don't know the real me, so this my chance to reveal my attitude that I hide 

for a long time.  I have the kind of attitude that even I am sad and encountering many 

problems, I still look happy and I don't know that in the future I will suffer in craziness.  I 

hope it will not and I blessed and thankful that I have friends which are supporting  and 

comforting me when I am lonely.  Seeing them and joining their company makes me feel 

good.  One more attitude that I hide to my self is accepting and saying sorry even I don't do

wrong to them.  I was silent and had ignored the preaches my Mom when I was young just 

to stop her from scolding and keep her cool.  Sometimes, other people judge me before they 

even know the real me.  Through other people's facial expressions, I see to it that they 

thought I am hypocrite.  I am so sad about it but I can't blame them because that is what 

they think about me.  I will be a kind and a good friend to you, that is, I am always willing to 

lend a hand anytime to you.  I am not looking for a perfect friend as long as she or he is kind

and trustworthy.  That is only my requirement for a good friend and I am sure you will 

accept me.