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The new Accord will change the way you see the sedan. It's a vehicle like no other; an Accord like no previous Accord. Its emotive styling hints at true sports performance.

Its sheer dynamism exceeds all expectations. An advanced car truly in a class of its own, the Accord is an achievement in innovation with the power to change your perceptions.


Honda CITY

Is there a better way to build a compact sedan? Honda's answer is the revolutionary new City. Through innovative engineering and leading advances like an i-DSI engine and exclusive chassis platform, the City establishes new standards in driver friendly performance and functional design. Compact yet spacious, highly responsive yet fuel efficient, the new City satisfies seemingly conflicting demands.

It's a new level of all-around satisfaction that surpasses your highest expectations and leaves other sedans behind. The new Honda City.



he Civic has always been ahead of its time.With each new generation, Honda has maintained its leading-edge status by developing innovative new concepts in automotive design and then realizing those concepts through advanced technology. Now, with the introduction of the latest Civic, Honda once again sets precedent that defines a new era.

The distinctive exterior styling with forward cabin and refined contours, barely hints at the extent to which the Civic has been redesigned to enhance your driving enjoyment. In its efforts to create the ultimate sedan, Honda has brought together a host of original new solutions. The result is a Civic of far greater sophistication than its predecessors, a source of pride for sedan owners worldwide and a new standard of progress for our time.

Truly, quality beyond anything in its class.


Honda CR-V

Commute in comfort, do errands with ease, go out in style. Then leave city limits behind for rare relaxation. Where others promise freedom, the refined CR-V delivers remarkable versatile performance for true liberation. Honda combines exhilarating new i-VTEC ( Intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control System ) power and high torque, and the serene comfort and smooth driveability of a sedan. There's generous cabin space, as well as flexibility to change seating and storage to match every journey. The result is a Honda Creative Life Vehicle that brings unrestrained pleasure to driving, and opens the way to unlimited enjoyment of daily activities and weekend recreation. See how the sophisticated new CR-V expands your choices in life. Now, all roads lead to excitement.


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