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Marilyn Manson

3. Holywood, Portrait Of An American Family, The Golden Age Of Grotesque
2. Antichrist Superstar, The Last Tour On Earth
1. Mechanical Animals

All the albums are great and unique in their own way and i chose Mechanical Animals
as my fave as everytime i listen to it it makes me happy.
Antichrist Superstar is great for rocking and when in a rebelious mood.
Holywood is great when you don't know what album to listen to as it has elements of
a lot of the other albums.
Potrait and Golden Age are good at other times.

3. The Golden Age Of Grotesque.
Is great but not as reat as the others and he wears to much clothes but nice hat.
2. Mechanical Animals.
It's so different and amazing and nice change for him to have red hair but the tits?.
1. Holywood.

What can i say other than holy tights, combats and corsets. I love the hair and the makeup,
hes just so cute.

Marilyn Manson is in a league of his own and at the end of the day no other bands can
come close to him, i love everything he's sung, painted, said, wrote, everything basically.
I have a lot to thank him for.


1. Origin Of Symmetry
2. Showbiz
3. Absolution
I chose Origin Of Symmetry as it is very unique and powerful, even for me who can't
really relate to the subjects sung about but the way it is sung and played is mind blowing.
Also because of John5 and Matt Bellamy especially I am learning to play guitar now.


FAVE ALBUMS 1. Issues/Untouchables
2. Take A Look In The Mirror
I chose these as i'm not so keen on the more rapy albums, it's not really my style but these
albums sound wicked, the bass, solos, everything, his voice is
hypnotising and sings, espically in Issuses about things i think and feel about. Untouchables was the first Korn album i heard, and was the album, well from the first song got me into heavier stuff than the rubbish i used to be into.
Marilyn Manson Freak 2004 Clare Manson