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Le Chronicles Perdu De Le Chat Fou


[+]sex=I am woman, hear me roar.
[+]eye color=Brown, hazel when I cry.
[+]height=5' 5" I grew a wee bit!

I orignally just wanted this page because I was sick of not finding any "good" wallpapers out there. I want to live in Charleston,SC (a few hour from here) and have a stuido there to operate out of someday. I like the arts and "attempt" to practice them. I can't wait till schools over(flying Christ it's tedious) so I can finally move on, and get the hell out of Aiken(its nice but the infernal bible beaters swarm like ninjas around here.) because I'm ready for adventure. ::sigh:: Yet alas I must wait. Well I guess you can IM me if you want (unless ur a psycopath^^;;) screen name "madkittyD". TTFN ~Kitty