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[+]name=katherine(kitty) Middleton (last name pending)
[+]eye color=blue/grey
[+]hair=Dark brown

Katherine is just waiting for tomorrow to come and hope that it will things better. She secretly thinks Adams the best big brother she could ever have but is cold to him sometimes because it hurts when he can't understand things. She wants someone to love but believes in self-stability above it, or so she says but Adam thinks its because she’s a control freak, something she absolutely denies. She can be quite ungraceful sometimes, which leads to many humbling moments. Crying she thinks is something best done in private. She hopes that she can one day be remembered for doing something great. Her favorite place unlike like her brother is in the library, although she like walks almost as much. She’s always thinking of horrible and humiliating things to do to Adam to get him back. lately he now has her paranoid of French doors. She, like Adam is pretty spoiled but doesn’t let it go to her head as much. She is obsessed with autumn and solving problems that don't exist.