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LCPCF Wallpaper

Kitty: Well 'allo! And 'allo Jane! So Jane tell us why you've decided to get your wallpaper 'ere!
Jane: I'm really Really sick of never havin' ne wallpaper that actually looks good!
Kitty: Jane, your a terd, you need a 'obby.
Jane:*looks confused* Wha....
Kitty:Ahe, *cough* I mean righty O, and Jane you 'ave found the right place fer yer wallpaper! *big fake grin* All you gots to do is 1.)click on the little box next to the description and viola, up pops your wally and then 2.)you just copy and paste the web address and use it as ur background image.^^ Simple enoughf I thinks.

Oke This Wallpaper is a chibi Mina and Johnathan from "Dracula" soooo cute^^
Pretty Green wallpaper
Teal-blue colors!
A very nice blue swirl background
Really cool orange and light blue swirl
Very classy in the nude
Mauhahah, Evilness!
Moulin Rouge! Satine promo shot.
Hrmm, this one is a little odd for a wally but Carey Elwes is so Frikn Hot!
This one was a promo shot for "the red dress" in "Bram Stoker's Dracula"(1992)
A Piture of yours truly that I fixed up in paint shop.Bauhahaha::eye twitch::bauha
Sleepy hollow!