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Name: Regina Ann Morong (blah)
Nicknames: Gina, Gina-re, Reggie, Ferris
Job in the band: To sing (or pretend that I can)
Interests: Playing in the band, Writing, acting, Movies, People in general.
Bands I Like: The Sounds, Simple Plan, Blondie, Sex Pistols,The Cure, Rufus King.....The list goes on and on
Things I do when not practicing (because our practices are so tedious): Uhhhhhh.....Talk to people, hang out with my friends, do stupid stuff (Like Wal-Mart Tag!!!) and write songs.
Favorite saying: "Its not what you do, but who you do"...............Haha!! I'm kidding......hmmm favorite saying...has to be..."Its a waste of time to care what other people think"
Last Words: I dont ever have the last word, so..........Ummm I love all my friends!!!!!! woooooo we rock the box that is this world!!!! LoL UNTOLD STORY FOREVER!!!!!!