Fingers grip the wheel of a vintage black Jaguar. The XWF headquarters sits in front of the headlights, rain pittering away on the windshield. Through the tinted windows, a long haired vixen can be seen in the driver's seat, staring directly forward at the building she used to refer to as 'home'. A deep sigh comes from her ruby lips, a cigarette between them exhausts a cloud of smoke with her deep exhale.
A small crowd of people near the security entrance of the XWF HQ can be seen slowly making their way to the suspicious vehicle. The engine revs, and the Jag closes in on the secuirty barrier.
The rent-a-cop knocks on the window. Some photo-journalists and other paparazzi close in around the officer, along with Steve Sayors. The window rolls down, that stale cloud of smoke rolling into their faces.

Sayors: Kitten? OH MY GOD! GUYS! GUYS! IT's KITTEN!

A flood of people rush the side of the car. The rentalcop ushers her forward while speaking into a walkietalkie, the crowd following the bumper of the Jaguar. The bulk of the crowd wasn't able to penetrate the security the first officer radioed ahead for, but a few paparazzi along with Sayors waited eagerly outside Kitten's cardoor.

"Ugh, do I REALLY want to go through with this?"

Kitten grabbed her purse, and clutched the door handle. With a hard shove of the door, the edge cracked Sayors right in the groin.

Kitten: "Oh, Sayors! I didn't see you there. What a pleasure to see you haven't changed..... still can't refrain from touching your balls when I'm around, huh?"

Sayors looked up with tearful eyes. Nothing more than an 'eep' sound escaped him, before the gagging commenced. As Kitten stepped out of the vehicle, her large bulbous frame became the only thing anyone noticed. All the while she ame into the parkade she could already hear the questions being shouted through her window..... and as she spoke to Steve Sayors...... but once she stepped out, everything became silent.

A spokeswoman for the local paper spoke: "Kitten! What happened to you!?"

Kitten grimaced, and rolled her eyes. "Are you Fucking KIDDING me? What does it LOOK like, Pam Anderson? That I took a fat load from Tommy Lee, doesn't it?..... Moron."

Kitten slammed the door to her Jag, and flicked the alarm button over her shoulder.

Kitten: "Sayors, get my shit out the car."

Sayors had slightly recovered, and was excited to get the first interview on Kitten - he followed orders. He opened the trunk she had popped open automatically, and was stunned to find way more shit in the car than he could handle. "Uh.... yeah, right away."


She stepped through the doors and entered the XWF office. 'Jesus, there are so many new faces,' she thought. There were a few gawking stares, a lot of silence, and then murmurs as she passed the office and down the corridor to her old locker room. Sayors clammored in half a mile behind, lugging in half the contents of her car as best as he could. The bags hit the wall, knocking over every single champion picture that hung from them as he made his way down. A few locker room doors flew open, the heads of a few superstars who lingered around HQ poking about to see wtf was going on. Steve Sayors purposely fell ito the door of Steve Jason's locker room. "Man, I sure hope you're in there...... you're never going to believe this..."

As Kitten approached her old locker room door, she could hear gothic techno music sputtering a horrid screeching tune. "Who the FUCK is in my locker-room?"

Kitten kicked the door open, a few randown people running out. Black Widow sat on her luxury coccoon chair, a look of utter shock on her face. "Oh my GOD..."

Kitten: "Yeah, I get that a lot. Don't you have a life?"

BW smiled, hopping off her chair. She trotted over to Kitten, wrapping her arms aroud her. "OH, I've missed you!.... " Widow noticed a very large belly in the way of hugging her long time friend. "Uh.... "

Kitten: "Don't start."

"You're ...... spawning.... now?" Widow's face looked contorted, and dissapointed. Kitten sighed, making her way into the room. Sayors bashed his way into the room behind her, immediatley dropping her bags.

Sayors: "Okay, so let's get staerted, we have A LOT to talk abou--....." Widow grabbed Sayors by the shoulders, escorting him quickly out the room.

"You'll get your interview, bitchboy. Go suck someone off and we will get RIGHT back to you. Where can we find you? The little boys' room? Adian Collins office? Yeah, thanks..." SLAM wet the door in the face of Sayors, who ran off back to Steve Jason's locker room. He continued down the corridors knocking on all the old superstars' doors, screaming of Kitten's return. Black Widow turned around, looking once again at the VERY pregnant Kitten. "So what the HELL happened to you?"

Kitten sat on BW's coccoon chair, crossing her legs in front of her indian-style. She rested her elbows on her knees and sighed. "Do I have to go through this with EVERYONE around here? Has no one seen a pregnant woman before?"

Black Widow: "I've seen a pregnant woman before. I have seen a pregnant cat before. I've seen that movie where Arnold Schwar-za- whatever played a pregnant MAN. What I have NEVER seen.... or rather what I thought I WOULD NEVER SEE..... is my bestest best friend in the world back at the XWF.... sitting in my chair... and looking like Bhuddah."

Kitten noticed the irony of the position she was in, and uncrossed her legs. "So what, everyone thinks that I was NOT a promiscuous woman? Come on, B. It was only a matter of time...."

Black Widow(Bianca) nodded in agreement. "So who's the baby-daddy?"

Quickly, Kitten answered with a flighty tone: "Shawn. My fiance."

BW nodded. "Uh-huh. I see. Okay, we can talk later about this.... where have you been?"

Yet another subject Kitten did not want to go into. nearly 7 years had passed, and she did not want to sit and fill Bianca in on over half a decade of bullshit. "Let's put it this way. I've lived another 50 lives in the past few years. I couldn't tell you what has happened to me over all these years without having someone here to type up a book about it. Everything from cocaine, to Oprah, that's all I have to say."

Bianca blinked. "You were in Chicago?"

Kitten couldn't help but smile. "Oh, LAWRD. Forget it, Bianca. I've been all over the world. I did EVERYTHING. All I know is now I am ready to come home. I am ready to start a family. I am prepared to come back to what is left of my career." Kitten stood, wrapping her arm around Bianca. "And most importantly, to my best friend."

Bianca glistened, uber estatic to hear Kitten finally say the words she wanted to hear since their very beginning together. BW wrapped both her arms around Kitten, hugging her tightly. The baby moed inside Kitten's womb, kicking outward to heed Bianca's pressure. Bianca stepped back quickly, "Oh my gawd, I'm sorry!"

Kitten grasped her stomach firmly. She moved both sides of her stomach rapidly, as though she was a shoe-shiner and the baby was a loafer. "Look, shaken-baby syndrome!"

Black Widow burst out laughing, Kitten stopping the action to fling her hand at her. "Don't worry about it. If I freaked out everytime he kicked, I would have been locked up again. Just don't ask me a thousand questions about it. It is the worst thing about being pregnant... everyone asking you every question in the book from 'How far along are you?' and...'Do you have an innie or outtie?' and....blah, blah BLAH BLAH BLAH. I am TIRED OF IT. I am tired of people touching my belly like it is a teacup puppydog and making baby noises at me. I DETEST shit like that. This isn't Tom Cruises' kid.... or Branjelina's clan..... I'm NOT FUKIN' Maddonna. Ugh, I swear people forget that I used to carry a bullship, and oe HELL of a grudge."

Bianca blinked. "Oh...kaaaay. So. Where is Shawn?"

Kitten sulked, "Yet again, something else I do not want to talk about. I haven't seen him in two weeks.... he used to call me everyday. Like.... twenty times a day. I call his cellphone, and all I get is his voice mail."

Kitten sat at Bianca's vanity, straightening out her hair and make-up. Bianca lay sprawled in front of Kitten's belongings on the floor, poking away at the contents of each box and suitcase. She happened upon a small cooler, cold to the touch. Bianca smiled, tapping on it's roof. "....For MeeeEeeeEE?"

Kitten smiled, "Yes, I didn't forget you at all."

A squeal of happiness seeped through Bianca, as she tore open the lid, and grabbed the cold paper bag inside. 'Never fails,' Kitten thought. Just as she had alost 15 years ago, this gothic queen digged pig hearts. Bianca tore through the packaging like she was a child on Christmas morning, jamming the bloody and VERY rare pig heart between her teeth. She ate it hungrily, noises of an inhuman nature following each bite.

Kitten: "Wow, has it become a delicacy or something?"

With a mouthful, Bianca rearked, "Yeah.... *gulp*.... the XWF sill had to abide your contract..... everything that was ever yours was still yours, there is even a few things about future ontract agreements and stuff I have heard about. When you left, Wannabe and Killjoy arranged it so I could stay, kinda like your benefactor.... maintain the Kitten franchise.... butthey don't feed me. And business has been slow."

Bianca continued to munch down the bloody organ, happily dancing with her toes. Kitten focused again on her appearence in the mirror, smilig, picking her teeth, frowning, stretching her frownlines in the corners of her mouth. "Am I starting to look old?"

Bianca looked up, shoving the last bite into her mouth. "Who the fuck are you trying to-" A piece jumped out of her mouth, landed on the floor, where she picked it back up and put it into her mouth. "Trying to impress?"

Kitten grimaced again, and sighed. "..... Nobody...?..... I just thought I would pay Steve a visit.... it has been so long."

Bianca coughed on the piece, hitting herself in the chest. "Steve? Like.... Steve JASON? Are you SERIOUS? That guy NEVER liked you, let alone could stand you, I think. From what I could tell he MOVED ON a LOOOoOong time ago, and so should you. He's been happy without you, you should move on too. You're engaged, don'tcha know?"

Kitten turned away from the mirror and faced Bianca. Her face contorted, "Who the FUCK do you think you are talking to? Christ! Give you a little string ad you take off with my whole ball of yarn. First of all... YES. I AM engaged. But that doesn't take away YEARS that I embarrassed myself over SJ. I owe him A LOT of apologies.... and.... well... he's still so pretty."

Bianca dropped the contents in her hands back into one of the boxes Kitten brought in. "OH GEEZ, really, Lillith! Please stop doing this to yourself!"

Kitten smiled, pushing her shoulders back. "Calm down, spitfire. Fuck, I can still think he is ..... incredibly handsome... Just trust in me that I LOVE my man with all of my heart. But there was a piece I left here with SJ..... and I cannot take that back. If anything, I have to at least SEE him... make sure he is doing well.... that we are friends... you know. Whatever."

Bianca rolled her eyes. "Riiiiiight. It ain't gonna end there, I can know that for sure. So what, are you gonna go see him now, then?"

Kitten perked up a little, snd stood. Fluffing her hair again, she smiled and pushed her breasts out a little. "Yeah, I suppose better now, than later."

Bianca laughed, pointing to Kitten's chest. "All that primping and perculating must've got mother nature wanting to feed him, too."

Kitten looked down, her shirt soaking wet. She was lactating. Her face flushed, and she ran into the bathroom. "Oh my friggin GOD! Just what I need, 'Hey, SJ..... been a long time..... may I drown you in my baby juice? UGH!" Bianca continued laughing from the opposite side of the door, opening it enough to hand another shirt to Kitten. Kitten put the shirt on, and looked in the mirror. Not only did her big Christmas-bulb gut hang out of the bottom of her shirt like a fat man at a buffet, but her belly button protruded out like the button to induce labor. Kitten angrily tore the shirt off, yelling back through the door. "Could you get me one from MY bag and not one of your Little Shop of Horror streetwalker numbers? MAN!"


Kitten emerged from the bathroom, wearing a maternity shirt that read 'Good things come to those who mate'. No matter the toll on her body from the pregnancy, she was still stunning. She walked towards the door, her hand outstretched to the doorknob..... and then her cellphone rang.

She answered, "Hello?"

A familiar voice echoed back from the other end, "Well, well. I am glad you finally decided to answer your phone."

Kitten's face mirrored disgust once again, and she flopped down on a chair.

Kitten: "WHAT do YOU want?"

????: "What is rightfully mine. My first son. OUR son....."

Kitten: "Yeah, okay.... whatever you say you backstabber. I will ask only oe more time; WHAT DO YOU WANT?"

The voice laughed, then returned. "You talk that way to me, and I can make your life a living hell. You have't been around for me to know it, but it is in my bones that my baby boy is coming SOON. And SO. AM. I."

Kitten closed her eyes, pushing back the tears that begged to be released. "Is that all?"


Kitte sat motionless for a moment, Bianca sitting in utter shock. "What the hell was that about?"

Kitten: "Oh Jesus, you do NOT want to know. I.... don't want to know. You just have NO IDEA."

Bianca: "No, I don't..... what, this kid isn't Shawn's? I thought you told me it was Shawn's? What is going on, Lil? WHO was THAT?"

Kitten shook her head, drying the corners of her eyes with her fingertips. "I can't even talk about it."

Her phone rang again. She answered it, "WHAT!?"

Shawn:"......... So we don't speak in over a week and the first thig you say to me is "WHAT"?"

Kitten recoiled, "I'm sorry, baby. I just... I..... ugh..... I am back at the XWF. I didn't know what to do without you, so I had to go make some money somehow. I felt lonely, so I came to see Bianca...and I-"

Shawn: "Well this makes COMPLETE sense. 'Make some money'.... HOW!? By wrestling? You're fucking PREGNANT! With what is supposed to be OUR son! Now I see how you're going to 'make money'. No wonder I got this fuckin' voicemail...."

Kitten: "What are you talking about?"

Shawn: "You tell me you lying bitch! I got some dude with a slinky ass voice on my answering machine telling me that I am not your baby's FATHER! ALL THIS TIME YOU HAVE BEEN LYING TO ME!!!??? WITH HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU???? Didn't I tell you WHAT WOULD HAPPEN???? I am not another one of your FUCKIN LOVETOYS LILLITH!"

Kitten burst out crying, "Baby! Stop! I don't know what you are talking about.... BABY! Listen to me!"


He hung up on her. Something in the air had people hanging up on Kitten today. Bianca braced for something to get broken... or a cellphone to be thrown through the air... SOMETHING. But Kitten just sat. Staring straight ahead, tears glistening in her eyes.

Black Widow: "Lillith?......... Honey.....? Are you okay....?"

Kitten stood, drying the tears from her eyes, and silently walked out the door.