Kitten stopped just outside of her door, and leaned against it. She sighed deeply, her fingers bridging the gap between her eyebrows. Steve Sayors came rapping down the hall as quick as he could, Kitten throwing her hand in front of his face as soon as he stopped in front of her.

Kitten: "STOP. PLEASE. You get the first interview, okay? I promise."

Sayors: "Alright, I have take enough from just about every single superstar in the XWF. Kitten, I am about the ONE person who is happy you're back. Can you acknowledge me as a friend and not a foe? I'll leave you be..... I just wanted to be the first one to hear how you are doing."

Kitten blinked. 'When did he grow a sack,' she thought. His words didn't really mean much to her, but he was standing up for himself. Kitten respected that. She had put Sayors through a bunch of crap before..... from being her errand boy to escorting letters down to Steve Jason's room. Every interview she had with him either was interrupted, brief, or ended in him not getting the story, or him getting hurt.

Kitten: "Ugh, for some reason you are making me care, Sayors..... Alright, I get it. Let's go somewhere where we can be more exclusive."

Sayors: "THANK YOU."

Sayors lead Kitten down a past couple of doorways, and into a room set with a background apron, lights and cameras. He led her to a chair where she could sit, next to an empty chair for him in the middle of the room... in front of the many lights and cameras. Kitten's heart fluttered, her worries becoming more evident. She worried he would go into subjects that would bring out her weakneses. ON FILM. She worried he would go to far, as he so many times did. There were reasons why his interviews were brief or ruined.

Kitten: "Okay..... so before we start I have some rules:: 1) I do NOT want to talk about the baby's father.... unless I say anything about it myself. No question at all about any comments I make about the WHOLE babby-daddy thing. Are we clear?"

Sayors nodded, as Kitten continued. "2) I do not want to sit here and explain everything that has happened to me over the past half decade I haven't been around. There is just way too much to tell."

Sayors spoke, putting a hand on Kitten's leg. "Hey, I am not going to go that hard on you. This is your first televised appearence in years, and in your fragile state I am not trying to break you any further. I haven't forgotten who you are, ya know. I am jut going to ask a few questions.... 'Where have you been' was one, but you can divuldge as much or as little as you want. Other than that these questions are very preliminary, easy, and unoffensive."

Kitten: "Do you know what IS offensive?..........You're TOUCHING me."

Sayors quickly moved his hand back to his own lap, changing course of the conversation. He rounded up a couple staff to man the lights and cameras, and looked back to Kitten.

Sayors: "Agreed, and I apologize. Are you ready?"

Kitten nodded, as the camera blinked 'on', Sayors running through the usual banter to begin the interview. Sayors reached his first question; "Kitten, we are glad that you have joined us. Of course, in a nutshell, where has your life taken you the last few years?"

Kitten: "Well, after my leave from the XWF I actually took up SJ on his mention of Austrailia as a perfect vay-cay spot. For almost a year I swam around, boated around, got a great tan... it was a little piece of paradise for a while. I have been with my fiancee Shawn for nearly seven years now..... so it was basically us, the sun, and the ocean. A real treat, really. But the Kitten Empire was dying.... my money was going..... and going...... so I had to make money."

Sayors: "And how did the great 'Miss Kitten' earn her keep?"

Kitten: "Got into the cocaine business."

Sayors mouth dropped. Kitten came back quickly, "It wasn't for an entirety of a year.... but close. Back in 2007. It made me all the money I could've ever dreamed of. At one point, I had nothing to lose.... so I became a crackhead. *She shrugged* I really should be in prison after the things I did. But it is in the past.... and now I think of myself as an advocate
.... not a burn-out. I thought of returning to my career but my body was pretty wasted away.... I started training, but pretty soon my body became a vessel to carry a child. And that is where I am now."

Sayors, a little shell-shocked, avoided any further quesions about.... '2007'...; "Do you know what you are having?"

Kitten smiled, "A baby boy. EXACTLY what I wanted."

Sayors: "And why didn't you want a girl?"

Kitten: "Are you kidding me? Girls are fuckin' SUPERCUNTS. Could you picture a mini-Kitten? Jesus."

Sayors laughed a bit, and continued; "And so what does the great Miss Kitten want now? You are pregnant, so a return isn't possible, I'm sure. What could you possibly want with the XWF?"

Kitten sighed, "I..... I guess. It was actully hard to pick up the peices after 2007. All I could think about is what made me feel the best, and it was being.... well, here. So I started training.... actually EATING something again. Training some more. And after a few months.... I was pretty close to being ready. But something has happened in my life.... it is Shawn. He has become my everything in so many ways. I didn't need anything else for so long that we just drowned away in eachother. And since we fornicated like breeding Stallions, now I am with child."

Sayors: "So you chose.... now, to come back? I'm not following you, here.

Kitten: "No... The XWF is my family. I don't have any left in the real world..... and I wanted to come back to the people I know and care for..... to bring up my child around what good is in my life. All I need is Shawn, the XWF, and my baby. Nothing else could go wrong."

Kitten frowned. Yeah, a LOT could go wrong, she thought. In fact, everything was wrong, at the moment. Shawn wasn't speaking to her..... but yelling. And there was this horrible, constant ache in the back of her head that reminded her of that phone call from the mysterious 'baby-daddy'....... and that she would be hearing from him again, for sure.

Steve Sayors: "So if you aren't returning now, what exactly are your plans for the future?"

Kitten: "Well for now I am just going to re-adjust into the wrestling world again. Shit this baby out, be as attentive as I can.... and after the baby as adjusted himself to being outside of my womb.... I will start training again. I DO want to come back. I am just not sure of the timing on it, because I want to be a great mother first and foremost."

Sayors: "I completely understand. Well thank you, Kitten for joining us tonight. The XWF eagerly awaits the next generation you're bringing in, and keep us posted, alright?"

Kitten nodded, shaking Sayors' hand. 'Wow, that was pretty harmless,' she thought. Never had a Steve Sayors interview gone so smoothly. But just as Kitten had changed, she suspected the same of the people she used to know. Sayors spoke to one of the cameraen, speaking of things to edit and talking about his rediculous hair...... so Kitten took the moment to dissappear. She stood, pulling her shirt down over her growing belly, and exited the room.

She looked up the hallway, and saw Centurion making his way down the hall. Instantly, she bolted down the hall, her bouncing gut exposing itself in mid-run. Centurion looked up, a bit shocked to see Kitten of all people running at him. It had been so long since they had seen eachother, he thought it was a dream.

Centurion: "..........Kitten?"

In a flash, she jumped into the air, and landed in his arms, Centurion dropping the contents in his hands. She hugged him tightly, nearly choking him.

Kitten: "Oh, I am SO HAPPY to see YOU!!!!!!"

Centurion coughed, hugging her back. He smiled as they parted to look at eachother. "Wow, I haven't seen you since my wedding!"

Kitten: "I know! It was beautiful, by the way. Life was REALLY crazy for me at the time, so I apologize that I wasn't able to stay."

Centurion: "It's okay. I wish you would have though, it would have been a blast. It seemed like you were on the run..... everything okay?"

Kitten: "Yeah, it's all fine now. I don't even want to go into what I was into back then........ So you an Alyssa are still together? Married life grand?"

Centurion: "Marriage has it's ups and downs. But yeah, things are great....... Gosh, what the hell brings you back around here?And you're PREGNANT?"

Kitten smiled, "Yeah.... that is a LONG story. But I came back for several reasons. You. Steve Jason. Jem. A few others. The people I call family. No matter if I dropped off the face of the Earth or what..... you guys are my family. I thought about you all, ALL THE TIME. It's like you guys haunted me."

Cent and Kitten shared a chuckle, before Centurion retorted; "Well, Jem retired a while back. He hasn't been around for quite a while. Family man, now."

Kitten's shoulders dropped, and she frowned. "What!?"

Centurion: "Sorry."

Kitten's mind sank like her heart. Jem Williams and Kitten didn't leave off on a good note. She regretted it for years, and had intended on trying to make it up to him. And just like so many of her failures, this one would have to just add more to the cesspool of shit she couldn't do anything about.

Kitten: "No.... I suppose I had to hear it from somebody. I guess I am glad I heard it from you..... I just... *sigh*....... I have a lot of work to do not only to catch up around here..... but to make up for a lot of past mistakes."

Centurion blinked, "What do you mean? You were GREAT, Kitten. The only female to hold the Universal Championship."

Kitten: "Well..... I was in a dark, dreary place most of those years I was here.... Cyren didn't help anything. The Black Order was the worst thing to ever happen to me in my entire career. I ran the XWF for a while.... pissed off a lot of people. I do have enemies to this day."

Centurion: "Ah, well. It comes with the territory. Can't make everyone happy when you're either untouchable or the boss."

Kitten: "Yeah, and then there is the whole.... uh.... SJ thing."

Centurion: "I suppose you have a lot on your plate, then."

Kitten: "Yeah. I'm just SO HAPPY to see you around!" Kitten mood changed from hangig her head in embarassment, to happiness once again. "OH, CENTY! I was afraid I would ome in here like a cougar on the prowl with all these new faces in here. I am so glad I am not the only ol' gummer in the joint."

Centurion smiled, "I suppose. Heh. Somebody has got to hold down the fort."

Kitten noogie'd his head slightly, "Don't be a stranger. I have to go do a few things, but I will be around. Probably more than people want me to be."

Centurion and Kitten shared a quick goodbye as she kissed him right on the mouth. She abrupty turned, Kitten leaving him to pick up the items he had dropped. Feeling better about being back, she noticed she had a hop to her waddling steps. She WAS truely glad to see Centurion. He was the one who brought her into the XWF in the first place. 'If everyone I knew was gone, at least there is my Centy. ' Kitten thought.
She bounced along down the hallway, reaching into her back pocket and exposing a handful of envelopes. Realizing she had forgotten to hand Centurion his, she put it back in her pocket. Three more; Aidan Collins, Jem and Steve Jason. She sighed as she grabbed Jem's and put it back in her pocket.

Aidan Collins. Easy. We'll do this one first, Kitten decided. She slid the envelop under his door, and walked away. She sighed deeply looking at the last one; "Steve Jason," she said out-loud.




........................She put it back in her pocket.

She rushed back down the hall, and into her locker room. She slammed the door behind her, leaning on it to breathe. When she opened her eyes, Black Widow sat in front of her, with her arms folded across her chest. She sat in her coccoon chair, across from........ Kitten's old shrink.

Kitten: "Dr. Castillo. What. The. Fuck."

Bianca chimed in, "Kitten, this is an intervention. Please have a seat."

Kitten laughed in disbelief, Dr Castillo reassuring her; "Please, Lillith. It seems s though you are falling back into a restrained frame of mind. Bianca was very concerned about you on the phone, so I had to come right away...........

.........Join us. Please," he motioned to the seat in front of them. Kitten smiled in her surprise and disgust. She put her hands on the back of the chair, eaning forward to Bianca.

Kitten: "If this is supposed to be you being my friend......... NOT cool."

Black Widow: "We need to talk. Sit down."

Kitten: "I AM NOT....... going to sit down. Say what it is, and get it over with."

Bianca sighed in exasperation. Dr Castillo stood, coming to Kitten's shoulder. He rubbed her arm gently, "What Bianca has to say is that you have been LYING. She is your best friend and won't turn against you."

Kitten: "RiiIIIiIght. She isn't proving that right now."

Dr Castillo: "We know that Shawn could be only ONE of the potential fathers of your baby. The suspicious phonecalls and your reactions are worrying her, Lillith. These are the 'triggers' we have talked about. If you keep going down this road, we are afriad you will slip back into old habits..... old... personas."

Kitten stepped away from Castillo's hand, aghast.

Kitten: "I cannot believe this, B. You called my SHRINK!? You couldn't just LET THIS SHIT GO!? You're not my fuckin' MOTHER. You are a sado-masachist, gothic drama queen who eats raw pig heart and wakes up in a pile of puke and Jack Daniels."

Bianca: "I am your BEST FRIEND. And you won't tell ME the truth. After everything we have been together. I love you like a sister. Like a mother, Lillith. You're breaking my black little heart."

Kitten scoffed, holding her hand to her forehead. "Oh Lord, Jesus! Bianca's heart!"

Kitten paused and looked at Bianca. "FUCK YOU.

...............GET OUT!!!!!!" Kitten forced the two out of her locker room, and sammed the door. Bianca threw Kitten a look of despair as the door came to her face, but Kitten didn't care. She was DONE. The past 24 hours had been her re-capturing people's attention.... talking about herself like she needed to chart her movements for the past so many years. DONE, she thought.

For the hell of it, she threw big glass bowl at the door. It shattered into several bits, the smash echoing through the XWF halls. She smiled, "Old habits, huh? I suppose I could bring back some old habits."


Shawn walked from his apartment half a block to the payphone. He slipped two quarters into the machine, dailing Kitten's number. He had used to have a cellphone, but somehow it came up missing. Several things were coming up missing, even things straight out of his apartment. He couldn't be sure, but he thought he had been followed for nearly a week. Like someone was breathing down his neck.

The phone rang twice then Kitten answered,"Hello?"

Shawn: "Hey...... Thought I would let you know I have a paternity test in two days. I have someone bringing you the court-order to be there. Otherwise I can seize your assets and have you arressted."

Kitten: "What the fuck, Shawn? Why are you doing this to me? I am ONE MONTH from having this baby and you're going to put me through this? YOU ARE my child's father! How many times do I got to tell you!?"

Shawn: "Yeah, well someone has informed me of otherwise. I LOVE you, Lillith. We have been through EVERYTHING together. Fame, fame lost, drugs, your fuckin' mental breakdowns/meltdowns..... your sister and your grandmother...... I AM TIRED of conforming to your life. The one thing I CAN'T conform to is you cheating on me. We had this discussion before.... you had your opportuinity to tell me the truth when I asked you and you DIDN'T take the opportunity. Now you're just a LYING BITCH! Just like all the other fuckin' bitches out there! I thought you were different."

Kitten began to cry, "I am NOT like them! Shawn you don't understand-"

Shawn began to hear footsteps on the empty road. He looked behind him, and then around the street, and hung up the phone. A sillouette down the road caught his eye.

Shawn: "HEY! Can I help you, fucker? You want to fuck me or something? How 'bout you come over here so I can bend over and make it easier for you!?"

Nothing came back from the person down the street. Shawn screamed out once again, the person taking his move. Shawn and the sillouette began approaching eachother......


Kitten fell back into a chair sobbing. She couldn't take this anymore. All this crying was making her overtired, when she was all ready prepared to take a nap hour ago. Her phone rang again. She let it ring, pushing her eyelids closed to let the hot tears stream down her face. She slowly lifted her hand back to her ear, pressing the talk button on her cellphone.

Kitten: "...... hhHello?"

?????: "I told you I would make your life a LIVING HELL."

Kitten angered, "You know what? FUCK YOU."

????? laughed, "Atta girl. I hear you're scheduled to be on a talkshow. Gettin' a paternity, huh?"

Kitten: "Yeah, I bet you set all this up, didn't you?"

?????: "You better just do what we had talked about. No funny business. No more 'lying'... Or I will take everything from you. And the child."

Kitten: "DROP DEAD."

She hung up the phone, and threw it with all of her might. It landed in chunks along with the glass bowl pieces against the door. Her womb ached. She felt the baby spinning aroud inside of her, following her with her own emotions. She pictured him bouncing off her organs like bumper cars. Please just let this be Braxton Hicks. I can't have the baby now, she thought. Kitten sobbed throughout the evening, and into the night. Before too much longer, she had passed out sitting up in a chair. She hadn't even heard the peace officer knock and deliver her court-order under the door.

Fucky diem. Fuck the day.


TWO DAYS LATER:::::: Kitten was ushered to a plane, and flown to the nearest taping of The Maury Povich Show. She couldn't believe that her next escapade with television was going to be a show like Maury. That the man of her dreams would be doing this to her..... he was turning out to be more like the man of her nightmares. She was thrust into a sudden world of craziness, where stylists and editors of many kinds roamed the back-halls....She was brought ito a dressing room, where a stylist brought her a bag of clothes.

Stylist: "Put this on."

Kitten looked into the bag, ad noticed it was a replica of her black-leather suit she wore when she wrestled. "Uh.... no."

The stylist looked up at her from under small black-rimmed glasses. "Uh...... put them on, or you can't go on."

Kitten: What the fuck are you talking about? I have a COURT ORDER to be here. What makes you think you can stop me?"

The stylist slid off her glasses, and walked closer to Kitten. "Listen..... there are rules to this whole tv show thing. Ratings..... appearence. You are the slut, in this one, honey. Dress the part."

Kitten realized that she was being scripted..... and then, it was brought to her attention that she was being witnessed. A silouetted man stood in the background, and when Kitten spotted him, he turned and walked down the hall.

Stylist: "Yeah, he's here for you. Apparently you have an arrangement with someone? Someone with a lot of money..... he's acting like a bouncer. I think he was sent by - - "

Kitten: "I KNOW who sent him. He's the guy that fucker hired to follow Shawn around. And me. I suppose this whole wardrobe bit is him?"

The stylist nodded, "I was supposed to remind you of consequences that would follow if you didn't follow orders."

Kittten pushed her hand into the woman's face. "Whatever," she said.

Kitten stepped into a dressing booth, and stuffed her giant, protruding frame into the little suit. It had been widened at the stomach, but still was way too small for an 8 month pregnant woman. Kitten was able to zipper it up, but the zipper spread at the stomach, revealing three inches above, and below, including her belly button. Kitten sighed.

Stylist: "You forgot these."

The woman reached between the curtain with a pair of cat ears, and the nose.

Kitten; "You're fucking kidding me, right?"

Stylist: "Nope. Put em on."

Kitten stepped out, the stylist smiling. "A couple of bobby pins should keep the tits in.... but other than that you look great."

After her outfit was complete, she was brought to an area directly backstage from the audience. She could hear people talking, and she noticed she was being taped by a camera that led back out to the audience. The music began to play, and she heard a familiar voice; Maury Povich.

Maury: "Welcome back to the Maury Show, joining us today is XWF female wrestling legend's fiancee, Shawn. Shawn how are ya?"

Shawn: "Hey, Maury,"

The crowd cheers.

Maury: "Today Shawn is with us for the reasons of.... well, why don't you explain it to us, Shawn?"

Shawn: "Well, recenty I recieved a phone call from a very reliable source, claiming HE is the father of our baby."

The crowd boos, as Kitten's video snapshot began to run. Kitten threw her hands up, running her mouth to the echoes of hate and disgust that came form the crowd.

Maury: "And you two have been together for how long, now?"

Shawn: "Seven years."

The crowd oohs, a few *BEEPS* followed the crowd's dismay at Kitten on the viewing screen.

Shaw's eyes filled with tears. "Seven years we have been together and I was SO happy to hear she was going to have my first son. We were naming him after me, and my grandfather."

The crowd awwwwws.

Maury: "So you had someone, I assume you find trustworthy, inform you that your fiancee, Lillith.... had been unfaithful. Well Kitten is here, backstage, and she has her own side of the story. Let's bring her out..... Kitten?"

Kitten was pushed onto the stage, where she walked down the small stairs to an onset of hisses, boos, *explative deleted*.....She sat down next to Shawn, who immediatley moved his chair closer to Maury. The crowd oohed, Kitten flicking them off. *explative deleted*.... The crowd died down, out of nowhere came one extra *explative deleted*.

Kitten: "Maury, I have told him 1000 times that I am not a cheater. He KNOWS I am not a cheater. I have no idea why he would trust anyoe else but me. It is like he WANTS this baby not to be his. He calls me all the time and hurts me.... his family has been clling me making threats.... I LOVE HIM TO DEATH, Maury! I can't make him understad that I would never do that to him."

Maury crossed his legs, "So you are saying that in a seven-year relationship you had never heated on him, and it was only recently since you have been pregnant that he believes you to be cheating on him?"

Kitten: "Ever since that stupid *explative deleted* phonecall."

Maury: "And who was it that gave you the idea that your seemingly faithful future wife had lied to you, Shawn?"

Shawn: "-------- **CABLE FLICKS OFF AND ON FOR A MOMENT, THE NATION MISSING THE NAME** ------- And it only figures because they go back. Even longer than us.

The crowd boos again, *explative deleted*....*explative deleted* hiss....... *explative deleted*.... Kitten stood up, the rowd going into an uproar.

Kitten: "Hey *explative deleted* you! You don't know me! You buncha *explative deleted* hicks! Yeah, you love it, you *explative deleted* *explative deleted**explative deleted*!!!! Suck my *explative deleted* you *explative deleted*! I don't care! I don't care!"

Maury stood, taking Kitten's shoulder, and leading her back to her seat. After calming down the audience, he sat back in his chair. "Well we have the Lie Detector Results right after these messages!"

The music began to play, the crowd cheering and clapping to the beat. Nearly right away, the music cuts off and Maury was given the two-second mark. Kitten wiped sweat off her brow...... God, this suit is fuggin hot.

Maury: "Welcome back to the Maury Show. We have Shawn Mather, fiancee to XWF female wrestling legend Miss Kitten. He has told us that he had been informed that his future wife, had been cheating on him with another man..... and that this baby could be someone else's."

The crowd boos, and hisses......*explative deleted* *explative deleted* *explative deleted*

Maury: "Shhhhhhh......... But we have the Lie Detector Results........."

The crowd bursts out cheerig, a sound effect occured to signal that the 'Results are in!"

Maury: "Kitten, you were asked if you had ever cheated on Shawn during your seven year relationship.... the lie detector test determined THAT was a lie."

The crowd erupts, booing and screming. *explative deleted*...... Kitten's eyes filled with tears, Shawn pulling his chin to his chest. He folded his hands, and put them to his mouth.

Maury: "Kitten, you were asked if you had slept with more than one other man besides Shawn in the course of your seven year relationship..... the lie detector test determined....... that was the truth."

The crowd oohed, and hissed *explative deleted*...... and calmed down once more.

Maury: "And along with the lie detector test, you opted for a blood test for a paternity match.... Normally we cannot test the paternity of a child until after their birth... but with the advances in science and a few other blood tests that Kitten submitted to we have the child's bloodtype...... are you ready, Shawn?"

The crowd grew silent.

Maury: "In the case of unborn 8 month gestational son Shawn Virgil....... Shawn........ YOU ARE NOT the FATHER!!!"

*explative deleted**explative deleted**explative deleted**explative deleted**explative deleted**explative deleted**explative deleted**explative deleted**explative deleted**explative deleted**explative deleted*

Shawn fell onto the floor as the crowd bursts into screams of anger and laughter. Kitten ran backstage, throwing herself onto loungechairs that seemed to be there just for this purpose. The crowd was going crazy, Shawn crying on the carpet in front of Maury's shoes. Maury followed Kitten, touching her shoulders. Kitten was lost in her words, crying hysterically.

Kitten: "Don't believe it, Shawn!!! I swear to GOD this child is YOURS!"

Crowd: "*explative deleted**explative deleted*"

Maury shoved the idea away that the tests could be wrong. "Those tests are 99.9% accurate, Kitten. Please, come back and join us."

Kitten's tears couldn't hide the man who stood off in the distance, a smile spread across his face. As she stepped back onto the stage, she seen him answer his cellphone.

Kitten: "Mother fucker,"
she said aloud. She began to fight against Maury's pull. "YOU MOTHER FUCKER! TELL HIM FUCK YOU, GOD DAMNIT! FUCK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE!"

Kitten's words left her mouth in a verbal vomit that covered her surroundings in a layer of spit. She was fuming, her bottom lip bleeding from biting it. Security had to grab Kitten, taking her away from the stage as safely as they could without injuring her belly. She was a mess..... a freak of emotion. They dropped her backstage in a fitting room where she tore apart the room like a psycho locked in a white padded cell. Her segment on the Maury Show was over.... and she was sure she would never see Shawn again.

The idea made her stomach roll. She wrenched her body forward to puke. She dry-heaved a few times, then let loose a shit-ton of bile on the floor. She cried and puked until there was no more liquid to excrete.

By the time the station was ready to close down shop, Kitten merely sat in her own clothes on the chair in the fitting room. Her eye twitched, and her stomach was killing her. She took shallow breaths, the pains in her lower abdomen getting worse. Then her phone rang. For some reason, she had a backup cell..... and now she really wish she didn't.

Kitten: "Hm."

?????: "I hear you did well. Keep your mouth shut until I get there. Your little lovetoy almost ruined it. He keeps it up and I will let my men loose."

Kitten didn't say anything. She couldn't. No one could be sure if Kitten existed at all at this point.

?????: "Keep up the good work, Kitten. Do it for 'Shawn Jr'."

A low, evil cackle traveled through the phone, Kitten closing it to end the phonecall. She felt her whole body ache and bubble.... her mind felt like lava.

What the fuck am I going to do? Who's gonna save me now????