-Based on a true story-


"Hello, baby how's my little gir-.... *gasp*"

Lillith, a young 16 year old, stood in stunned silence over the small cradle that encompassed her little sister in her sleep. But this time in approching her two year old sister, Abbie.... something dastardly horrendous had taken place. Lillith struggled to find sanity after the scene, inhaling deeply as streams of tears and a choked cry escaped her. Her little sister... dead.. didmembered.. lying in bloody pieces all about the white-laced crib. She fell to her knees, clutching her bookbags to her chest. She began choking, coughing up vomit and her own blood. She clutched a little white pillow from the crib, a pillow she had bought when her mother was in labor. "Sweet Angel" said the print, the nickname she had given her dear sibling... it used to be white... used to be her sister's sleeping pillow... now, covered in her sister's blood... torn.... She knew why this happened. It was all her fault.

"Oh god! *Gasp* NOOOOOO!"

From behind her came gurgled cries, very silent it took inclined hearing to hear even the loudest whimper. Lillith turned around, and faced her mother who lie on the bed. Her hoarse whisper echoed the same lullaby-nickname she had given her dear daughter.


Tears were in her eyes, as she looked up to Lillith, her daughter looking so scared. From Lillith's point of view, all she saw was her mother lying in the waterbed,... soaked in blood. Marks up and down her body... beaten with a meat hammer. She was dying. Her sister was already gone. And no doubt, it was only a matter of time before....

A scared look crossed the eyes of her mother, her finger extending forward, to behind Lillith. Lillith gulped hard, knowing who was in the doorway.


Lillith took off, running down the narrow trailer hallway into the sunk-in livingroom at the front. She screamed, hoping neighbors would hear. But she had always screamed. Everytime.. and no one came. No one was coming. Mother wouldn't block his fist this time... mother is dying. And the babies' cry wouldn't stop him either.... the baby... wasn't gonna cry anymore.


It felt like the hallway had grown, stretched out before Lillith complete with sticky carpet, and potholes to boot. Slipping, choking, almost pissing herself. Surely.. she was going to die.


Right behind her. His firey rage licking her heels.

~*~"..Oh god, oh god, oh god.."~*~

She slipped... CRASH into the livingroom floor. The mauve carpet came quickly at her face, as she sprung her hands out in reflex. She barely caught herself, only to flip over quick enough for her father to stand over her, grinning. It was time... again....

"I told you to keep yer' yap fucking SHUT! But little girls are sinners. All FUCKIN' SINNERS! They all deserve to die. I knew I should have killed you the moment your FUCKING MOTHER pushed you out her stink-hole. And now, you're FUCKING DEAD!"

A wider smile creeped up his face, turning his fuming mouth into a frieght-train snarl. The July heat was so hot the air conditioning had cut off, forcing the neigborhood to sweat in lazy hell. Even in Iowa, the days can be so damned... but this one the most condemning of them all. Lillith knew what was coming next, his fingers next to his zipper, the meat hammer gripped tightly between his teeth. He was preparing himself. He was already rock-hard... his pervertness of a flaming normal-phob bringing him the most intense desire. For some odd, frightening reason... this all made sense... the epitome of a happy, picturesque family.

"No Daddy.. no*choke* please.. *cough cough cough*... Please Daddy no... PLEASE DADDY NO!"



A loud noise almost made her ears burst, the meat hammer cramming down on her petite skull. She heard a beeping in the background, almost thinking she was going crazy. But the beeping.. the phone.. her mother! Her mother dialed the police! Oh god! Her mother stood in the kitchen, blood dripping down her legs, as she fratically dialed 9-1-1.

"Run, baby.. go, Kitten, now!"

Her mother was trembling. She knew she was dead for sure. Lillith looked up at her father quickly, before she began to make her move. But to her horror, her father's face was twisted in a sneering grin, as he clutched the meat hammer in hand.



Lillith screamed, crying, holding her ears as 'daddy dearest' beat her mother's head level with the linoleum floor. Her mind under such stress, she began to lose her sight in color, the blood pool of her mother's brains and fluids a dull grey pool that dripped down the stairs into the sunk-in livingroom. Lillith reached out, loosing all sense of reality, getting lost in the visions that came and went. Her fingers touched the puddle, all noise stopping. Suddenly, the puddle shifted before her eyes, turning a deep red once again, the laughing thunder from her father's throat resonating in the hollow of the kitchen. His footsteps.. coming closer....


The hammer came flying up, hitting Lillith right in the left temple. Everything became deathly silent as the world went black, even though Lillith's eyes were clearly open. It was all happening so fast.. no way to defend... just submission. Just like every day for the past 13 years... just.. give in.. and hope it goes away.

But not this time. This time it wasn't going away.

Lillith popped open her eyes wide suddenly, catching some sort of will to carry on. Some will to fight. Her eyes met up with her father's, his smiling, grunting and wriggling.... A low grumble rumbled in the back of her throat, hocking up a giant wad of blody mucous, spitting it into his face. He suddenly stopped, pulling himself out of her, standing straight up. Lillith managed to find strength to crab-walk herself backwards, avoiding his angry, flying arms, pissed about the wad of loogey in his eyes. Temporarily blinded, he made a dramatic, unsuccessful swing of the meat hammer. Lillith ducked quickly, trembling in fear.. pain and utter terror. He swung again, this time nailing her in the shoulder. Her long auburn hair, already tangled with her sister's blood, caked and hard with her blood, began to drip with the fresh crimson life from her fresh shoulder-wound. She reached up to the shelf, grabbing her grandfather's switchblade. Marked with a dragon, red ruby eyes gleaming, she whipped around, sinking it into the first chun of flesh she saw... right through her father's temple - and into his brain.


Instantly frozen, he dropped to the ground like a rag doll. He began to convulse, puking up blood, screaming. He couldn't move. His body was comatose but he was seeing it all. But there was hardly any pain.. the brain doesn't feel pain...

The devil... didn't know pain. Not like Lillith.

Lillith stepped forward, looking down at her father like he was a withering rat, caught in a rat-trap from hell. An annoyance.. something that must be exterminated.. like a cockroach. She leaned down, touching the smooth hilt at the exterior of his temple. Her father made a sound... "M-MM!".. Like a 'no'.. but still almost inaudible. He was close to death.. but denied it all the way.

"I had waited for this moment... I knew exactly what I was going to say... but you're not even worth it."

Her father's eyes met her own, full of tears... full of the same fear and horror he had made Lillith feel. The transfer of power had happened. The demon had left him.. and now was in her. A strong error in the cosmos that should have never happened. The tables turned... and the fate of everyone from here on out in her path would surely be in the same position as her father was, then.

"Rot in hell."

With an angry jerk, Lillith ripped the knife from his head, blood spurting out from the deep crevasse. A last, fatal scream left his now remaining carcass. He had been soulless before.. and remained soulless now. Wherever his 'spirit' went... it was damned and condemned, never to see hapiness or pleasure again. Lillith stood, a woman of power. No longer a teenager finished through puberty... but a woman. With the strength and knowledge of pain and loss no man would comprehend. 16 years.. and now it's all over... and she was all alone.

In a daze, Lillith walked out of the house, the screams and pounding coming from the house, finally loud enough for the weary trailer park neighborhood to witness. They had stepped out of their homes, some older families clutching robes or books to their chests. One younger woman screamed as Lillith approached the ahoulder of the road, stepping a bloody, scratched foot into the sand in the gutter. Her white tank-top torn, her denim jeams no longer a light shade of faded blue... a deep maroon, the blues mixed with the blood of three different people. Her hair matter to her face, her eyes wide, her lips pouted in pain and utter fear. It trembled a little, but never again. Never again.

Her glowing eyes trailed off as she walked into the setting sun, walking straight out of the trailer park, the sirens in the distance. Some neighbors walked into the middle of the road, watching.. shielding their eyes from the blinding sunlight. Switchblade clutched in hand, Lillith made her transition from 'Lillith Rosemary Groves"..... no Miss Kitten. The Mistress.. from Hell.


A little under seven years has passed, Kitten turning 23 this year in June. In the time she had left Iowa, and let the town rot in the path behind her and travled, her endevors had made her famous. She met her best friend, Black Widow along the road leaving Iowa in a stolen car. She stopped to use the bathrom at a country home, and when refused with an attitude from a farmer, she let herself in, taking the farmer out. She found Black Widow (Bianca Wolfrose) in the basement, where she lived most her life when her parents died. Her guardian though of her as a demon, since she had inherited the albino gene. Black Widow changed, dying her hair black but never changed her eating habits. She had been fed scraps from the Hog Farm, still eating her favorite delicacy... raw pig heart this very day. At 20, Kitten met The Criminal who owned the XWF/XWE, where a series of dramatic, heartbreaking events occured. Leaving Kitten feeling weak. she overcame it all by killing her 'ex-fiance's' new girlfriend, beat him half to death. and left the fed in flames. The fed never recovered, and she never heard form him again. She went to The Criminal's friend's federation the IWF, where she had a bad altercation with the boss, and got fired. She too set the fed on fire, no one returning to rebuild afterwards. Winning title after title, feeling the rush and carefree lifestyle of this legal massacre known as E-Fedding, Kitten is becoming a household name among many fed-owners. Her last federation, the XWF, had been the toughest challenge yet, though Kitten finally reached the Universal Gold, and held it for two months. The PPV following, it took TWO men to take her off a steel cage into a table to knock her down. In the hospital, an arch nemesis strangled her nearly to death.... but she came back. And justice has yet to be served.

Everyone wants her... everyone hates her. Then they fear her.. but they love her.

She may fall, but when she stands up.... oooooh.

Kitten is forever.



Kitten's Stats:

Full Name: Lillith Rosemary Groves (But NEVER call her that)
Age/Birthday: 22 , June 20th, 1983
Height/Weight: 6'2'',162lbs
Hometown: Born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Song(s): Cat Scratch Fever, Baracuda, Change(Deftones)- 2000, Sweet Dreams(MarilynManson), Beautiful People - 2001, Shove It(Deftones) Freak On A Leash - 2002/2003, Closer(NIN) - 2003, Piggie Pie/Cemetary Girl (ICP) - 2004
Finisher(s): The 9th Degree - (Rey Mysterio's 619) A slingshot switchback from the inside of the ring, out, and back in one the ropes, a jump off the ropes into a fame-asser, backflips carrying the opponent into a upright stunner., "Bad Kitty" Death Scratch - Inverted Widow's Peak off top rope, usually only done on special occasions. Leaves victims crippled., Backbuster to Hell - Revamped version of the Batista lift and drop. The "Jackie Chan" - A dropkick to the face, including a flip. Could also be the Buzzsaw Kick.
Fed Accomplishments:
2000-01: XWF/XWF: Women's National Champion, Hardcore National Champion, Tag Team Champion, Extreme National Champion
IWF: Hardcore Champion, Women's Division Champion, Universal Champion
ICE: Women's Champion
2001: ICE: Hardcore Champion, Winner of the Elimination Chamber
2002-03: GDW: Women's Champion, Tag Team Champion, Winner of 2002 Annual GDW Beauty Contest, First Woman of the federation to win the Universal Championship Title
NEF: Women's Championship, Tag Team Champion
WNAEF: National Champion,x2, Universal Champion for three months
XWA: Women's Champion, #1 Contender to the Universal Championship Title
xCw: Retained the Women's Title for 5 consecutive months
XWF: Women's Championship, Universal Champion for 2 consecutive months