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Exhale, inhale. Exhale, inhale. Faint Jimi Hendrix plays in the background. "Foxy Lady" is followed in beat by the strong arms lifting a large bench press weight. Long legs hold firm a position, straddled across the bench. Black bikini bottoms and a cut-off wife beater cover bronze skin, drenched in perspiration. Exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale.

"How many is that?" She locks her elbows, holding the weight above her head. A small voice comes from the other side of the room.

"I don't know, I lost track a few hours ago." Abbie throws her Rubik’s cube down in aggravation, two sides of the cube already one solid color. She crosses her arms in front of her chest and scoffs. "I hate that damn toy."

"Hey..." Lillith hangs the bar up on the bench, and sits up. She rubs a towel against her bare stomach, and the back of her neck. She stands, and approaches her little sister. She wanted to tell Abbie not to cuss, but.. why? "These things take time, Abbie. I used to play with these all the time. When there was nothing better to do, I looked in my mind and found amusement." Lillith picked up the Rubik’s cube, and examined it. "Wow, this is pretty good for about five hours of work."

Abbie scoffed again, her look of frustration apparent in the soft-set eyes behind puffy-baby cheeks. "What?"

"Seriously. It took me months to figure this out." Lillith smiled, waiting for a response from Abbie. Abbie turned to Lillith, and wrapped her arms around Lillith’s neck. Lillith held her tightly, much like she had the night she rescued Abbie from the clutches of her father in the trailer back in Iowa. Abbie moved closer to her, and nuzzled her shoulder.

"I'm tired."

"I know, we are going upstairs." Abbie yawned, a faint whish of breath grazed Lillith's arm. She smiled, and scooped up Abbie in her arms. She kissed her on the forehead, and continued on to walk up the stairs.

"Ewww, you're sweaty." Abbie rubbed her forehead, the small beads of sweat on Lillith's chin marking her little sister as if it were Ash Wednesday. Lillith laughed, as she dropped Abbie to her feet at the top of the stairs, Abbie clumping away down the hall to her bedroom.

Lillith wiped her forehead once more with the towel, looking to the clock on the black marble mantel in the lounge; 2:32pm. She frowned, and picked up the phone. "........Hey, B? I know that you are busy and I know that you can't do a lot of favors for me... but Abbie went to bed just now and it is only 2:30. I think she is coming down with something. Could you watch her until I get back from my interview at the XWF later?......All right. Thanks. Bye."

Lillith sighed, resting against the back of a leather couch in the junction between the greeting hall and the lounge. She had 30 minutes to get showered, and get to the XWF before Steve Sayors would send out the troops to locate the woman everyone thinks is inane, and on her last rope. She had a lot to say, now that things were so different. She didn't realize how different the situation would be now that there has been time for her mind to rest after the occasion with herself. No doubt the XWF was swinging a finger at Kitten in shame. She didn't want to return to that. Hell, all the other places she had been she won the best titles they had, and walked out. But she had been with the XWF for over a year. Why? She didn't know herself. Maybe she did inside, but she couldn't bear to say it out loud. The embarrassment and the media uproars of the past haunted her greatly of her decisions in the XWF. Life had somewhat come together. Abbie was starting up school again down the street at a Catholic school. Kitten never was much for religion, but she had thought if Abbie learned Faith, she could never go wrong. Lillith herself never grew up with too much faith in anything, not even herself. And to force Abbie to know the pain it causes inside, would liberate hell within Lillith, inevitably killing her consciousness, invariably leaving her out to dry in a hot sun, with no water for miles around. Hell yeah, it would kill her. But no sooner had she fallen in the depths of her mind in thought before a small voice once again came from out of the room. "I'm fine, Sissy. I'm just sleepy."

Lillith walked to Abbie's room, crouching by her bedside. "Honey, you never sleep before 8pm and after 9am. This is new for you, and that last case of bronchitis really scared me."

Her little eyes looked up to her big sister's and glistened. "I thought you never get scared. That's why I like you, Sissy. You're my Guardian Angel."

Tears swelled in Lillith's eyes but she would die miserable if her little sister witnessed her tears. She was confused, because she was feeling utter joy. She had her little baby sister back. Maybe for not some for the most crucial years of her life, but she had her. And Jesus, God, there was no better feeling than to be loved. She had called Abbie her guardian back at the trailer where she had rescued her.... This was her gift. Never an obligation. A gift. The gift of a child, and the love of a child. She feared parenthood a few years back with her first and only pregnancy with IOMAC, but she saw no fear in it any longer. She almost wished Abbie was her child. Then it dawned on her. She would legally adopt her. Lillith's eyes brightened. "Baby, do you want me to be your mommy?"

Abbie looked at Lillith slightly confused, cocking her head to the side. "But.. you're my sister."

"Yes," she said chuckling slightly. "But I can adopt you, and I will be your mommy on papers. You don't have to call me mommy if you don't want to. In fact, you can still call me Sissy. But this way, I can take care of you better."

Abbie looked to the ground, a scowl on her angelic face. Lillith frowned, looking closer to Abbie's face. "What?"

"You won't ground me all the time, will you?"

Lillith laughed, "Of course not! Why would do a thing like that?"

"'Cuz that's what mommies do."

Lillith clutched Abbie to her chest, touching her beautiful Goldilocks hair. "No. Mommies love. And love and love all the time. They make cookies and pies with their children, sing them lullabies at bedtime, and always, ALWAYS look out for their children."

Abbie smiled. "But Sissy, that's what you do for me!"

Lillith smiled, kissing Abbie on the forehead again before she walked out. She went to the kitchen, and began to make some cappuccino. She sighed happily. She had never felt this feeling of fulfillment. Though other issues dwelled on her shoulders like spiked chains of burden and sin.... this moment stood out.

"Today's a good day."

After her shower, she stood in a bath towel in front of her floor-length mirror, brushing her firey locks with a bristle comb. The fine teeth didn't tear through her hair anymore, stress hadn't prevailed in her life for quite some time.. and she had become reasonably healthy. Her new training and stress-reduction techniques she learned from a neighborhood shaman back in India had made her seem to stand at least a foot taller than she had before. India had been her home for nearly a month after her battle with herself, while Abbie stayed with Bianca. She spent another week traveling Europe, visiting some old hot spot hangouts and friends she had accumulated a reputation with over the past few years. She was revitalized, fresh from the oven. Her long, shapely legs glistened with the beads of water from the shower over taut, ripe and toned muscles. Her arms had grown considerably, mostly from playing with Abbie. Abbie may only be about 65 pounds, but picking her up, carrying her all over the house, piggy-back rides, throwing her in the air, muscle training, weight training, cardio training.. the list goes on and on... had left a profound effect on the old, pale, shriveled Kitten's body. The Arabian sun gave her a bronze that made her body glow, the contrast between her and the white towel amazing. The fine eats from the European restaurants and new toxin acupuncture she had been experimenting with left her complexion flawless. No longer did she bear the bruises, scratches, scrapes and fractures everyone had seen her with before. She was back to her old self. Just as she had tried to do before, but failed. Her hair began drying into small curls that rested on her shoulders, but barely. She smiled at herself in the mirror, only stopping after dressing to once again gaze in the mirror, apply chap stick, and grab her keys. She got into her 2005 Mitsubishi Eclipse, and started the car. She had splurged on a shopping spree and bought two new vehicles. The Eclipse wasn't a car that people with loads of money would think to buy, but she had fully loaded the vehicle to the point that there was no more room under the hood for any more improvements and upgrades. The red pearl undertones, masked over by fishnet car tattoos was a head turner, and no damn baseball bat would hit this baby, hell no. Not at the cost of the Turbo Hemmy that was installed. They would lose their head for it. It was Lillith's new love. A lover that wouldn't talk back, and as long as you gave it a little money, it would go for all it was worth. Wouldn't it be nice if all men were that way?

She hit the gas, roaring out of the estate's drive with screeching tires, dogs barking around the neighborhood. The radio popped on, "Duality" by Slipknot playing a tune for her current state of mind. She smiled, banging her thumbs against the rubber wheel-guard on the steering column. Five and a half minutes until Sayors shit his pants in a conniption fit. Ah well. He could wait. This is what people have been waiting for, if they have been paying attention. The woman who caused a scene when she first came in, not once.. not twice but three times that week.... who eventually nabbed the Universal Title form a low-card ingrate and kept it from the snarling pack of wolves of the XWF for nearly three months.... caused a controversial media swarm between herself and Steve Jason, countless mistakes, two deaths alone in this federation, and then her reign over Anarchy.. then over the XWF.. that eventually collapsed as she struggled with herself with a rage vengeance against Steve Jason for no real apparent reason, only that he didn't love her. Damn. This would be one long interview. All the questions of the past, plus the new addition of going for the Universal Title again, and having to explain the incident with her mental health before the close-down. Hell, she didn't want to do that. Not at all.

"I push my fingers into my eyes..... it's the only thing.. that slowly stops the ache... but it's made of all... the things I have to take.. Jesus it never ends, it works it's way inside... if the pain goes on.. I'm not going to make it!" She couldn't resist the urge to slightly head bang. She had to. It had been ages since she had been to a concert. But the setting wouldn't be that different from that of the ring. Sweat, blood, bashing around, loud music, loud cheering, beer, hell..... but the difference is, the concert would ROCK THE HOUSE. But her job.. job. She said the word 'job'. She never had called it 'job'. I guess that explains it enough for itself. She had never called it a job because she felt that a job was an obligation. She wanted to have fun, she had so many times in other feds. What was so different now, and why did she stay there?

If it was for anything, it could be the Universal Title. It was a big thing, at least in this fed. There are large numbers always filtering through the federation, and somehow everyone will know your reputation before you talk to them. The Universal Title is about respect. But not now. This time, she was up against three of the most eligible people for the title. One, she had fought so many times before and whooped him but once where she failed on her own account, not his. Bigg Rigg, that is. He was good when you needed him, and he could be counted on if you need muscle and you didn't want to handle it yourself. But the problem with a bullet, it doesn't have brain cells. And that was what Rigg was. A bullet. It could be taken as a compliment, or as an insult. But he had cost her quite a bit in the past, yet she still let him walk all over her when she owned the XWF. She gave him a chance to walk without a limp.. a cane.. or scurrying about in a wheelchair. She gave him a chance to see his wife again, who she too wanted to pull out of a fast moving vehicle by her hair, and curb-stomp her until she shit pickles. She gave him the chance to do everything he does everyday, even continue to run his mouth with the same ol' same ol' flames that never seem to be wore out. But some people never change. And then some people do. But she might not even face Bigg Rigg. That is, if Steve Jason wipes the blood off the mat with Rigg's head like a mop. Lillith had almost no doubt of that. The only problem with Rigg, is that he has connections. Connections that always seem to pull through when you least expect it, or at least want it. Lillith admitted to herself that she had been nuts for flying into the divisions that had large, robust men with anger issues. But she loved it. She loved the fact that she could still dominate over them, just as they try desperately to dominate her. None had been able to do it. The only ties she had lost, was by her own faults. Her mental state. previous attacks, or lost ambition. Everyone has those times. Except for another man...

Steve Jason.

This was going to be tough. She still had no idea what she truly thought of the man who had S3'ed her in the same agonizing, embarrassing fashion as he had to so many others. Others who had done horrendous things, far greater sins than she had ever done. In a sense, he had pretty much done a maneuver that put her in the same classification as drug addicts, molesters, murderers, terrorists.... and that list goes on. In a way, she hated Steve Jason for that. She hated the fact that he was the one that 'got away'. It was a total role-reversal. It had stunned and paralyzed her for quite some time, leaving her vulnerable. And it ruined her for a while. Her reputation fell apart, as the ratings skyrocketed. It was a big media hoax that just wouldn't go away. Yet, after all the hell and trauma, she still couldn't shake the thought that maybe he gave a damn. After rejection after rejection, after being horrified by the many times he saved her ass and now owing him so much... after giving him tokens of her heart, then having to fish them out of a bay.... after avoiding any comment about Heather and Steve's relationship; dodging away from them and shielding her eyes from the unbearable agony of seeing a ditsy ice queen from Valley Girls, ...being insulted..... being S-3'ed.... how could he possibly give a damn? All the while Kitten had been destroying everything Lillith had worked hard for, Steve had the nerve to provoke her and make it all worse by being.. happy. By ignoring her and getting on with himself. Yes, she hated him for all of that. But she was going to fight him almost inevitably. She had to. Yet she didn't want to. Not because she was afraid he'd win.. no. She would be afraid that SHE would win. What would that do to Steven? Ruin a boy's ego, no doubt. No.. not that. She didn't want to fight him because of the fire that still burned inside. The 'what if?' that burdens us all. That was what was going to make this hard. She didn't care anymore about all the times he saved her ass. It was the tease. She knew that in a way, she was a responsibility for him. She hated that, considering she can very well fend for herself. Sure, she could get stalked by a crazy man and beaten for days and days until near death. But somehow, she would have gotten out of it. Don't argue with me, it didn't turn out that way, so why question if she could or couldn't?

He was a whole different story. But Lillith didn't feel the unbearable pain she had felt before from Steven's rejections. She was content with knowing that she was still loved by Abbie. Abbie did need a father figure, but Steven wouldn't be up to the task. Lillith never once saw him with a girl under the age of 18, let alone help raise one. Lillith figured he'd be a good father, though. Be the extra set of arms to spin her through the air when her own arms were exhausted. Lillith laughed slightly as she approached the XWF building, thinking of Steve Jason spinning Abbie around and around, Abbie's feet kicking happily as she laughed and laughed. Yeah, that would have been cute, But that is a wet dream for another day, I suppose. No seriously, the pain was almost diminished... but the what if?.... it bothered her senselessly. He was different than she thought he was. She had gotten him the most beautiful pendant she could find for his birthday, though. Expenses didn't matter, only the meaning of the gift. Apparently, it was a token that symbolized the end of their war to him. That is how he seemed to take it, anyway. But it didn't mean that to Lillith. And it didn't mean anything that they would giggle and joke about in the media, either. This had a solid reason, and if Steven couldn't figure that out, then he wasn't the man she thought he was. But his cold eyes still caught her that night on the beach. She froze for a minute, the entire aura of the area off-balance. She wasn't supposed to be there, she could feel it. Hostility bubbled under the skin of many of the people at his party. But she thought she'd make an appearance.... just to see 'what if?'..

Lillith pulled into the parking lot, shutting off her vehicle and stepping out. Already, camera crews sat flashing pictures and throwing up microphones in the wake of the new announcement that the XWF was officially opening again. Lillith held up a magazine over her face as she walked into the building, knocking over a young blonde reporter who cursed at her. Lillith smiled, and turned around to face the mass of cameras.

"Hey, bitch?" The blonde looked up to Kitten, as the camera crews began a mad rush of noting everything that was being said. "Could I ask you, what is your ambition in life?"

The blonde cocked her head to the side, macking on her gum like cattle. "Um, I don't know. I always wanted to be is like Barbra Walters."

"Oh, I thought it was to be like Vanna White and learn the alphabet." The mass of camera crews burst into laughter, as the blonde reporter's jaw dropped to her chest. Lillith whirled around on a pivoted toe, and whistled "Duality" as she walked down the hall. Yes, rejuvenated. It felt good. Perhaps Sayors would notice, too.

"Hellllll-OOOoOOo Nurse!" Yep, he'd notice. Sayors came from behind Kitten, waving his business card in the air. "Hey, if you want a slice of Sayors Pie, you got to buy the whole baker-..... Kitten?"

Lillith smiled, snatching Steve Sayors' card out of his hand. "Ah, Sayors. So wonderful to see you. I see you're still a wise one with the ladies."

Sayors laughed a little, nervously rubbing the back of his neck. "Wow, I didn't think it was you... you look, different."

His eyes were brighter, and the alien device in his pants began to whir. "Steve, turn it off. I hate it when you look at me like I'm a buffet."

Sayors quickly cleared his throat, and diverted his eyes away from her body. Occasionally he'd look back at her legs and hips for a moment, then letting his faze fall on her neck and breasts.


"Sorry!" Sayors flew forward, moving towards the interview room. Lillith let the card fall the ground, stomping on it with her combat boots she decided to wear with her pleather skirt, fishnet stockings and white blouse tied at the top of her pants. She entered the room, Sayors' eyes once again in all the wrong places. Lillith shot him a look. "Damn it, don't hurt me! I can't help it if you look like you just walked out of page 86 in the Victoria Secret magazine..... wow, that sounded desperate."

Lillith smiled. "Um, yeah. You seriously need some help you are sounding like Crunch."

"Chad?" Sayors added after he stuffed his face with half a donut and a shot of bourbon.

"Yeah, whatever he calls himself now days.." Lillith added but quickly diverted to another subject. "Wow, buddy. Going to a lot of drinking parties? I never seen you down one of those."

Sayors laughed, "Yeah I'm getting used to it. Steve Jason's got me partied out."

Lillith's smile faded, as did Sayors'... quickly. "Yeah. That's cool. Are we going to start the interview?"

"Yeah, after you tell me why I have security buzzing in my ear about a young blonde woman outside who's fist has your name on it."

Lillith smiled, eyeing the small earpiece the XWF had equipped it's staff with since the new opening. She covered her mouth and laughed slightly, as she recollected what she had said to the poor woman outside. "Oh, puh-lease. Those kind of women are a dime a dozen. You know what she'd get on an IQ test? Drool. Come on, Sayors. You've known me for how long now? Ya figure you'd get that I cause random acts of bullshit leaving the opposite party either humiliated or ready for the fight. I got to have something to do before I go home tonight."

Lillith smiled, walking over to the couch in front of the screen with a dark color scheme of clouds. A spotlight with an umbrella-like device reflecting the light onto the screen shown in her face as she attempted to relax, Sayors taking a seat adjacent from her. "Well, I thought maybe you changed."

"Some things never change, Sayors. And then some things do." She raised an eyebrow, shocking the blood through Sayors once again. He may have thought of her as a buffet, but she still creeped the hell out of him.

"All right, are we ready?"

After quite the boring introduction, Lillith was almost ready for a nap. She didn't want to be here in the first place, this was the last thing she wanted to do today, especially since she knew Abbie wasn't well. She didn't want to have to confront everything she had steered away from over the past month or two, but she couldn't anymore. She had avoided any interviews thus far, and now the accumulated hell and media bullshit was too much to put off any longer.

"....... So Kitten.. how have you been? You look very different from the way you left us."

"Yeah, I suppose I do. I've been doing a lot of traveling. Seen some places that reminded me just how insignificant I was to the big picture. It made things clearer, my problems just a little bit easier to deal with."

"Yeah, speaking of problems, the XWF had seen a side of you that wasn't necessarily different than normal, but definitely had an effect on every wrestler here. What was it like to run the federation, and why did you quit?"

Bam. He dropped the bomb already. He never even asked how Abbie was doing or anything. it was business first, bullshit later. "Ugh.... This is hell."

Lillith rested her head in her hands, sighing. "I suppose it was a combination of personal dilemmas and neglect from Jonathyn. It got too hard to do everything Jonathyn has to do, and no one would help me learn because I'm the "Bag Bad Kitten". I guess people seem to think that this fed can run by itself, and sorry, it can't. A lot of people never really had respect for all the sacrifices I had to make. I got really unhealthy. I got really.... different. It had to be transferred back to Jonathyn, or it had to be shut down. But I never made the final say. I never said anything to Jonathyn, in fact, it was a person who was worried about me who told him I couldn't hack it anymore. So he changed everything around and lead me right into a path that had 'failure' written all over it."

"So you think you have failed the XWF?"

"Jesus, Sayors. You sound like a shrink. No, I don't feel like I have failed the XWF. It was an inevitable thing. I didn't mean for it to happen and anyone who thinks that can come and get the cherry of my cigarette permanently planted between their eyebrows. I don't care. I did the best I could, and still got shot down for it. Yet again, I was at the top and there was no respect. Nothing to help me grow and succeed, and nothing to hold me back from taking over it. Like I said, I got unhealthy. And the XWF should be glad nothing else happened..."

"You say that you were unhealthy. Some of us are aware of what happened with your mental status, and a few of us monitored what happened to you after you left LA before the XWF closed down. Could you explain to the audien-.."

"NO, I can't That's the thing. I wanted to come here today and answer all your questions. But I'm sorry, I can't. I don't even know what happened to me. I was deceived, I was broken in so many pieces I had to go find the pieces and glue them back together. It was one of the toughest things I had to do, and it has really left me with nothing inside. It was a pity I had to fight Steve Jason just after I got rid of the culprit if all my trauma inside..."

"You realize that Steve Jason is under the impression that he 'kicked Kitten out' of your head? In our latest interview, he had shared with us that he felt he had ridded you of the persona, and freed you."

God damnit. If there wasn't a time that she felt like an obligation.. a 'job'... she wished she remembered how that felt now. Not only had Steve Jason done JACK to her psyche with S-3ing her to the mat at their last match, but now he was giving himself credit for the war she had raged and left victorious be herself. What a crude way to live, taking everything as your own success. What an.. what an..


Sayors's eyes widened, and he blinked. "What?"

Lillith stammered. "Shit."

"Did you call me that?"

"Uh, no." Fuck, that was on camera! and if that got back to Steve Jason he'd think she was calling him that. Fuel for the fire, she knew. "Uh, sorry. That wasn't directed at you, or any other situation. I was thinking about something entirely different."

She bit her bottom lip nervously, as Sayors eyed her. He sighed, shrugged and smiled again. "Okay, anyway..."

A sigh of relief came from Kitten. Hopefully, Steven would do just the same. Maybe she could tell people she had teret's or something. No, Jesus not another head problem. "What I meant to say was.... no. He never did such a thing. I don't know where all this information about my mental status is coming from, but you're getting false information. My head is fine. Whatever I have done, I did it for myself, by myself. It is a cut-throat world, you might as well pick up a razor."

She grumbled under her breath. She could feel the blood race to her face and fists. She could see it pumping through a small vein in her wrist. She was angry. She hated this. She just wanted to go home. Sayors cleared his throat, "So you say his S-3ing you has had no effect on you?"

"It gave me a reason to hate him." Hell, be honest, right? "But nothing more. It gave me a reason, it gave me the chance. But as for hating him, no. He knows if I hate him or not. I would have never done what I did for his birthday if I hated him. But it gave me a reason. Which give me a reason to be angry. Angry and me doesn't mix. So he is lucky I guess that I am just that damn forgiving."

Forgiveness. Something she realized she failed to do to herself. It began to eat at her a little. Little by little bit. She felt bad that she was talking smack. But it was media hype. Media was easy to influence. Steve Jason would hopefully know the difference. But still, no one wants to have her and anger in the same sentence let alone the same mind frame. No one. Not even someone who wants to see the Apocalypse.

"Well considering you have the chance to fight him or Bigg Rigg, what are you planning to do? Are you going to stick around or are you yet too busy with yourself?"

A bit blunt, but at least he was to the point. "No, I'm here for the duration. I wanted this title, I signed for it. I have fought Bigg Rigg before, and it should be a snap just as it has been before. You get me and him in the ring with no run-ins, and DQ for weapons or cheap-shots. There is just no way he will leave the ring a winner. Don't get me wrong, weapons are fun and so is a posse, but not when it is for the Universal Title. This has got to be blood, sweat, and tears. The blood that flows after I strike, the sweat that burns the wound afterwards, and the tears for a loss that won't be mine."

Wit, always a fun party-favor. Useful in talking smack. But then again, she really had nothing to say to Bigg Rigg anymore. She had him by the short and curlies so many times that he knows too deep down that he owes Kitten. Even for helping Jon Page swipe the title from her back at Snow Job.

"And after that match if you are to succeed, you have to face Andrew Gibson. Now after everything Andrew Gibson has done to you, do you have any special plans you could share with us?"


Andrew Gibson.

She had almost completely forgot about Gibson. She had thought of this upcoming match to much and her anger and hatred for Andrew Gibson that for a moment she lost all sense of reality, and forgot he was in the match altogether. Just as Sayors said it, her eyes burned with anger, her fists and teeth clenched together... and the only word blinking on the computer screen in her brain said "KILL KILL KILL KILL ".


"He will pay for everything that he has done. He has attacked me, he has attacked my best friend Black Widow, he nearly killed me. Back last PPV I handed him the belt so I could reclaim it once I got back into wrestling. That is the only reason why he has it. I pulled strings. Don't ask me why, I never really understood my greed. Yes, greed. Not for anything but this. He has been deserving of it. He need to feel the pain that I have felt, he needs to taste the blood I have tasted. I am going to pull out his organs and slap him with them, feed them to some orphans, and take his .. no.. MY Universal Title as collateral for everything he has done to me. I could give a rats ass that he still exists. I could give a rats ass what he thinks of me or what he wants to do with me. Because once I step into that ring with him, I am going to annihilate him. There will be nothing. No skin left to peal from the bone. He is going to lose so badly, he will retire. And STAY OUT. That is, if he is lucky enough to survive."

She took a deep breath. Finally, that is. She nearly hadn't breathed the whole time she spoke of her hatred for Andrew "The Flake" Gibson. She wanted to see him dead. Rot and sizzle like a piece of bacon on a frying pan in the middle of the ring. Cry out and beg her to stop as she gave him a choke slam straight to hell, and watched as the ground opened up to accept him into the worst dimension of Hades. She was ready for it. She wanted it to happen so bad she almost could feel the flames of her hate lick her cheeks as if it were a bonfire inches from her nose. She looked to Sayors for a moment, who stared at her blankly.

"And after you win the Universal Title?"

"I will wallow in the satisfaction that I have slain the man who nearly killed me, and beat the man who either cost me the title, or cost me my sanity at one point. Then, I will return to my little sister as a full-time mother."

"So.. *ahem*... what are your plans now that you have a family?

"I love my little sister. I may adopt her. I fear for her only because she has been without guidance. But she is with me now, at the best time for her to be with me. She is without her father, thanks to me... so I feel like I have to fill that position. I am a full time parent now, I only got the chance to step out today thanks to Bianca watching her. It is hard to be so busy, but I couldn't change it for the world. When she smiles, nothing else matters..... I'd die without her..."


Lillith flipped off the TV as the interview came to a close on the television in the wall of her bar/billiard room.

"Nice." Bianca said, as she sipped on her lime margarita. "I never expected to see you so liberal. But I guess this is a good change. I know if Abbie was awake to hear it she would have loved it."

"Yeah, but I get pretty grotesque sometimes. I don't want her to hear any of that gore-y bullshit I said about Gibson."

"Yeah, but it's the truth right? And the truth..."

"....shall set you free, I know. I know."

Bianca smiled, setting the empty margarita glass on the bar. Lillith had two shots of tequila, and felt kinda fuzzy. She didn't want to get too drunk just in case Abbie needed her. Bianca grabbed her keys and purse, tossing her black hair over one shoulder. "Listen, I got to get back. I can't keep neglecting my husband, you know."

Lillith smiled, touching Bianca's shoulder. "Yeah. Go ahead. Thanks for everything. I'll take you out to eat sometime."

"All right. You know my favorite."

Lillith's nose crinkled up as she recalled Bianca's favorite dish; raw pig heart. Though even more shocking at one point was human heart, but people change. Bianca left, leaving Lillith to slouch on her barstool, rubbing her thumbs against the shot glass she looked into. She sighed, rubbing her hands through her hair as she thought of how much stress had already been caused today with the couple hours she was at the XWF . She hadn't been under that much stress in a while. She might need new stress reduction techniques. MIGHT.

A hand brushed Lillith's, bringing her focus into the little green eyes that belonged to Abbie's. "I saw the show. I was standing over there." Abbie pointed to the corner near the door where the bar shrouded the light. "You tell those people nice things bout me. But you don't like some people you work with, why?"

"Because they hurt Sissy, that's why."

"Like Daddy did?"

Lillith paused.

"Do you love that one guy, that Steve guy?"

"Steve Sayors, LORD NO!"

"No, the other guy."


"I think he's cute."

"What? Aren't you supposed to think boys have cooties at this age or something?" Lillith laughed, as she gently pushed Abbie. Abbie laughed, and returned to her side.

"I'm not kidding. If you want him to be my daddy, I don't mind."

Lillith's eyes popped open. "Abbie!"


"I think it is time for bed, my dear."

"Aww, do I have-ta?"

"Yes, sweetheart. You do." Lillith smiled, kissing the top of Abbie's head. Abbie grumbled slightly, wobbling out of the room. "Hey....?"

Abbie poked her head around the corner, 'What?"

"I love you."

Abbie smiled, blowing a kiss to her big sis. Lillith raised her hand, and 'caught' the kiss from the air, holding it to her chest. "Sweet Dreams, my love."

She was alone.

Finally alone with herself with a bar full of booze. Boy, it was tempting. But she knew that she couldn't. She really had to grow up. She had to, otherwise the government would take away Abbie. And Lord knows that if someone were to take away Abbie, there would be no stopping Lillith. It wouldn't be Lillith or Kitten, but the phoenix inside that wouldn't stop the fire until everything was ash.

Maybe she was more alone than she wanted to be, and maybe she still felt empty and used inside. But Abbie was all she really needed anymore. As where she was supposed to keep Abbie in check, Abbie kept HER in check. And that was new to Lillith, considering she has always done things for herself and ONLY for herself. She never thought of it as selfish, but since she was alone she thought that she had to fend for herself. So, she did.

Lillith set down the glass and stood, reaching into her sweater pockets. She was stunned to find the Rubik's cube in her right pocket... Abbie must have put it there. Lillith examined it, and found that there was only ONE move yet to do, before all six sides were perfect and in solid color. She smiled, and looked to the door where Abbie had just left.

"Yeah.... today is a good day."

And with one flick of her wrist she clicked the Rubik's cube to it's perfect and final form. Lillith sat the Rubik's cube down by her shot glass before she walked to the door, and turned off the light.