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"Thank you for flying America Airlines, thank you! Thanks! Bye-bye, now.... THANK YOU... bye bye."

Lillith felt an overwhelming urge to slap the hell out of the stewardess who stood beside the door of a flight that had just landed. She watched family members hug each other in great joy, miles of separation finally ending this day. She smiled, even though her own upset had caused her quite the frustration. The Chicago O' Hare Airport.... THOUSANDS of miles away.... was causing airport delays all around the United States. And this one god damned airport was also affected. Planes weren't on time at all, causing runway staff to go crazy with the mixed delays of gas refills, loading and unloading. A strike started to form in the west wing of the airport. Their flight - cancelled.

Lillith had called Bianca, finally drenching the thought of care out of her mind. She had saved Bianca so many times before. She needs Bianca more than anything. Bianca would just have to drop her little TV show for at least a day or two. Bianca freaked out, but understood. She had called and left a message to Wannabe on his cell phone after she met up with Lillith at the airport.

"Hey, Baby. It's me. I wanted to let you know that I have to skip town for a day or two. I'm sorry this is so abrupt. You know I love you. Plus, with my leaving, you have a chance to find whoever the hell is stalking me, without worrying if I am safe. Kitten needs me. I owe her my life, and it is time to pay it all off. I love you, I will see you soon."

Bianca hung up, Lillith looking at her with one eyebrow raised. "Aren't you getting a little soft." Lillith asked rhetorically.

Bianca smiled, "Yeah I suppose so. He's my snuggle bear."

Lillith pursed her lips. "Blech."

"OH shut up, what if I were to say 'blah' to Steve Ja-" Bianca stopped immediately, and began fumbling in her purse nervously. Lillith looked at her, almost shocked, and then looked away. She couldn't bear the thought of Steve Jason right now. Not after what happened. Not after the necklace....... after that hateful letter. She never thought he'd stoop that low. "I'm...I'm sorry, Kitten."

Anger flashed in Lillith's eyes, almost a red film of blood. She growled, "Don't call me that."

Black Widow looked up to Lillith, confused. "Look, I'm sorry. I don't know, okay? It felt just like old times. And what the HELL do you expect me to call you? You'd always yell at me when I'd call you Lillith. What gives?"

Lillith looked back to Black Widow, trying to hold back the tears. "I don't know who I am anymore. Just..... call me... 'Hey you'."

Black Widow smiled, and laughed a little. She wrapped an arm around Lillith, as Abbie came out of the bathroom.

"'Ey, I washed my hands!" Abbie held up her hands, still sloppy with water. Lillith smiled a little, taking her petite hands into her own large, womanly hands, and wiped the water away with her shirt. Bianca leaned down to look into the bright blue eyes of the young girl, and smiled. Lillith expected Abbie to get a chilling fright out of Black Widow... her tattoos, the white skin, the black hair and reddish-black eyes. But Abbie smiled. "I saw you on tv. Are you a singer?"

Bianca laughed a little, flipping her long black hair over her shoulder. "No, no. I'm your sister's best friend."

Abbie looked to Lillith questioningly, as Lillith looked to Bianca. "We've established me as her new mommy. I am mommy now."

Bianca smiled slightly, patting Abbie softly on the head. "Ah, I see. Mommy is a nice lady, Abbie. You've missed a lot, but I know she is happy to have you with her. We're going to have fun in Sorrento." Bianca's eyes shone bright, as she looked up to Lillith.

Lillith didn't look too happy. "The flight was cancelled, you know that."

Bianca's eyes grew wide, as did her smile. "Ah, ah. You know me...." She dug out her cell phone, flipping it open. "B's got all the connections. I got us a private jet, they say it's the fastest on the market. I know you don't like long trips, so I called on it right away. It will be landing at Coralville Beach here pretty soon. We'd better go."

Lillith smiled at her good friend. It had been a while yes, but Bianca hadn't changed. She was still the same ol' girl she found down in the cellar of the old crooked man's house. She had knocked politely on the door, asking to use the restroom - to get the door slammed on her face. Bianca was the one good thing that ever came out of Kitten's fury. For when Kitten burst down the door, she beat the man to a pulp, hearing the screams of a girl downstairs. It was Bianca, an albino misfit, who was in serious need of nourishment. Maybe her looks have changed over the years, but definitely not her innocent soul.

Bianca led Lillith and Abbie to Kitten's old Jaguar XR, and loaded their bags in the trunk. The back seat was small, built for a sports-car design, but Abbie fit perfectly into the small seat and buckle. Lillith worried that Bianca's driving may be too dramatic for a eight and a half year old. But before one word could escape through Lillith's lips about the precautions of the road - Bianca blasted the horn at some elderly pedestrians, threw the car into gear, and flew out of the parking lot. They might as well have been riding in the Bat mobile, or the car off of Men in Black - and Bianca just it the red button. Lillith grabbed onto the 'Oh Shit" bar above her head, and the console between the seats. "Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl" blared through the speakers, Bianca whooping as they drove down I-380 to Coralville. Lillith took a daring look to Bianca every once in a while, Bianca ignoring her rueful glances, shifting gears and laughing. As Living Dead Girl grew to a close, Abbie leaned forward, yelling in Lillith's ear. "Does that song remind you of me?"

Lillith's eyes almost popped open, as she quickly flipped the radio station from Rock 108, to Q 92.3. B-bop music poured into the car, and she could feel Abbie's little feet bouncing off the back of her seat. It was a neat little song, "Scandalous" by Mis-teeq. Wasn't bad.. not Lillith's bag - but good nevertheless. Abbie liked it. Probably because it was the only radio station you could actually get in in this area that was b-bop. Lillith begged to the heavens that there would be no poppy music like Britney Spears. Lillith would hate herself if Abbie saw her in a fit of rage, rip the stereo out of the car and toss it out the window.

But as they reached the strip of beach along the Iowa River in Coralville, Lillith knew deep down, that events were going to change. Dramatically. Lillith looked along the strip to see a small aircraft on a hilly, grassy knoll. The lights flashed underneath, but the aircraft remained black with the night. Lillith looked to Bianca....

"Look at all the people you love, Lil'. Aren't they beautiful? Isn't it going to be so hard to see them die?....... Long have I waited for this moment. And I can't believe you have chosen Steve Jason's hometown for the full, rebirth of me. You are more perfect than I realized. I guess it takes a perfect soul like you, to create a perfect hell like me. Isn't this ironic? All this time...... all this time you begged the higher powers to promise you'd never become your father. And the irony is, that you aren't like your father. You aren't like him at all. You made me.... and I am like him. I am more like him than he was himself. Isn't that odd? ..... I can feel your heart breaking, love. Am I hurting you? I bet you can't bear it. I still remember your face when Steve Jason tossed your precious necklace into the sea. I don't know what you ever saw in him anywa-"
"You want to know what I saw? You really want to know? You keep pestering me so much, I am about to just end it all here and now. But this isn't the place. "


She gulped hard. She knew that everything she ever said to ... herself... she could use to manipulate the world into catastrophe. Lillith wasn't prepared for that. But soon, it would all come to a crashing halt. Everything. All the pain, all the hate. Everything that she has held and bottled inside for the past six years.... all the events that have happened that made her..... that forced Kitten out.... it was all about to end soon. Everyone has got to make their confessions before they die, right?

"I saw peace. Some people think that I saw a pretty face. They think..... HE thinks.. that I wanted nothing more than a quick night of romance.... to use and whip him into some Kitten robot."
"Ha, ha, ha... that would have been fun, though."
"But that wasn't it at all. That is you, you worthless sack of shit. You've ruined all of this for me. The letter even said. I was close. I was so close.... but it all fell apart. Thanks to you. I could have had it....."
"You aren't telling me what you really feel, Lil'. How come you are hiding it from me? Just open the doors, and let it all out. Because the day I am reborn, all your thoughts become mine. And we can do it the easy way, or the hard way..."


Lillith clenched her jaw, closing her eyes as tight as she could. She hated herself. She hated herself for creating Kitten. She thought that Kitten was everything she wanted to be. She thought Kitten was the person everyone would want. Lillith, the family reject.... no one would want that waste of time. Not from how wounded she had become. She was 'damaged goods'. No one wants damaged goods. When Lillith had boyfriends, it seemed they always kept the receipt.

"When I first saw him.... it was at the XWF lounge. People were having a good time, getting to know all the newbies. I was a newbie. We, were newbies. Bianca was with me.... she was the one who pushed me into it. Yeah, I did see a pretty face. But I saw so much more. His bright smile, it caught me... like a foul ball snatched right out of the air. The eyes.... his eyes. My mother had told me that when you find the right guy..... you'll know. That you can see into their eyes like pools of star-blasted glass. You can see into their soul. And all I saw - was freedom. I saw... everything I wasn't... I always watched so many people live their happy lives. But he stuck out as the happiest. I wanted to share it. I wanted to prove to myself that I wasn't what my father told me I was. That I wasn't just scum. That I wouldn't end up a whore. That I could actually prove everyone wrong by actually showing someone else happiness. That me, one who has been through so much pain..... can throw all the pain away and live on..... and I saw all of that in Steven. I wanted him to be the one to share the happiness I knew nothing about. The Criminal, IOMAC, Spike, Cassanova, Jem.... they were so full of their own problems and sorrows that I knew that they couldn't handle me in their lives. Just like you do, you'd come out, and fuck up everything. But Steven was so collected. He knows what he wants. And if a guy like that .. the kind of Prince Charming you read about.... oh god, if he were to want ME...... nothing would matter anymore. Everything would have meaning. It wouldn't hurt anymore. But I suppose that's my fairytale. Those ridiculous dreams that never go away. I, Rapunzel... and he ....... My... My warrior."

Bianca looked to Lillith, stunned to see out of the middle of nowhere, a long stream of tears was flowing down her pale cheeks. She slowed the car as they approached the jet that sat on the long strip of pavement for the parking at the beach. She felt terrible. She didn't know how to handle Kitten.. or Lillith or .. whoever anymore. It was all so clear when they were together. But it seems like ever since she left to be with Wannabe, Kitten had turned for the worse. It made Bianca feel at fault.

"Aw, how touching. No wonder why you're a waste. You are what your father told you. A nothing. You're going to end up whoring around, just because your sad, broken little heart can't mend itself with your... 'Warrior'. Pleh. How gutless. You make me sick."
"YOU'RE just upset because you couldn't get him either."
"What? That I couldn't lay him out like a rug, and make him squirm and scream like a little girl? To up and leave a few minutes later, to have him grabbing at my heels, begging for me to stay? OH GOD how I would have loved that. The 'hero' to crawl behind me like a little baby.. wanting a suckle... ahahaha oh, what a treat that would have been. But no.. you want some sort of war. You want to go and fight me out, and it's not going to work. And when you fail, and when you fall apart and crumble.. I'll be back. And I'll make him do just that. I'll make them ALL do that. Even your precious 504 Boy."


"Momma? Are we leaving now?" Abbie asked so sweetly to Lillith, catching Lillith off guard. She realized they had been sitting there for a few minutes while she was trapped in her head. Lillith looked from Black Widow, to her new daughter.

"B', can I talk to you outside?" Bianca looked at Lillith with a strange glance, then nodded. Bianca and Lillith stepped out of the car, and walked into the headlights in front of the car. Lillith crossed her arms, and sighed. "I can't take her. I can't take you."

"WHAT!?" Bianca's eyes grew wide. "I don't understand..... we've been through everything.. I... I..."

"I don't want you to get killed, B. I don't know what is going to happen when I do this... I don't know how long it will be until .... B....I love you. I always have. You are the best friend that anyone could hope for. Definitely one you wouldn't take to church or to meet your grandparents... but.. " Bianca smiled slightly, and took Lillith into her arms. They hugged briefly, as Lillith drew her keys out from her pocket. "Here. Take these. They are the keys to my house in LA. You'll love it there. It's kind of secluded, I have at least a good 100 yards in each direction worth of yard. Security... the works. You should be safe there. Take Abbie with you. Everything is taken care of for you there...." Lillith’s bottom lip trembled slightly, as she and Bianca hugged again. She could see Abbie in the tinted shadows of the interior of her Jag, beginning to cry. Abbie knew, she wasn't going anywhere. Lillith walked to the passenger side, and opened the door. She held out her arms, as Abbie jumped from the car and ran into them. Lillith held her so tight, she thought she may have been crushing her. She touched her beautiful hair that smelled of her honeysuckle shampoo, and kissed her gently. "I love you. God, do I love you."

Abbie looked up to Lillith, tears in her eyes. Her voice cracked when she spoke, "You aren't coming back, are you?"

Lillith's own eyes began to swell, as she touched the sweet cheek of her darling little sister. "...... I don't know, baby. But always know that I love you. And you do as Bianca says, okay? No questions."

Abbie nodded, sadly climbing back into the car. Bianca watched the reunion of two sisters come to an end, sorrow filling her heart. Kitten was never like this, she thought. How come she cares so much? What the hell is happening with my friend?

The truth was, Bianca only really knew Kitten.... the girl that Lillith tried to be. Black Widow knew suffering, pain.... the two wallowed in it. They thrived in the misery. It was something that was always present in Lillith's life... and that is why Kitten was created. Not to get laid, not for some stupid pry to cop out all the pain. It was that all the pain that ever seemed to leave Lillith's life... how many times she had been stabbed in the back.. how many times she had been lied to.. how many times she fell asleep in her own lowly tears... begging for forgiveness... just to feel a small speckle of happiness the next day. So many take happiness for granted..... so Kitten took pain for granted. Grew stronger. Lillith knew that if she could grow strong with her pain, she could overcome it. But what she didn't realize is that everything.. can ALWAYS get MUCH MUCH worse. And it always did. Just as now. She lost all her friends in the XWF. She lost all the respect. She lost respect for herself when she sided with Gibson and Bigg Rigg. Screw Mike X, he was a nothing. He was putting her up against three monsters this Anarchy, leaving her with nothing. What was EW anyway? He was a loser. Lillith AND Kitten both knew it. Always coming in with some big angle, and then disappearing. Jen, with her on-again-off-again emotions.. even worse than Kitten.... had just suddenly become good ol' little housewife again. Not the defensive woman that should be working in the XWF. There are just too many goodie-goodie housewives in wrestling. Some with silicone, some with no brains. Sometimes, Lillith wished that Kitten would divide herself into small equal portions, and spread her out among the women of the XWF. They were stupid, they were little punk wannabe's. They never knew this kind of torment. Kitten... Lillith.... was truly a one of a kind. The women's division was a dime a dozen. You can find any Heather Halliwell in a Hot Topic or Gadzooks.... trying to make themselves into people they aren't. That is how Lillith and the other ladies were alike. But they ended up being stupid. She missed Crystal Ensayne. She missed Diabolique. They were the real ones. They were one of a kind, and made it look good. Kitten - was one of a kind... but made everything look like a disaster.

All the men.... all the friends... everyone who at any time mattered to Kitten.. ended up ripping her heart out, and throwing it into the ocean.

"That's not the only thing in the ocean."

Lillith brushed the tears away, as she pulled her bags out of the trunk, and stepped onto the plane. She didn't look back. She COULDN'T look back. She couldn't bear to watch as she left her little sister behind. She had witnessed what she thought was the tragic parting of the little sister six years before.... and now, the roles were reversed. She wondered, if she'd ever see Abbie again.

"It's like Jaws.. ad-dun... ad-dun... ad dun ad dun ad dun DA DUN DA DUN!!!! Doesn't it make your heart race?... Oh, the joy."
"........Your heart won't be racing soon...... it's almost time."



It was halfway through the day when Lillith finally saw sandbars in the deep blue water of the pacific ocean. It had taken nearly forever, but the jet finally made it. They were on the North East Coast of Australia. They were soaring fast, everything almost in a complete blur as the jet dropped about 2,000 feet. Trees and towns were only about another 4,000 feet beneath them, the blue water of the Pacific melding into the Indian Ocean as about another hour passed by. Lillith was tempted to see many things. She wanted to see some native wildlife. She heard about Dingoes, but were almost clueless to what they were. Her eyes widened in astonishment at the beautiful, vibrant colors of the West Coast. She could see the tiny specs of red, blues, oranges, and greens.... bright swimming suits of the beach-goers. She could see the soft waves rolling in, occasionally carrying a surfboarding fun-seeker. So much beauty, that Lillith almost forgot to breathe. She was so captivated by this land, that she was zapped back into the plane with a stinging in her chest. It almost felt like her heart stopped. She took a big breath, taking in the oxygen for the pain.

"Ground Zero."
"Save it."
"Aw, come on. You didn't bring your friends, all you have is me."
"Not for long."
"You say that now, but you will regret all this when I crush and meld your soft little brain into my own."
"You talk a lot of shit."


Pain wracked her again, a migraine headache slamming into her so hard, she fell back against her chair. She gritted her teeth. She knew what was happening.

"Then maybe..... I should take some action. You've got me this far.. I can take you the rest."

With a final gasp, a darkness filled her eyes. A cool, menacing smile crept up her face as she looked around. "Ah, much better. What do you think, Lil'?"

"I think you're going to meet your end sooner than you think."

"Ah, ha, ha! Try it, love. You can't. I told you - you are no match for me. No one is. You might have been able to finally wipe out 'daddy'. But you know the more pain that you cause, the more I grow. So what are you going to do?"

Kitten stepped off of the plane, smiling. They had just landed, using a rather empty strip of the West Coast Highway for their landing. She had to get off quickly, she knew that air patrols around may have noticed her leaving in America. No doubt they followed the track of the aircraft to Australia. It would be no time before local law enforcement would be wailing their way to the scene. She took a deep breath, breathing in the new oxygen full of optimism and new-found spirit. She suddenly turned up her nose, looking peak'ed.

"What am I going to do? Hahahah! You are so full of yourself and so sure of your blind evil that you never even thought I would take you to an environment too beautiful and without your damn pessimism....... You say in pain, you'll grow? Then in happiness - you'll WITHER."

Kitten choked lightly on bile, leaning over the balcony to the stairs. A car passed the jet slowly, people gawking out of their windows. Kitten had to leave. Quick. She reached for her bag, bounding down the stairs, and into a heavily wooded area. She waited as the plane took off again, nearly flipping when the tire skidded off the pavement.

Alone. She was now, officially alone.

"But can you handle all this happiness? Can you!? Look around you! I don't see one dirty alley.... I don't see a crying child sitting on a pile of newspapers. I don't even hear sirens.... can you handle that?"

Kitten's weak spot. Lillith found it. Kitten fell, landing on a patch of rocks. She cracked her eyebrow against one, splitting it. She cried out, blood dripping into her eye. She yelled again, as she grabbed her bag and ran out into the Highway. She screamed at a passing car, until it stopped. An older gentleman stepped out of his car, grabbing onto Kitten softly. "Dear god, are you okay?"

Kitten looked at him angrily, smacking him hard with a hand covered in her rings. The man fell backward, spitting out a tooth. He was injured not only physically, but spiritually. "What the hell is wrong with you?"

Kitten sneered, tossing him a 20 dollar bill. "Mind of I borrow your car?" She hopped into the vehicle, speeding off. The man chased her for nearly a block, before she was far too fast for him. He threw up his hands, angrily shaking his fist. Kitten laughed, as she heard Lillith again.

"What's wrong? You couldn't handle me so you had to go cause some more chaos? Didn't work much did it? I didn't even hear a cuss word. I bet you didn't like that, did ya, Kitten?"
"Would you buzz off? You're a damned nuisance."
"Now you know how I feel."


She coughed again, blood coming into her throat. She swerved slightly, as her vision began to dissipate. Kitten swerved off the road, crunching the headlight against a barricade to the road.

"See what you've done to me, Lil'?

"Yeah, I saw. That was the point of coming here to Sorrento, Kitten. The whole point." Lillith smiled as she took control of the car. She revved the engine, pulling back onto the road. She spun the car around, driving straight for Sorrento. It was getting to be late afternoon. She could see flashing lights in the distance, the lights of Sorrento beckoning her. The houses were beautiful along the coast. Etched in between the trees in the bluffs, overlooking the ocean... she knew somewhere in those beautiful homes sat Talia...Dougy... Felicia..... somewhere in these homes, Steve Jason grew up. Somewhere in this beautiful land... where a trailer park seemed to never exist.... there was peace.

Lillith drove into Sorrento, pulling into a Scuba Diving shop. She parked the car, and walked inside.


"I don't know, ma'am. There's a sand bar about three miles out of Hillary's Jetty where the lot of scientists and tourist dive. But not just off the coast. I don't think we are allowed to take anyone into that water. It's too close to Hillary's Boat Harbour."

Lillith sighed, brushing a chunk of her bright red hair out of her eyes. "How about we just cut to the chase. I know there are illegal operations in Australia. Jesus, you all can't be tied off from everything civil."

"Ah, sorry but I wouldn't consider illegal actions 'civil'."

Lillith looked at the clerk condescendingly, "I didn't ask for your personal opinion. Why do you people always have to be so damn cocky!?" The clerk eyed Lillith, and she sighed. "Look, I'm sorry. I know a guy who lives in this area. I live in LA, so I'm not used to traveling out of country."

"Really? Well I know a guy from around here who resides in LA himself. You mind telling me his name?"

Lillith felt edgy about telling him the name, afraid she'd give herself away. But hell, there was more than one Australian living in LA, right? "His name is Steve Jason.... a ... an old friend I guess you could say."

The clerk's eyes brightened, "Well by god that's him! He came in here just the other day and we went for a dive. Picked out a real beaut' for his lady back in the states." The clerk smiled. "That wouldn't happen to be YOU, would it?"

Lillith's heart sank to the pit of her stomach. It just had to be Steve Jason. Did everyone know him around here? And why did the clerk have to say those painful words? She saw his last clip where he pulled out that beautiful jem of the ocean for Heather Halliwell. It would fit perfectly between those perfect surgeon masterpiece boobs of hers.

"Stop it, Kitten."
"Oh, blah. You know you’re jealous. Why can't you just say a few vain words about Heather?"
"Because I don't have to. If I really wanted her flat on her face in the ring, I'd do it. I don't sweat any of the women in the XWF."
"You're sounding like me."
"No.. you just have a faint bit of me in you. Thanks to me being the person who made you. You don't run my life, so quit trying to do it."


Lillith swallowed hard, trying her best to still look happy. She even tried putting on the perception of happiness. She wore a bright green swimming suit, and a white see-through sash around her waist. Her skin was still a little too white for Playboy - but she had spent most of the day driving in the sun. The sun had kissed her gently, at least bringing back a healthy glow to her complexion. She shook her head at the clerk. "No, I'm more of a..... a sister, really. Not a sister, but at least in a weird platonic sense... Steven and I were close."

God, she hated to lie. Why couldn't this just get OVER WITH!? The clerk smiled still, crossing his arms over his chest. "So what does a purty lady like you want to go out into Hillary's Jetty for? All there are is a bunch of rocks and sediment from the engines at the dock. I could take you to the reef out a few miles, and then you could see the beauty that I see right now."

Jesus, he was hitting on her. It was flattering, somewhat. But not her objective at all. She smiled a little, twirling her hair in her fingers. "Really?"

The clerk leaned across the desk, smacking on his gum. He smiled at her, looking her up and down. "I think you'd like my place even better."

Lillith frowned a little, smacking the brim of his hat. "I don't think so, Steve Erwin. There will be no adventures for you. But if you do this for me.. this..." Lillith plopped a wad of cash on the desk that equaled close to about 4 grand. The clerk's eyes widened. "... is yours. All I need is about half an hour, and I'll be done."

The clerk sighed. "Well, all right. But this don't leave us. If word got out I was doing special favors, it would kill the company. 30 minutes is all you've got."


The water was mild against her skin. It was getting darker, finally reaching about 7pm. Luckily, the sun was up just enough to still have a faint glow of light at the bottom of Hillary's Jetty. This was not a fun experience. He was correct about the sediment.. she got her flipper caught between some rocks as she swam, and when she pulled on the rocks, a thick, greasy film covered her fingers. There was nothing down here. Just a little bit of litter from the nearby restaurants, a few loose rocks, and a bunch of fish. Her mind raced. This was useless. There was no hope... There was just no way she could find it down here.

She spotted a small bank, and swam to it. She stood up onto the rocks, and looked around. She pulled off her goggles and the hose from her oxygen tank, steadying her flippers on the rocks below.

To one direction - she could see the harbour. Yachts, fishing boats and speed cruisers lined up side by side in immaculate rows against the docks. Close to that were the giant hotels streaming up into the sky a few stories. The sunset hit them gently, a orange glow bouncing off her skin, making her warm. Near that, was Jetty's Restaurant, and the bright night club lights bopping inside of The Breakwater Tavern. Lillith closed her eyes, picturing something she had seen the day before.


She popped them open again, moving about another twenty feet to her right. She kept searching about, to no avail.

"Are you that desperate?"
"There’s a chance."
"Not hardly. You're trying to fight a battle you are going to lose, and this is just stalling."
"What is your problem?"
"The problem is, you brought me down here to fight me, and you're swimming in a damn harbour."
"Fuck off, Kitten. I am on a damned mission."
"Yeah, I see that. And you'll fail. Just like everything."


No. She wasn't going to fail. She was GOING to succeed. She did not give a piece of her heart for someone to get rid of it so easily. It meant more than just what it was. A token of her respect could not just be thrown out like that. And if Steve Jason didn't want it, then by god she would keep it. Maybe it would give her back a piece of her that she lost... a piece of her she could fill again.... maybe if...

Gah, this is hopeless. There is no way that you could ever find a neckla-......


Lillith's eyes popped open wide as she found the object of her search. There it was, caught on a chunk of this greenish leaf that looked like seaweed. Lillith swam to it quickly. She grabbed onto the leaf, unwinding it from her precious gift. By god, she couldn't believe she found it. There was just no way.

Was it an omen? What did it mean? She had no idea. But she knew that her main objective had been filled for the day. The end of the day was near - and tomorrow would finally be the day. She would end it all. She would find herself... a piece of mind......

"A piece of who's mind?"
"You'll see."


Lillith crawled back onto the deck of the small ship the clerk from the Scuba shop had brought her out on, pulling the snorkel-deal from her mouth. She shivered slightly, as she clutched her legs. She ran her fingers along the soft white-gold necklace in her hands. It still had some of the green plant stuck between the snake-like coils. The clerk spoke up.

"Wow, that's pretty. You meant to find that?"

Lillith nodded, as she put the necklace on. It smelled of salt water, and it needed to be cleaned... but she was proud of her fortune. It was better than any pearl Steve Jason could ever dig up from the sea. Obviously, it wasn't to him..... but to Kitten it was. She knew Steve Jason had to be on her tail by now. She knew that he kept track of her, especially now that she was his enemy #1. She knew that once he found out she was headed for Sorrento, he'd be dragging a whole fleet of his cronies to come after her. She hadn't paid attention to any more of his promos since she saw him fly out of the water, holding that beautiful heart of the ocean in his hand. He was so happy. His eyes shimmering, the same color as the sea. His bright white smile, an expression that only a man could get in a giddish fashion... as in, for another lady. Lillith couldn't watch that anymore. She couldn't watch him being that happy anymore - and not have a single part of it. And not only not having a part of it - but being the cause of his anger. That killed her deep inside. A whole year of her trying to improve herself - wasted. Only to be sucked into a hell worse than death. Stuck, within herself.


Lillith sat in her motel room, stroking the long barrel of the shotgun she had taken from the wreckage back at Cedar Rapids. She kept it, as a trophy of her overcoming. She knew, that she may have to use it while she is in Sorrento. But on whom?....... We'll just have to wait to find out...... She was slightly tired, she had stayed awake for almost two days straight. The salt water stung her fresh wound on her head when she went diving. She reached into her bag, and pulled out the only picture of Steve Jason and herself that she had. The hotel was beautiful, snaking alone the coastline. She stepped out on the balcony, the water crashing on the bank just below her. Her silky white lingerie nightgown flapped in a slight breeze, her long red hair brushing like butterfly wings on her shoulders. She leaned against the banister, looking at the picture. It was the picture from when she first met Steve Jason. Bianca had taken the picture from afar, embarrassing Kitten half to death. The zoom feature helped some.... it caught that blue in his eyes. He was smiling slightly, looking down into Kitten's eyes. When Kitten was still slightly in control of herself. She was smiling back, holding onto the lapels of his shirt. He had a mixed drink in his hand, and Dougy wasn't too far behind him, his eyes wide in astonishment of Kitten's coming on to his best friend. Lillith smiled slightly, as tear fell down her cheeks. She looked into the beautiful sunset, holding her hands above the crashing water. She parted her fingertips, the picture flapping in the breeze- down into the water. Steve Jason had severed all their ties by throwing the necklace into the Jetty, signifying his hatred for her... how it wouldn't be too long before he'd come for her.. and S3 her straight to hell.

She didn't want to sever all her ties with Steve Jason.... and maybe the necklace symbolized how the piece of her she gave to Steve Jason would always live on.

But they were no more. The happiness that emanated off him..... she wouldn't feel it. Only his boiling blood beating in his flesh when he tossed her into his finisher.

Lillith crawled into the crisp sheets, allowing the balcony window to remain open, the curtains lightly brushing the end of the bed. She fell asleep, as Lillith.. hoping she'd wake up just the same. The last of the sunset hit her is she slept, her lips pouting to kiss the sun farewell....

"Ha, ha, ha... see you tomrrow doll. Keep that gun shiny and clean for me."