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Dr. Castillo sits at his desk in his darkened study, the only light, the desk lamp fixed just a few inches away from the files at his nose. Books and papers are scattered about, the only organized item now on the desktop is the pencil cup, two pencils and a permanent marker protruding from the top. A small glare glints off the top of his balding head, as his fingers brush through his salt- and- pepper beard. His eyes bulge for a moment, as e pulls a highlighter from the pocket of his labcoat. He circles a large paragraph in Lillith R. Groves' case file, and stands. He stretches, his arms nearly hitting the halogen light above. he looks at the clock.... 3 AM. The Asylum closed at 8pm every night, but he hasn't been able to pry himself out of her casefiles all day. A captivating woman, he thought. How much she had endured. Lifetimes of struggles, within the first couple of decades of her life. He had even called the 'XWF' earlier that day to examine tapes after tapes of promos and shows where 'Kitten' played her role. Study after study... long.... long day. He takes a sip of his coffee grown cold from when the sun still laid upon the horizon. His muffin had turned hard, and he shoved it into the wastecan beside his desk. Dr. Castillo took one last look at the casefile, before chucking it, to meet the muffin in the can.


Dr Castillo stood outside the isolation room, looking to the clerk's desk that remained empty, as it had been from closing time. He pulled out a set of keys, pushing one into the lock. He opens the door, and steps inside.

.....Cold... damp... dark. She trembles in her corner. She hadn't slept a wink since her arrival. The bags under her eyes say it all. She twitches slightly, muttering under her breath.

"Get out!"
"You shut up, you know nothing! I never wanted this!"
"You are pathetic and weak!"
"That is your only retort to me? You can't defeat ANYTHING with 'shut up'!"
"Why, why!? Why did you do this to me!?"
"You did this to yourself, Lillith. You wanted this. You made me, and you let me have it all. You know no one accepts you, or want you for what you truley are. You are WEAK!"
"You're WRONG!"
"Oh, ha, ha, ha. You amuse me, child. You know I am right. You've been weak since day one. That is why you manifested me. You have to have me, to be complete. I just don't need you. So you are GONE."
"You say that now, but if I'm so weak, how come you can't rid of me? How come I still play a crucial role in everything you do, huh? You afraid of happiness? You afraid of ME!?"
"I AM AFRAID OF NIOTHING! Not even your weary excuse for a love connection with Steve Jason can sway me. You are more pathetic than you realize."
"You're wrong. This is bullshit"
"Well, if you're 'so strong' like you think you are, how come you let me take over as easily as you did?"
"AH, see? Silence is always the best answer for everything. In the end, it is all silent, it is all... dark."
"I didn't make you. You created yourself. This isn't what I made. Kitten was my mother's creation. You are a fucking devil!"
"HAHAHAHA! You're not as stupid as you look, dear love. I may have been your mother's creation, but you continued the memory on in vain. If it wasn't for me.. you'd still be in that home.. watching your father fuck you like the whore you are!"
"I killed him for you! You didn't have the balls!"


Lillith screams, rushing forward. Dr. Castillo catches her mid-stream, holding her tightly. She falls to the ground, taking the doctor with her. The tears do not stop from coming, as she cries in the arms of a man she doesn't even know.

"P-please.... Please....... oh god...."

"What is it, Ms. Groves?"

"God.......*sobs* WHY!?"

"Ahahaha, you little cry baby. How come you cry in his arms? Do you want him? You like a man who smells like your grandpa?"
"You know little about what I want, you bitch. I don't want anything else besides to watch you die."
"If I die, you die with me."
"Then I pray Steve Jason S3's you straight to hell."
"HAHA! I can see why he thinks you are a sniveling, slithering worm who wants to screw his brains out. You still have hope inside that he can somehow save you. You think a man can save you?"
"Someone has to save me from myself. But I NEVER thought it was him."
"CHRIST, are you in DENIAL!? The man thinks you are an absurd waste of his time."
"He thinks that of YOU."
"He has no idea what is happening here, Lil'. He thinks it's just you.. snapping on him for screwing up this Heather Halliwell chick."
"HAHA! Isn't that the most hilarious predicament? You see, even if you somehow worm your way back into your own demented little head, everything is so fucked up for you. You are in a mental hospital, you have no friends, your family is long dead... and not even the people who respected you before give a damn about your existence."
"All your hard work....... is NOTHING. Just like you. A NOTHING. A. WASTE. OF. TIME."



Lillith lashes out, scratching into the face of the doctor. He falls back, startled, letting Lillith go. Lillith falls against the wall opposite him, pulling at her hair, beating at her skull.

"Get out, get out, get OUT!!!"

The doctor stands abruptly, grapsing his vocal recorder. He presses 'record'.

"Lillith, what is in your head?"

"Her.... HER... HERRRRRR!"

Lillith lashes back, pressing her back against the wall. She pants wildly, tears flowing down her cheeks.

"You... get away form me you fucking psycho-shithead!"



Kitten falls onto her knees, scrambling for the door. The doctor presses himself against it, as Kitten throws him away. The doctor falls against the cot, as Kitten pries open the door, and takes off running down the hall.

"What are you doing!?"
"I am getting the hell out of here. I am not finished with you yet. You and I both know shrinks. They do nothing but tinker with your head until they mold you into the kind of superficial dick that walks around like a zombie, following all the requirements of the government. Isn't this what you want? To be free?"
"I want to be free of YOU!"
"Quiet, you reckless coward!"
"Reckless? YOU are the one who's reckless! You are the one who's ruined my life! You are the one who I've got to clean up after!"
"What makes you think you'll be rid of me, huh? Hahaha, oh you are so naive. It's very sad, actually. I bet your stupidity was what kept Steve around, ya know? That "I feel sorry for you, so I'm going to make sure your dumb ass stays out of trouble" kind of relationship. Very touching."
"Go to hell!"
"Ouch, oh that hurts. I bet it hurts just as much as it did to kill your precious daddy. Remember that day? I know you feel sorry for everything that happened. It's all your fault, you know that, right> You killed your mother. You killed your sister. And you didn't even have to move your lazy ass to do it. How about THAT for power, huh? Let's dig a little deeper, huh, Lil'? How about this new fling... 504 Boy. This is new for you, huh? I knew you liked him. Ever since you saw him on his old tv show, right? You have no idea the little suprises I had in store for you there..... oh god, how embarrassed will he be when he realizes he was falling for a headcase."
"Oh, please. Don't test my nerve. You know I have none. I only work off of you. You are just a fleshy wrapper. Soon enough, you'll fall off the face of your own disgraceful mind... and then I'll have complete control."
"I'll kill you before it gets there. I'll kill MYSELF."
"Oh really? I can see it now.... "XWF superstar commits suicide for a co-worker's affair with another diva." That's what they all believe, right? How will 504 Boy feel? Steve Jason will think even less of you for that one. "
"I don't care anymore. YOU made them hate me."
"They don't think that. You think your mother forgives you for killing her?"
"Shut up..."
"HAHA, or you'll kill yourself?"
"If I don't, I'm sure Steve Jason will."
"And then it will be printed on your tombstone, how much of a worthless piece of shit you are. Right next to your mother's gravestone so you can always sit in guilt in hell over killing your fam



Lillith throws herself against the wall, bashing her cranium into the fire alarm. It doesn't sound off, but instead she crashes her head into the glass of the fire extinguisher beside it. She falls back, blood trickling from the top of her head once again, as she takes off running again. She turns the corner....


Two muscular arms picks Lillith off the floor, clutching her to a warm chest. The being cradles her closely, as she scratches and thrashes about, trying to escape.

"Shhhhhhh, shhh."

Stern lips press against her forehead, trying to steady her in her angry struggle. She is suddenly whisked upward into his grasp, as he takes off running out of the hospital. Lillith's eyes fix on the face of a man she thought she'd never see again.

"........What are you doing here?"

504 Boy looks down to her glossy eyes, rubbing fingers across her cracked lips to make them smooth again.

"You girls like the whole prince charming thing, right? The one who takes it all away?"

Lillith's smile is only held back behind her confusion, as she continues to stare at 504 Boy.

"...Well, I don't have all the resources possible to take away it all.. but I suppose I can take you, away from it."

Lillith finally smiles, as 504 Boy places her in the passenger seat of his car. Sirens are sounded throughout the hospital, as a spotlight shines down on 504 Boy's vehicle.

"Ah, see? See!? Everything prevents you from what you want. Not just me. You know this, that is why you created me. You knew you weren't strong enough to handle all the pain of your forever sadness. Let me free in your mind, and you'll forever be strong."
"Rot in hell.
"Oh, ho,ho... aggression! I suppose I'll just have to rip out dear little 504's heart out after all."

504 Boy looked to Lillith as he drove off, the sky beginning to turn a few shades lighter with the oncoming sun. She stared out the window, watching the grass whizz by the window on the side of the road. Tears still fell in waterfalls down her cheeks, her bottom lip quivering.

"Howard Johnson...."

A hotel, just on the horizon. The bright sign flashing a vacant sign that felt so sweet to the mind's eye. A warm, clean, happy place to sleep. 504 Boy tore into the parking lot, parking in a handicap zone. He hopped out of the car, still letting it run, as he took off inside. Lillith still watched the ground out the window. Though tot he trained eye, we all know she isn't looking at anything on the outside... her vision, trapped in her own mind, stares at the angry beast that has found a niche in her mind, to take over her life.

"You leave him out of this."
"A hotel, hm? OooOoooOohh. Ya gonna fuck his brains out?"

"You know you wanna."

Sobs wracked Lillith's body, sending her into another whirlpool of pain, coughing up blood.

"That was pretty cute, though. The whole take you away, deal. Real cute."
"You..... you.. LEAVE HIM ALONE!"
"Why? Is he another weakling? You think he can't fight me? You're right you know.. you have no idea how in love with me he is. Not you..... ME."
"He doesn't love either of us."
"Oh, not with the little show I had you put on for him a few times. I see why Steve Jason loathes you. It's so easy to shake ya' ass around, and get what you want. Isn't it?"
"....It isn't like that."
"Oh, it isn't huh? You going to tell me your rack and bubble-butt don't get you anywhere?"
"If you got it and use it right....."
"Ah, hahahaha. We are more alike than you think."
"You're taking advantage of me."
"I'm only bringing out the best in you."
"The best in me left a long time ago."
"Yeah, when you killed your family."

By the time Lillith came to, she was being carried into a hotel room bathroom. 504 Boy took no time in his task, as he began to strip Lillith of her bloody, torn clothes. As he reached her undergarments, he paused, as if to ask for permission. But Lillith's glazed eyes, caught in the hell in her head gave no response.

".......Don't kill me for this..."

504 Boy closed his eyes slightly, as he cut off her garments with a pocket knife. He lifted her, pulling her into a waist-high, warm water bath. The water shocked Lillith, her arms flying upward. 504 Boy caught them, quickly trying to steady her in his grasp.

"Shhhhh, shhh.... it's all right."

Nothing stimulating about it. Just his masculine hand, draping a white towel full of suds over each aching muscle in her body. Wiping the blood and tears from her face, wiping the pain all away. His hand trailed on her stomach, making her slightly nervous a his hand quickly bound to her thigh, and down her leg.

"It disapoints you, doesn't it?"
"What are you talking about?"
"That he isn't.... touching you."
"Christ, don't be SICK."
"Well, I can feel it. I can feel it in your head. You want his hands other places."
"Would you shut up? That is bullshit, and you know it. If I had the power to move my hands, I would wash myself."
"Pisses you off I have control over your limbs and you don't?"
"You won't for long."

Lillith's eyes tightened shut, as she fought deep within herself to fight off the devil-creature invading her mind, body, soul. It was ripping her apart. All this guilt and pain this entity ensued. It ripped apart any civilized artery, and filled it full of venom.

"Let them all hate me, but I swear upon the graves of my mother and sister.... you will be destroyed. Even if I have to kill myself. Nothing you can do or say will change that."

A small vessel burst in Lillith's eye, flooding her vision with a crimson film. She opened her eyes again, realizing that she, Lillith Rosemary Groves.... suddenly had control.

"Enjoy it while you can, Lil'. My gift to you..... soon you will realize.. I am what you need to continue on."
"You're just mad because I fought you enough to gain control."
"Don't make me laugh........ have your fun...... soon... I will have mine."

504 Boy's eyes caught Lillith's for a moment, as he saw her blood-filled eye.

"Aw, crap.... jesus, Kitten."

A hand reached up, touching 504 Boy's face. Lillith was almost startled to realize it was her own.

"Call me Lillith... please."

504 Boy smiled slightly, handing Lillith the washtowel.

"All right, Lillith. I think you are okay to do this on your own?"

Lillith nodded, taking the towel into her hands. Her long fingers extended over the damp cloth, as she pulled it over her exposed breasts. 504 Boy smiled again slightly, as he stood.

"Well, I am going to go into the room now."

Lillith saw a hint of red, rush to his cheeks. He was blushing. Lillith smiled slightly at his boyish candor, and nodded. 504 Boy left, as she continued her washing.


Lillith stepped out of the bathroom, trying to keep her wobbly legs from falling out from underneath her. Equally as difficult, was keeping the teeny tiny white hotel towels around her tall, shapely frame. 504 Boy looked up from watching some tv show, jumping to his feet. He wiped his sweaty palm that held the remote on his jeans, and stammered.

"Oh, um... I was waiting... you took too long. I was worried you were drowning. I see you're okay now though, but... Hey.... "

Lillith laughed at his feeling of insecurity, shuddering slightly at the dramatic change in air, from the steamy bathroom, to the frigid hotel room.

"You're freezing."

504 Boy quickly ripped a hotel robe off the wall, and handed it to her. Lillith took it, quickly wrapping it around herself. 504 Boy stepped back, resting against the wall.

"Are you all right?"

Lillith nodded.

"I'll be fine."

"You've got a nasty scratch on your forehead."

"I'll be fine."

"You sure?"


Lillith and 504 Boy locked eyes again for a moment, as 504 Boy suddenly realized the problem.

"Um.. there is only one bed... there is a little couch-deal over there by the wall, I'll take that tonight."

"Do what you like..."

"You know you want him in the sack, Lil'. Pull him into the bed with ya. Come on, you wouldn't want to disapoint."
"Shut up you fucking hag, I will do nothing of the sort. I am not about to let you ruin another good thing in my life. EVER."


Lillith drowned out the voices in her head, as she crawled up the bedspread, and rested her head on the soft feather pillows. She shuddered again, as she felt the comforter quickly trail up her legs, abdomen and chest, and come to a rest under her chin. She opened her eyes to see 504 Boy kneeling at the bedside. He stroked her hair gently, then her frozen cheek.

"Man, you're freezing. I turned off the air conditioner a while ago... "

"I'm always cold."

The irony hit Lillith hard, as she closed her eyes, waiting for the smart-ass remark from her other half. 504 Boy smiled slightly, and started to climb into the bed.

"I don't know if..."

"What's wrong?"

504 Boy hesitated, as Lillith looked up to him, frightened of what her voice had said.

"What are you doing?"

"You're cold. I'll keep you warm."

"But - I don't know.... we shouldn't..."


504 Boy looked sincerely into Lillith's eyes, catching her with a tone of seriousness.

"It isn't a sin to keep warm now, is it?"

Lillith knew the answer. She knew she loved the moment his warm body rested behind hers, wrapping his arm around her abdomen with the blanket. She felt instant warmth, if not from him, but from her own blood racing... her cold, black heart beginning to spring to life again, the blood inside once again pumping it red and full. She smiled slightly as 504 Boy reached back, and shut off the light.

"Yes...... have fun while you can, love...... Remember; SOON."