Open up thyself, feel the wind between your fingers as you ride upon a horse of winged bliss. Kiss the mouth of the moon and light up a candle within. Breathe in serenity, taste the bittersweet serendipty of the night. Embrace me with your ebon wings of saddened happiness, you're an oximoron incarnate. Touch me with your rough fingers, I'll make them smooth again. Trust in me, something anew. For I'd never be your pain.

Kitten entered the hotel room, shortly after Anarchy had ended, and the XWF closed it's doors. She held her ribs, limping slightly in pain. She was in confusion, most of the night a continuous blur. Though she had remembered what Jem ad said to her, and she had remembered the whole last part of the show. It really wasn't the kind of thing you would forget. Kitten dropped her keys on the table, and curled onto the couch. She sighed, delirious and over exhausted. It was all too confusing.

"....Jem you had interrupted mypeace. I hadn't meant to snap at you, but I have been in no mood to talk, unless it is of somethinguseful to me. I have been aware of what was going on during Anarchy, and I am well aware of the dangers the wrestlers face. I am just one person, and I can't be everywheere at once. Which is why Iasked of you to go about your own business, and only come to me when it is of dire importance, or is in scheduling matches. I have a superior too, ou know. And I bet he is unhappy of what has gone on. This is both of our asses, now. Not just mine.. not just yours."

She had allowed a cameraman to follow her to her house, blindfolded to make sure her hideout was not revealed. She had some words to say. Though she felt no one would hear her at all.

"I don't even know if you are conscious to hear what I am saying. I don't even know if you care at all. But that was not me tonight. If you would like me to be honest I really haven't been around at all. I took "Stay Awakes" before Anarchy, so I could finish all the paperwork I have neglected the apst couple of days in my rest. Already, these past couple of months have been drawing too long, and I had told you it is not easy. But now I am here, and I have been wanting to speak with you. And I hope you reach me to speak soon. Hopefully, after our match. But for now, I hope I have made it perfectly clear to you that our hides are on the line. Something is happening to the show. Even if we had worked together through all of this, it would still be a mystery. Something is happening."

Kitten stared into space for a few minutes, touching a cheek that was scratched int he Main Event of Anarchy's schedule.

"I still have no idea what happened in the last of Anarchy. I don't even know what to make of Shuriken. All I know is that we got too involved, and that was a major mistake. But a message to dear Shuriken. Shuriken, dear boy. You ever lay a hand on me again and you will wish your ninja ass off taht you never stepped foot into my ring. I had no issues with you. I was dealing with a co-worker. I really do not know why you pulled me off of him, anyhow. Though I do know that Jem and I's fight took place at the wrong time. My only mistake besides the Stay Awake pills that night... you know what? I don't know what I am saying anymore.. that is the old Kitten.. not me.. not now. Frankly, I really could have cared less as to why Shuriken pulled me off of Jem.. or why Jem seems to ahte me so much. It really doesn't matter at all. But the night was confusing, I will admit that. Truely confusing."

Kitten's long fingers trailed upthe side of the couch, and to her pocket where she pulled out a ciggarette, and lit it. She took a heavy drag, filling herself with the cloud of cancer. Perhaps it would bring death to her more quickly, or maybe it was jsut adding to the pain.

"Jem, you used your finisher on me. Which tell me that this is no longer a game, and you are no longer anything remotely close to a friend. Unless seer changes are made, I am not going to hold bak, I am not going to care, and I will lose every sense of reason that I havewhen we step into the ring together for our match. It may not sound convincing enough for you... but if changes aren't made.... you shall realize soon enough."

Kitten sat up, still holding her ribcage. She waved the camera away slightly, as she said one last thing.

"Things are happening on my show.. they are not tolerated and they will not happen any longer. I will find parties responsible. I already have a few in mind. Be prepared, because the real Kitten will come out, and then there will be no stopping the pain."

The camera cut off. Kitten stared in silence at the cameraman, who stared back with the same volume.

"Let's take you home."


Kitten had taken the cameraman home. He wasn't happy about being blindfolded, or told to shut up several times. But alas, Kitten returned... just as she was before. She walked to her bedroom, pulling the comforter back to lie down. She flopped upon the mattress, and stared up to the ceiling.

"All my thoughts are lost, and I am no longer understanding what should be so easy to understand. I sit alone in my own mind for hours, watching time pass by so quickly.... in astonishment. For the lvoe of christ.. if anyone can hear me please tell me what to do. Please tell me. Mother..... Please help me."

Warm tears formed in Kitten's eyes as they had so many times before. The phone rang.

"Hello?... YOU!.... I've missed you so much..... how are you? What have you been doing? what? You heard me?.......yeah....I-... I know. Yes... forever more. Bye."

Bianca had called. Words of wisdom from a friend who cares. Even though she had decided to stay away from the XWF for a while.. to stay away from the drama and the misconceptions and pain. For getting captured by Bigg Rigg.... he would find his punishment in time. Somewhere down the line he would wind up worse off than Kitten, crying like a baby in a pool of his own vomit and waste wondering what HE had done to deserve all the hurt and suffering. They all would. Kitten would find her peace. But not them. They would all perish in torturous hell... at least that's what Kitten wanted.

"Soon, Jem...... maybe then you will see that I am not a toy, I am not a fool. I will not be taken for granted, and I will not be taken lightly. I am a woman of power. And it is not being General Manager of Anarchy. I will be heard. It is jsut so sad, that you have to be the victim of my final call......."