Gabriel and I sat back, watching Black Widow have her fun with our catch from earlier. "Cemetary Girl" By ICP played in the background, smoke raising in soft clouds above me. My menthol lit up the space around my face, a smile swiping my face. Gabriel leaned against me, watching as Bianca straddled the man, pushing needles into his arms. His arms and neck were covered in them. If they were to be removed, he'd bleed to death. He screamed every few seconds, Bianca putting him through the exquisite torture we were used to. Tears fell from his eyes, down his saturated cheeks.

"Why are you doing this to me!?"

I stood, holding something in my hand. I held it tight, though... I wanted it to remain a suprise. I trailed my finger along his aching leg, marking a trail through his blood with my fingerprint. His leg twitched, as he tried looking down to see who was his next taker.


With a quick slap, blood spewed from his head as it jerked.

"Hush yourself when in the rpesence of the Queen."

Black Widow smiled up to me, blinking her eyes.

"Nice touch, B."

I whispered gently in her ear, as she slid off the torture table where "Josh" lie. I thought for a moment, before carefully crawling up his legs. He trembled, his eyes following mine as I moved up his body, the tight leather suit squeaking with my movements.

"You see, Gabriel? She is like a snake.. a cat on the prowl. You mother is the best.... she taught me everything I know."

Gabriel blinked at Black Widow, then looked back to my prey, and I. The man began to tremor, in absolute fear. Black Widow came back to the table, holding his head still.

"You watch what you do, rat. You're lucky we didn't kill you the first time you pissed yourself. But a second time....."

I looked up to Black Widow, and she hushed. Josh's open mouth sents small gusts of hot air up to my chin, his fear eminating from every pore. I looked down to him,my hair falling about the frame of my face. I smiled at him, his eyes moving back and forth between my own.

"Why are we doing this to you?"

A moment of pure stillness fell over him, then he quickly nodded as best as he could, an "Uh huh" escaping with his labored breaths. I smiled, rubbing my nose against his.

"Did you enjoy your night?"

Another "uh-huh", followed by a whimper. I smiled as I looked to Black Widow.

"Hmmmmm..... Then there is your answer."

His eyebrow raised in distress, as his breaths came quicker.

"Wha-?.... What do you mean? That's it? I am going to die because I enjoyed my night?"

I looked deep into his eyes, as I smiled and nodded. I trailed my tongue up one of his bloody lips, tasting the sweet iron taste of his liquid life at the tip of my tongue. He cried a little, before taking in a deep breath.

"I don't understand... Cynthia.... me... I don't understand...."

I sighed, hopping off of him. This bored me. I hated it when they asked questions. They needed to BEG FOR THEIR LIVES. Not this pathetic waste of my precious time.

"Josh, Right?"


"Josh. You are becoming a nuisence. And it is beginning to piss me off. But in light of my better mood as of recently, I will explain why you must die."

At the mention of him dying, his eyes clenched. Crocodile tears fell from the corners of his eyes, a bit of his own bile rising in his throat. I pulled my gift from the darkness of my closed hand, a long hilt , with a dragon on the side coming into view of the bright light above the table.

"Wha-... what's that?"


At the same time I spoke, I flicked my switchblade from the hilt, the red Dragon eyes gleaming with the energy of mine. I was excited, my own arousal held back with the killer instinct that raged through my hot viens as I held onto the same blade that killed my father. I looked down to Josh, smiling.

"This is the end..."

I saw Josh turn into Andrew Gibson, morphing right before my eyes. I blinked a little, yet I didn't want the vision to go away. My smile grew wider, and I swore I felt myself drool. I was like a rabid dog. Crazed with hate and the will for revenge. I swore it was Andrew, beckoning me forward.

"Do it, Kitten. Do it! You can't do it! You're a BITCH! A COWARD!"


I screamed. His aggitating mouth was beginning to annoy me.

"Bite your tongue or I'm cutting it out.... You are the coward. You're the one who couldn't face me until I was near death. But now I'm back. You couldn't even pull enough 'manly' will to kill a woman already near DEATH! NOW WHO'S THE BITCH! NOW WHO! YOU, Gibson. YOU."

I pointed the end of the blade at him, the tip shaking under the angry grip of my hand. My mind was in chaos. I didn't know what to think. I wanted him dead. I wanted him to burn in a hell of his worst fears and his most hated, disgusting nightmares. I wanted him to know what it felt like.. to have his enemy's hand wrapped around his throat... squeezing the life from his ugly, warped and demented body. "The Blade" he claimed to be.. well now.. he would be one with MY blade. THE Blade. The same one that killed my ex fiance' when I found him with that whore from GA. The same one that has saved my life more than a handful of occasions. He would feel the burn... the hate.. the fire of rage that fueled continuously within me.

No one knows what it has been like.. to be me.. live this life.. knowing what I know. Yet they all hate me.. want me dead. I haven't lost against a woman. Proving that every woman yet hasn't even grasped the concept of loss. I have lost EVERYTHING. Numerous times. I have lost only a few times by my own faults.... most had been in a tag team where my partners were pinned. That's why I remained alone. But those few times I have lost... it had been unfair.. several men against one woman. But life isn't fair. I walked unscathed from a warehouse match with Bigg Rigg. And it wasn't easy to leave unscathed. Yes.. he never showed up. But I had been in the building when it blew up. Car accidents... fires... shot... suffocated... fell from heights.... and yet I still stand here.. today.. above the squirming body of Andrew Gibson.. Josh.. Andrew Gibson........


With a quick swipe of the blade, I had cut through the layers of flesh and muscle in his side. his guts, already bruised and beaten in with a mix of his own blood and bones pooled from his body, onto the table and down onto the floor. Gabriel covered her face in the shirt of Black Widow, Bianca giving a disgusted look.

"Jesus Christ........"

Black Widow looked to me stunned.

"I can't believe you just did that."

I looked back to the masterpiece kill on the table, Andrew's face returning back to Josh. He was still alive, but barely. It was only a matter of few seconds. I ran to his side, just before his eyes went blank..

"... Say hello to my mother and baby sister for me... Enjoy heaven."

I touched his forehead gently, as the last of his breath faded away with his collapsing lungs. He was dead. I turned back to Black Widow, holding the bloody switchblade in my right hand. Tears filled my eyes as I turned to the door.


~....."I don't understand why I got so angry. But I do have it under control. Gabriel is blessed she witnessed a kill so beautiful. A kill in pure rage.. one ready, thirsty for vengance. It makes perfect sense anymore... anger has always been present for a reason. Yeah... I'm crazy. I'm paranoid.. constantly looking over my shoulder ready to blow any obstacle or enemy right out of the water with a look from hell. Yeah.. I go start trouble.. I'm looking for the quickest way out.. I'm looking to die. But none of these pathetic fucks are strong enough to do it. They all claim how strong they are. They claim how they are unbeatable and can't be penetrated. That their will is made of iron.. and they are set on their own dreams and personal hells. But no one has grasped it. No one knows. Cyren did.. but unlike me he relives it. Over and over and over. He never lets it die. But I am waiting for death. Come get me... it has been seven years. Yet death still hasn't even shown it's ugly face. No one knows... but I do. .. And I am ready..... if death doesn't come to me.. then I'm coming to death.".....~~