"Quiet......wait........... waaaaaiiiiiitttt... NOW!"

Gabriel and I traced the edge of the suburban home, carefully keeping our trail unmarked, our presence unknown. We ducked under a window, Gabriel suprising me yet again with her swift, keen knowledge and how quickly she has caught on to "the hunt". It was a typical Thurdsay night, Gabriel and I looking for our catch of the weekend. Black Widow, Gabby and I were sure to have fun with this one.. I have been researching this woman for quite some time. But luckily for the three of us, our little lady had a 'friend' over. I had a hard time explaining that one to Gabriel. But she wasn't entirely clueless. She knew what they were doing.

"Left or right?"

Black Widow watched from afar, in the dark tomb of a van. A small black light in the back, with a small supply of computers and survelliance equiptment plastered against the wall was her workstation, one that had worked well for the past month. On her ears, a large headset and mic, in her hand a layout of the house. The lights were still on in the kitchen, leaving a large area of the yard lit. That was just one of the many problems Gabriel and I faced in this hunt. But it was worth it. Fortunatley, this woman looked a hell of a lot like Nicole Kinneck. And her man-friend, looked quite a bit like Clio Masters. Black Widow and I shared a laugh over that one.

"Right.... NO! NO! MY RIGHT!"

Black Widow whispered loudly into the microphone. Feedback screeched in my ear, my reflexes quickly throwing the earpeice out, and onto the yard.


That was my only connection to my bird's-eye view, my front yard view, and the potential wanderer or neighbor peeking into my business. And now, my tiny earpiece is in the mounds of grass and flowers of this bitch's backyard.

"Let's go."

I motioned to Gabriel, as we slowly proceeded to Bianca's 'right'. I hoped we were going the right way. We reached the patio door, luckily enough it had been left unlocked. I could hear mumbles inside, the bedroom just one room away from the door. Gabriel covered her ears in annoyance, she could hear the moaning and screaming of the loud-mouthed broad we were about to kill.

"Make her stop, mommy."

I looked down to Gabriel, and smiled.

"She'll stop soon."

Gabriel and I opened the door gently, sneaking in with the greatest of ease and silence. We were in 'stealth-mode'. We doubted a dog with perfect hearing could hear us coming in the house. And our predictions were correct when we saw the small Terrier in the living room. Gabriel moved quickly, covering the dog's schnoze with her hand. The dog struggled for a moment, then collapsed. I looked at Gabriel, confused as to where she learned that. Gabriel held up a white palm, smiling.

"Auntie Widow said to put myonnaid on my hand and it will kill anything."

I was puzzled.. Myonnaid? She said it odd, though.. My-on-eyed?

"What did she say it was?"

Gabriel shrugged. It was sad Gabriel still wasn't vocabulary sav'vy.





I heard footsteps on the other side of the bedroom door. I pushed Gabriel under the table quickly, as the door flung open. The man-girl thing emerged, holding a candlestick.

"Well, well, well. Mr. Green did it with the candlestick in the Kitchen....."

The person moved quickly, searching for my presence in the darkness.

"Who are you!?"

".... But wait! Look! This is the new generation of Clue....."

"What the hell are you talking about!?"

"......Because somebody killed Mr. Green instead....."

A long chain whipped through the air, catching the man off-guard. The chain wrapped around his neck, plunging him to the floor. He coughed, struggling for air.

"Your go, Gabby."

Gabriel emerged from under the table, holding brass knuckles on her little fingers. I had them specialty made. She had shocked me when she asked for spikes, too. She smiled as she walked into the bedroom, clutching the brass spiked knuckles, and a bone-saw in her hands.

"What the hell is going on-.. AHHH!"

I heard Gabriel's fist connect with a jaw, piercing through the woman's flesh. It was a beautiful "ploosh" noise, that I have never forgotten. It was much like the noise that occured when I had killed my father in the name of my mother and little sister. The hard, tiny fist of my beautiful daughter flew through the air with a speed and agility I wish I possessed myself. The woman screamed a blood-curdling yelp, hoping her lover would come to her rescue, but I looked down to my captured game, and smiled. He still struggled with the chain around his neck, beginning to slip away. I yanked the chain away, his lungs filling with air. I didn't want to kill him - yet.

"You got it!?"

Black Widow burst through the sliding door on the patio that Gabriel and I came through. She carried numerous cords, in a terrible panic and sweating.

"I couldn't find the problem but something is wrong with your earpiece. I was trying to tell you on the infa-red, that someone was coming to the bedroom door-"

"I think I got that, B. Plus.. nothing was wrong with the earpiece. I took it out."

"But why!"

It was like I just insulted her momma.

"Because your loud screechy voice caused feedback. Now get back to the van."

Black Widow turned, moving to the door. She turned abruptly, smiling.

"We taking him too?"

I nodded, and Black Widow's smile grew wider.

"Can I have him?"


Black Widow jumped up and down, running back out to the van. I shook my head, as I looked back down to my catch. He was coming to a lot stronger, his eyes moving from the back of his head. His hands caught against my thighs, trying to push me off, yet I held tight. He struggled yet, kicking his legs and wailing his arms about. One of his hands connected with my jaw. I stood, quickly swooping a leg in mid-air, catching his jaw as he attempted to stand. In my ninja-stance, I looked at his motionless body on the floor, belly - down. He began to move, his hand holding his injured jaw. I could see the deep red blood dripping down the wall in the light of the pale moon. I knew I had broken his jaw. I smiled, pushing him back to the ground with one foot. Gabriel came to the door, smiling. Blood trickled off of one little closed fist, her hair messy and drenched in sweat. She smiled, shaking her spiked knuckles.

"I think I kiled her... you better check. I can take him if you want..."

I smiled, my beautiful daughter the brains of the master plan. She was so special to me. I walked forward, touching her cheek. I kessed the top of her head gentl, walking into the bedroom. The woman lie face-up, laying in her own vomit. The raw stench of blood and alcohol reaked throughout the room, blood leaking from many holes in the woman's face. It looked as though she was dead. She no longer looked like Nicole Kinneck. More like.. Nicole Kinneck who had gone through a grinder... under a lawn mower... then beaten with her own severed limbs.

"That's my girl."

I smiled, muttering under my breath. To my suprise, the Nicole-look-alike moved. She raised one injured hand to her horrid face, wiping pools of blood from her eyes. She cried, a gurgle escaping her throat.

"Josh? Help....-*cough,cough*-...... uhhhhhggggg"

She was dying, I could see and hear it all over her.It was a beautiful thing to see. The energy was flowing all about the room. I walked back out to Gabriel, her arm raised to punch just above "Josh's" head.

"Tut-tut-tut!.... Don't touch him unless you have to. Youve done enough damage.. we can't take the girl."

Gabriel's fist lowered, as did her smile. She looked as if she was going to cry.

"I'm sorry mommy... oh no oh no..."

She thought she failed me. But she had done beautifully. Of course, Bianca wouldn't get her kill... but that was fine she can handle herself. I felt a tingle in my spine, a draft whipping in the door. I knew she was dead.

"Let's go, honey. I'll carry him."

I picked the man up, carrying him over my shoulder. Gabriel's head hung to her chest, her 'failure' a large painful bubble in her throat. I wasn't angry at all, but she was angry with herself. I didn't understand why, we made a perfect kill. Not a siren in the distance or a neighbor's light popped on from the screaming in the night. And I knew then Gabriel's pain. She wasn't as happy as I thought she was. She loved the kill.. and she loved being with me.. but just like my spoiled baby.. she wanted more.

And as I looked into my baby's beautiful eyes... I realized I saw myself.

I wanted more.