"Don't get that."


"It's fuckin' Sayors. He's been calling me all day."


A long, slender hand picked up the phone, and hung up quickly. The hand trailed back up to meet my wrinkled forehead, that encased the biggest migrane on the face of the Earth. A long lock of red hair fell between my fingers and brow, before one long red nail scraped it away.



I looked up abruptly to Black Widow, who stared nervously at me.

"Are you okay?"

I sat up in the chair in Cassanova's living room. Apparently, from what Black Widow had told me, this was the same place Black Widow and the gang had spent most of their time after my 'death'. And in that turmoil, Vivian was careless enough to fall from the balcony and kill herself. Black Widow seemed edgy about it, leaving many parts of the story out, ignoring me when I asked questions. I was a bit weary of her, her constant babble about Wannabe choking me with constant boredom. She constantly tugged upon my sleeve, begging me to come back to the XWF so she could once again be with her 'love'. I laughed, and spat in her face.

No one knows what I have gone through since I left.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

I stared at the tube, getting clued in to what people thought of my most glorious return. My mouth sagged into a shocked 'o', as someone I thought was my friend was talking shit about me. And frankly, I think it derrives from Black Widow not being around. Mr. Wannabe. I never thought of him as a friend, really. But more of an alliance, or a truce since he and Bianca were just that close. But he was full of angst and worry. And frankly his worry was just as annoying as Bianca's constant badgering. Once, she had asked me to leave and return to the XWF. But not only did she not give up asking.. she DEMANDED. Right then, I sent her flying through a wall. She had never talked down to me since. No one will do such a thing. Not MY family. Not MY Gabriel. Gabriel, my new daughter would soon be the warrior I had tried being for my mother and little sister. That was the beautiful thing about Gabriel, too. She looked just like Abby. I found myself calling her "Gabby" sometimes, just to tie the connection between her and my dear baby sister.

"Why are you even watching this when it pisses you off? Last time you watched a Rigg promo a month or two back, you threw the tv at Cassanova."

Veronica, the new brunette of our 'Posse' spoke up. She was quite admirable with the courage and endurance of her warrior spirit. It was nice to have someone half-decent and mostly intellegent around. Expecially of the female gender. The only person I could ever talk to that was even close to the word 'smart' was Cassanova. But he was a dumb-fuck with his foolish notions of love and compassion. He cared too much for me. But he still hung in the background like a worried puppy. It was kind of cute... but I wouldn't be caught dead in the arms of it. Bianca burst into a fit of laughter.

"Yeah... He ran like a little kitt---"

I shot Black Widow a look, and she paused.

"...not saying you'd... not saying cats are..... I'm.. what... WHAT I MEANT TO SAY WAS..."

"Forget it, B. You say stupid shit.. you won't live it down. That's why most of the time I keep my mouth shut. Maybe you meed to take a hint."

I liked this new girl. I smiled. flicking the "Mute" button off, full-digital audio and surround-sound stereo bursting into the room. Drusilla, Veronica, and Black Widow covered their ears quickly, as I turned it down. The three women oncovered their ears, looking at me angrily.

"Hey.. don't look at me I'm not the one who fucked with the audio."

Black Widow looked to the backroom, where Theo Derek and Cassanova were getting ready to work on plans for the new warehouse Bianca and I were putting together. We planned on traveling there later, after I had watched the promos I was looking forward to watching.

"God damnit."

My fists tightened, I felt my pinky nail break against my palm. I felt the warm ooze of blood from under my nail, run down my forearm. Drusilla and Bianca looked quickly to the tv, as Veronica sat next to me on the couch. Drusilla piped up from the back of the room.

"What's wrong?"

I snarled, looking at the pig on the tv. I looked to Black Widow curiously, to see her looking to the ground in defeat. I lunged up quickly, grabbing ahold of her chin.

"DON'T you dare let him get to you. I never died. And your beating has yet to be avenged."

Bianca nodded, as I looked back to the tv after I heard my name being uttered from that grease-ball's mouth.

"Dude.... did... he just call you a 'hoe'?"

I laughed a little.


"Isn't that some sort of... garden plow or something?"

We shared a little laugh, my anger falling on the backburner. I wasn't going to explode like he did after I smiled my little smile at him on Monday. I have a better willpower than that. I can control my emotion. It is something that became crucial to know a few weeks after my 'leave'. Love.. feeling... happiness is just a mirage.

"Forget it. Fast forward the Ti-Vo and get this bullshit over with. All he is doing is whining. That is all he has ever done. And pretty soon.... he will be shut the hell up by my foot his his teeth."

Drusilla laughed, covering her mouth with one leathery hand. Veronica fast forwarded through Jem promos, a smile gracing my face. Bianca saw it, and opened her mouth.

"What's the smile for, Lil'?"

I gave her another death look. No one calls me by my name. And so she shut up quickly.

"Jem has a girlfriend."

"I know that..."

As the fast forward began to slow to the end of the tape, I laughed.

"It seems as though I had fallen from the face of the Earth when I died.. and not even my memory remained."

"What.. you didn't want him to go on and be happy?"

"Never said that. And don't you dare question me like that again. I just find it so suprising that people expected me dead. They should have been smarter than that. And if Jem thinks this little.. hoochie momma has something to give dick to... then I suppose that is his judgement."

"Right.. but you just couldn't expect everyone to drop everything and mourn you for all eternity."

"No... it is not that at all. You have me all wrong. I care less. I'm glad it happened. It shows just who my true friends are. And it turns out.. not even the closest ones were."

Black Widow looked at me, knowing that she had been one of the few who had abandoned me. Not as bad as some of them.. but bad enough that it left her with very little of my trust.

"What about Steve Jason? Didn't you love him?"

My face went red with anger. I picked Drusilla up from the floor, heaving her into the bar. She hit the barstools, knocking herself almost into unconsciousness.

"What the hell was that for!?"

I couldn't speak, I was too angry. I grabbed my coat, and called from the door.

"Let's go!"


Late Night, under the watchful eye of the Lady Moon, cresent and waining. 'Tis the perfect night, one might say. The wind was unpresent, just the calm gentle breeze of the spring moving in. A light snow had fallen, the sounds of melting snow dripping from high elevations trickled behind the clicking of shoe against cancrete. Several shadows of clicking heels and long legs danced upon the light against the street, one large figure behind them. The first inside the building was Bianca, her hair in little braided bund all over her head. The other was Cassanova the looming figure, Veronica, the new brunette friend Kitten had aquired after a long departure from the XWF, Drusilla, then myself. My large eyes looked across the newly abandoned warehouse. It was fairly new, the more modern workings and architecture of the new millenium present on each wall and every doorway. It was more like a small mansion, now. The entire warehouse had been transformed slightly when I had moved in. Theo Derek had replaced much of the warehouse with new flooring and a large bar... mostly for his gallant parties and Cassanova's glittering balls. Hey... the freaks can have parties too, now and again.

"Where is she?"

"Patience, Drusilla."

I was now in the lead, marching down through a corridor, and up to an elevator. The elevator was slightly classy, something that looked like an old elevator from an ocean liner or a fancy hotel. They were all very skeptical of her wishes... and what I would want with a little child. But then yet, this very same child knocked a bunch of people off at the playground, even I, myself taking out only one of the five or six. This child, was truely what I had said; extrodinary. She had the will of thousands... the pain from hundreds of lifetimes of broken hearts... this child... Was the anointed child of hope.

"Right this way."

I pressed the elevator door button, after all had cleard through. The elevator took an unexpected trip down, everyone but Kitten jolting with the elevator. The elevator stopped two stories below ground. I continued to march off, walking past a garden of toys and animals. This entire floor was for my child. Dress up dolls and gowns for the child were hung on the far wall. A small trampoline with bouncy balls on and around it was in the corner, and a large television in the other corner. This kid had it made with how many toys she had. Bianca, who followed just behind my heels had asked me why I bought so many toys for Gabriel. And I matter-of-factly stated... "She is my child".

"Stop here."

I stopped just a few feet in front of a small white door, motioning with my hand for everyone to remain still. I knocked gently upon the door, slightly crouched to the ground. A little voice cooed on the other side.


I turned, and smiled at the group behind me. I turned back, opening the door just a hair.

"Could you come out here? There is much to do."


I smiled, standing back up straight.

"That was your daughter?"

I nodded at Cassanova.

"She sounds adorable."

"We can't eat her."

Drusilla eyed Black Widow strangely, then looked back to the door. It opened, and out stepped Gabriel. Her hair hung loosely in her face, her clothes slightly ragged and torn. In one hand, she held a mangled barbie doll's head, and in the other she held a loose end of her skirt. She scratched her nose gently, sniffing as she looked up to me.

"Yes, mom?"

I couldn't help but smile, crouching down to Gabriel's height.

"Honey, why are you wearing those clothes? I bought you all kinds of clothes and toys but you only wear those and play with that damn doll."

Gabriel cradled her doll, as I brushed her hair with my fingers.

"I like to think of it as good luck, since I wore these clothes when you took me from those people."

I looked to the group, smiling.

"You see?... (to Gabriel).. Gabe', could you brush your hair and prepare yourself for an elegant dinner? I have a lot of guests who want to meet my first daughter."

Gabriel smiled.

"Can I have dessert alone?"

I nodded, smiling. Gabriel's face lightened up, as she turned around and rushed into her room. I stood back up, smiling to Veronica.

"Does this feel like home to you?"

"Better than what I expected."

"You will see things..."

"I can handle it."

Courage. Admirable, but sometimes it made Veronica naive. I nodded slightly, and walked back to the elevator. The group followed, keeping close company with Black Widow and myself. For once in this shallow existance, I had found a happiness I hadn't felt before. The love between mother and daughter. I loved my mother whole heartedly, but she was stolen from me at a young age. But my dear child no doubt was in her room, contemplating which lovely gown she would wear to the evening's dinner.

I was all smiles. No doubt Cyren would find my gift to be the most valuable. Gabriel was the future of us. I could teach her anything. I could dress her up like a little doll and she would love it. I would love it. Her smooth Goldielocks hair I could twirl in my fingers on late lonely nights. And for once, I relied on no one... they... she... my baby.. relied upon me. And it was the best feeling I had ever known. And then it hit me hard... the question of why my father had to take this wonderful life away from my mother.

But it faded away, the painful thoughts. Because this life would be the ultimate for my dear Gabriel. The hollow existance of this boring life would finally be griswold with color. She would learn everything. From weaseling out of detention... to kicking the ass of some bully.. some boss or friend. She would learn it all. And her 'daddy' would be nothing like mine. We are her teachers now.. Me and Cyren.. will have a daughter.