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Main Cast:

Lillith "Miss Kitten" Groves
Shawn Mather

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Also featuring: Steve Jason
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"Unchained Melody" - The Righteous Brothers
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Sitting next to an oak phone bench near the balcony door of her LA home, Kitten clutched the phone next to her ear. Steve Jason surprisingly, had called her. Instead of squirting out a horrendous 'Kitula" scenario for all to laugh to, and instead of rubbing in her pain and guilt and fear, he had befriended her. Something she supposed everyone was afraid to do. It wasn't that hard to be Kitten's friend, you know. Just... deal with random take-offs, sudden bursts of anger or sadness.... wow... it was hard to be her friend.

Steve Jason had finished their brief, but very welcome conversation with 'Rock on...'... Something that for a moment, made Kitten's swollen, tear-filled eyes twinkle, a smile upon her face.

It was a rare moment where Kitten cried in happiness. It was rare for her to have someone to actually come back from the fog Kitten left them in... He was such a prodigy of happiness, that Kitten almost found herself taken aback by how quickly his heart had really 'thawed'. He brushed off what... was supposed to be... the most beautiful woman on the planet.. the woman everyone wanted... won numerous titles and the respect of many of his colleagues and fans from all around.. had an abundance of friends and fun.. and now.... the second best woman in the world. And he loved it. In all of his beauty, splendor and glory.... it was Steve Jason who lay next to someone he loved and loved him back.... as where Kitten was spending almost her second month alone.

Yes, she had been honest when she told Steve Jason of her relationship with Shawn. She loved Shawn to death. He treated her with respect... as a Queen would be treated. But she never told SJ of how she left a motel at 4 AM while Shawn slept soundly, and took off in the night.

But what was she supposed to do? Maybe SJ could deal with 'second-best'... but could Kitten!? NO! She ALWAYS had the spotlight. She always had the best man of the federation.. she always had the top titles and all the respect that Steve Jason had.

With all the might behind two fists of the broken-hearted, the bottom half of the phone bench hit the floor. Splinters of wood flying into the air, Kitten's tears washed her cheeks. A bloodcurdling scream rose from her throat, rising out of the pits of her belly and expelling from her mouth... the most saddest wail in the world.

No one knew exactly where Shawn Mather was, or why Kitten had run out on him that night. From Kitten's murmuring as she left, neighbors who had been out for a really early cigarette had told a questioning Shawn that she spoke, "I can't believe I'm doing this..." Whether it be the fear of committing, or the fear of running out.. it remains unknown.

But deep down, Kitten honestly couldn't settle for second best.

She didn't want to do this again. Being the laughing stock of all rejection again. She didn't want to give up Shawn. More than anything she wish he would be there to throw her against the wall, rip off her shirt, and caress each part of her body until it was red and numb and she was so sensitive to his kiss and tongue that she would literally explode, guts and all, all over the wall.

She wish she could have given that to Shawn..... But more intensely, she wished she could have given it to Steve Jason.

Her... friend.

Kitten gulped hard as she pulled her throbbing fists out of the debris of the phone bench. The sides of her hands ripped when the wood split, leaving her with gaping wounds. Kitten cried, rubbing the blood on the floor. She cried so hard she thought her head would pop off, and roll under the door... for the next person to visit her home would find a nice gruesome welcome mat to escort them to the rest of the madness.

The madness that only lie within her heart. The feeling of loneliness. She had done so much with her life, becoming more famous than she ever dreamed. She had enough money to put the entire high school she came from to college. But her life was still a mess, no matter which way she put it. Perhaps the reason for Kitten's attraction to Steve Jason was purely because of his confidence... the happiness he feels everyday, being the unstoppable S3ing machine that he is. A testament of true power in a world of utopia.

Unknown to anyone but Kitten, it had bothered her immensely when she heard the news from the Enquirer. It had broken her in so many ways..... it was the night she ran out on Shawn. She had told Steve Jason that she had burned the papers.. which was indeed what she had done... after she had taken a lot of them and ripping them to shreds with her teeth and hands in a fit of rage. Over the phone, she had heard Dougy singing of Heather's love for Steve Jason... at least.. that is what she had gathered. Which means all of the world remained oblivious to the pain that consumed Kitten's world. The song that Kitten now felt was the worst ballad ever sung in the history of music.... had been the final trigger to the mess Kitten had become. In all of her contempt she couldn't hold it in anymore. She had done so well keeping her more wild self tame, but it all came unglued when she saw the papers.... the papers is what made her want to come back.... one last time. For SJ.

Her hands wrapped in bandages, she made her way to her lonely, cold, empty couch. She grappled her remote with a big mittened hand, attempting to turn it to E! Entertainment News. As the hustle and bustle of names famous to infamous, and the review of Micheal Jackson's trial, Kitten buried her face into the plush leopard-print pillows beside her.

And she did the only thing she could do..... cry.


A shower, a half-gallon tub of Moose Tracks ice-cream, half a package of Oreos and two and a half glasses of milk later....

The feature film 'Ghost" blared from the speakers of her big screen tv. Amidst the debris of many used tissues and the many wrappers from her massive binging spree, Kitten sat cross legged, mascara running down her cheeks. A typical girl-crying-over-guy scene, the movie had come to her favorite part....

The pottery scene. The scene where Patrick Swayze comes from behind Demi Moore, wrapping his hands around her, molding the clay vase together, ruining it completely to a kiss that Kitten so wished she could feel.

"Whoa...... My-iii-y looooOoOve..... My daAaaarlin....I hunger for... yOOoOoour touch....."

The tears suddenly stopped, as a rapping noise came from the door. Kitten stood up, wiping the crumbs off her white bathrobe. Kitten was about two feet from the door, before it burst open. Standing in the threshold of her door, was Steve Jason. He was panting, his white wife beater drenched around the neck with sweat. It looked as if he had run from where he was, to Kitten's door. In Kitten's shock, Steve took a masculine pose against the door, the muscles of his arms and chest about bursting from the seams. A wave of blood rushed through Kitten's body, and straight to her crotch. He smiled a little as he stepped forward, wrapping his arms around Kitten.

"What are you do-"

Steve pressed one soft, gentle fingers to Kitten's lips, which trembled as their bodies connected at her lips. Although just a fingertip, it was..... Steven's. Kitten started to cry, Steve's look becoming serious. His hand went from her lips, to her hair. With one large, strong hand he grabbed a bushel of her firey locks, pulling her head to his chest. He cradled her softly, rubbing her hair, brushing it into his face where he would breathe it in deeply....


His words whispered softly in her ear.. almost like an angel who had joined tune with The Righteous Brothers in singing Unchained Melody, which still played on although the scene in the movie was most definitely long gone. Kitten's eyes drifted up the hard, sculpted body of Steve Jason's front half...to the ice blue eyes that seemed to share the same longing that Kitten had felt.

".....You have no idea how long I have waited for this moment...,"
Steve spoke once more, rubbing his hand along the smooth curves of Kitten's body. Dancing slowly, their bodies seemed to mold together in an embrace long awaited....


Steve's hands cupped Kitten's face softly as he raised her gaze to look once again to his eyes. Tears bubbled from Kitten's eyes, drenching her cheeks. Steve's fingers brushed them away, kissing the trail they had left. A choked cry caused Kitten to sort-of hiccup, as she buried her face once again into Steve's chest, holding him so tight she thought he couldn't breathe.

"God, I've prayed over and over for this... just for this moment..."

Steve and Kitten's eyes connected again, as in a climax to the song, their lips connected in a kiss that could turn winter to summer in a split second.... a kiss that if had been a lightning bolt, would have scorched through Kitten's body... through every blood cell.... straight through the ground, down two floors and into the Earth.. where it wouldn't stop until it had become one with the magma core. Steve Jason scooped Kitten's legs up, carrying her into the bedroom, where they landed on top of the heap of blankets and pillows. Kitten laughed, a feeling of euphoria sent a wave of pheromones and adrenaline through her body. Steve rose above Kitten's body, his powerful eyes gleaming in the early dawn. Kissing her once more, nearly sending Kitten's toenails across the room to bounce of the wall, Steve's hands moved up Kitten's bronze leg. He reached her knee and she was in heaven.... he reached her inner thigh and she went further. His fingertips rose to her crotch, gently grazing her womanhood. Kitten bit her bottom lip, wrapping her legs around SJ's lower half as his fingers went further North to the tie in the robe..... It was everything Kitten had ever....



Kitten awoke half-hanging off the couch, the credits to Ghost playing. She pulled herself out of her mangled position amongst the garbage. Her eyes still full of tears, she held her chest. She was in physical pain. All this stress of Steve Jason was seriously breaking her heart. She could feel it. Like a piece of her heart had fallen into a pool of blood within the rest of her heart, attempting to drift with the blood down a vein that clearly couldn't support the chunk that was trying to pass through it. It was like a heart-attack... but worse. It left her without breath.. without reason... without clarity.

~ WHY WHY WHY did he get to be happy, and all I get is the NEVER ENDING PAIN!?!? ~
Was all she could think. It was the only thing that she could keep in her mind.. Steve Jason...

Steve Jason... Steve Jason... STEVE JASON....

It was like this was the way of God thanking all her prayers.. by sending down another bimbo to crowd Kitten... steal the man of her dream's heart.. and strode away with it without a care.. without a second thought...

Didn't Steve Jason feel the slightest remorse for leaving her in the cold!? Maybe the true reason for Kitten breaking down was because of him.. did he ever think of that!? Didn't he ever think of the publicity? Like Brad Pitt running off with Angelina.... doesn't Brad think of poor Jennifer? What about Jennifer? They were PERFECT, weren't they? Doesn't he care!? DIDN'T STEVE CARE ABOUT WHAT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL AND DESIREABLE WOMAN IN THE WORLD FELT!?

No.. it was all about Heather now.

Kitten spent most of the night crying, touching the only picture she had of Steve Jason... the one the Black Widow had taken at the lobby party at the XWF.. the first time she ever laid eyes upon the mysterious beauty that SJ is. She wished he knew.... that maybe if she dished it all out.. that he would finally see Kitten for who she truely was....

Lillith Rosemary Groves. The purest example of everything she had endured and lived... and became better from it. Someone who had feelings deeper than the ocean... someone who could love him with more energy and emotion than the intensity of the sun... someone with the biggest intention on making him happy.. making him the most happiest man alive. She could do it.. she knew she could. But now, she would never get the opportunity....

He would never know about her feelings.. he could never know. For if he did know, it would be "Here we go again.." instead of jumping with both feet into the bandwagon with Kitten, and riding off into the sunset..

"Why does every girl get their fairytale and I get chaos?"

In her mournful pity, she looked to the poster of her former self... the leathered with whip bitch that could take anything.. the devilish smile upon her face that made her so damn beautiful.. her blue-gray eyes a perfect resemblance of her mother's. She was a red-head for crying out loud.... and pretty red-heads are a rarity indeed.

But none of this mattered. Nothing at all. He wanted friendship. And for as long as she lived she would have to remain as quiet as possible.... and live knowing that she had to settle for a life she didn't want..

A life without.. him.

Kitten picked up the phone, carefully dialing a number she read from a small pocketbook. The phone rang twice. It was early in the morning, and no doubt Steve Jason was asleep... most likely next to the one person Kitten wished she could kill and replace. She had thought of many ways she could do it.. tying her arms and legs to four-wheelers and driving as fast as they went away from the scene.... hanging her by a tree from the neck with barbed wire.... overdosing her soup with poison.... it would all be too perfect.

If she could stay, she would have certainly made a match against Heather... and proved once and for all who was the better woman. But she can't. At the end of the week, whether she leaves the match with SJ as a loser or a winner, she still remains a loser. Second best, in SJ's eyes. And no matter how bad it hurt.. she would have to live with it forever... because she knew deep down that Steve would never be happy with her if she hurt Heather... she had to let it go... to make Steve Jason happy.. she had to be miserable. When SJ answered the phone in a sleepy voice, it caused Kitten to cry immediatley. Steve Jason must have sat up in bed by then, because his tone had dramatically changed.

"Hello? Who is this? Talia? Are you alright? Why are you crying!? WHO IS THIS!?"

In all of her frustrations, she wanted to tell SJ how much she wished she could have changed the past. How she wished she could have been the one to melt his icy heart. How he had been a bastard for being so blind, and for his blindness even to this day. But she couldn't.. she wouldn't dare ruin what they were trying to create. All she could think about was the curve of his lips as he smiled, the way his eyes glistened in their joyous reunion....

"You ... are.. so beautiful...."

A pause...


"You will never know how much it hurts..."

For a moment, Steve thought he was being pranked. Even though it seemed the nature of the caller was definitely one of sadness and longing... it for sure had to be a prank. Probably Dougy McNamara off somewhere having a drunk woman from a bar call for five bucks as some tremendous dare. But how else could Steve had known it was Kitten, in a desperate attempt to tell him that she loved him.... not the obsession it had once been.... but a true love that she could feel in her bones.... the thoughts she just couldn't get rid of.

"What hurts?"

All that was on the other end of the line, was a sudden bursts of sobs. Feeling even more drowsy, and fed up with the situation, SJ screamed.


Kitten had been shocked of SJ's outburst, and nearly dropped the phone. She stopped crying for a moment to gulp in a large swig of air. And in one breath, expelled the angriest answer SJ could have ever received.


A stem of realization went through SJ.... could this be who he thought it was? But before he could second guess, the phone went dead on the other line. Whoever was his mysterious caller... had hung up.

She had hung up. She had hung up several times with a furious edge of force that busted the base of the phone, and cracked the tabletop it sat on. She began to cry again, another pitiful mass of sobs and regret for everything she had ever done that made her a fool in front of Steve Jason. For leaving the XWF like she did.. leaving SJ vulnerable to any vixen's charms. What is she was using him to get herself to the top? What if she was purely doing this to prove Kitten a fake? What if she was really a blood-sucking vampire who was going to run SJ into the ground and leave without a care in the world? The part that made Kitten the angriest... was that she couldn't do a damn thing about any of it. If Steve Jason had an ounce of love for Kitten that Kitten had for SJ.... he wouldn't be able to be five feet away from her. But that again, is just another wet dream.

A rapping at the door caused Kitten to sit up straight, and adjust the fold to her robe because one of her firm round breasts was about to greet her company before she could. Kitten stood, brushing the mass quantity of chip crumbs and her ice cream spoon off her robe. She flipped her hair about, making the curls curl a little extra.. bounce a little bouncier. It was like her dream....

About two feet from the door, Kitten stopped suddenly to splintering wood, and buckling hinges. The door busting off where it stood closed, standing in the threshold was....


Kitten's eyes brightened, the tears returning as she saw the only other man in the world that could make her day. Panting in the doorway, Shawn's wife beater was soaked around the neck with perspiration.

"Hi..... *pant*pant*. I ran all the way from the bus station. I was in San Francisco when they told me you came here...."

Kitten began to cry where she stood, laughing slightly at the irony.

"Why did you run from me, Lillith? What is so wrong? What is going on?"

Shawn walked forward, holding his hands out in question. Kitten began to sink to the floor in her cries, disbelieving that Shawn had really come back. She thought he would be gone forever, never caring about Kitten again. But he was here... in her doorway. And he owed her a new door.


He smiled a little as he stepped forward, wrapping his arms around Kitten.

"What are you do-"

Shawn pressed one soft, gentle fingers to Kitten's lips, which trembled as their bodies connected at her lips. Kitten still cried, Shawn's look becoming serious. His hand went from her lips, to her hair. With one large, strong hand he grabbed a bushel of her firey locks, pulling her head to his chest. He cradled her softly, rubbing her hair, brushing it into his face where he would breathe it in deeply....

"Oh, Lillith..."

His words whispered softly in her ear.. almost like an angel..... Kitten's eyes drifted upward to the icy blue eyes that seemed to share the same longing that Kitten had felt.

".....You have no idea how long I have waited for this moment...,"
Shawn spoke once more, rubbing his hand along the smooth curves of Kitten's body. Dancing slowly, their bodies seemed to mold together in an embrace long awaited....


They stood inside the doorway of Kitten's home, holding each other so tightly, Kitten thought her spine would break. To her surprise, Shawn was crying too, holding her so closely dancing to the hundredth rendition of "Unchained Melody". She could feel his tears drip from his chin to her neckline, running down the curve of her breast. Kitten's hands cupped Shawn's face softly as she raised his gaze to look once again into her eyes. Tears bubbled from Shawn's eyes, drenching his cheeks. Kitten's fingers brushed them away, kissing the trail they had left behind. Shawn's hands cupped Kitten's face, Kitten wrapping her arms around his neck.

"Never leave me again, baby. Do you hear me? You will break me heart permanently next time. Never leave me... never ever...."

His words an interlude of sweet bliss to Kitten's ears, they shared a kiss that if it had been lightning....

Shawn scooped Kitten's legs out from under her, carrying her into the bedroom where they landed upon a mess of blankets and pillows. Shawn's powerful body rose above Kitten's, as he gently brushed one finger along a trail up her leg. Goosebumps covered her body as his lips took the place of his fingers, finding a happy resting place just below her essence. He kissed the crotch of her panties, sending a chill throughout her body.

"I should have done this a long time ago..."

You may think that Kitten and Shawn had consummated their relationship long ago... but on the contrary, they had remained monogamous. Kitten's pain had always ran so deep, but what Shawn had discovered.. was the dominatrix's love of being.... dominated. He had found her ultimate weakness... giving him an advantage over SJ in Kitten's mind. SJ had never been even close to making Kitten happy, yet she wished it so desperately for SJ. But now, finally... a man had buried his face into the one subject that had Kitten's toes curling inside out. Steve Jason may have cared about he friendship wise... but here was Shawn Mather.. a perfect specimen just as SJ was.... beautiful... the eyes especially. The temper... the ego... it all matched perfectly... except...

Shawn raised his face for a moment from the fruit of the loom, and raised himself to look face-to-face with Kitten. He brushed her face, Kitten nibbling gently upon the edge of the thumb that traced her lips. Feeling the major appendage protrude against her leg, Kitten gasped slightly as his lips connected with hers. His breath ragged, he took a second to pull away from her lips.

"....Lillith.... I love you. I have loved you ever since we were kids. You have to believe me, baby. I never want you to leave me ever again. And I promise that if you stay with me forever, I will make you the happiest woman in the world."

The tears that had once been in Kitten's eyes returned once more. Shawn had traveled the country looking for her... and now he lie on top of her, gently caressing her breast outside of her robe. A warm sensation rushed through her body, as she stretched comfortably under Shawn's pin. She smiled, wrapping her legs around his waist. Shawn smiled in return, knowing that he had caught Kitten's attention finally. That he had officially stepped up to the plate, ready to swing at the ball. And hopefully, if he played his cards right.... he'd make a home run.

His fingers moved from her breast, down her chest to the rope holding her robe shut. He pulled it harshly, the rope coming loose. His hands found a fold in the robe, reaching underneath to the soft skin of her belly. He opened the robe, exposing Kitten's magnificence for all that she was. He kissed the warmth of her belly, pressing his hand against the middle of her back, pulling her closer to his kisses.

Finally, a moment where there wasn't either drama or dullness in Kitten's life. She no longer felt as though Shawn was second best. Almost, as though she knew Steve Jason couldn't compare. He had been there for her.... but why does she love him? For saving her from things she knew she could have gotten out of? For defending her?

Who helped her track down Abbie, and erradicate the perps who were causing Abbie and Kitten so many problems? Who spent every night of those painful months softly rubbing Kitten's back until she fell asleep? Who took her grandmother to the hospital when she had a heart attack at Abbie's Choir Performance? Who tracked her all over bum-fuck Egypt and showed up at her door at almost 4am.. the time she had left... to confess his undying love for her.. and grab her up.. throw her against the wall, rip off her shirt and kiss her...?

Shawn Mather.

And it never ended there. Unfortunately for you, it does... because if I am going to be typing up a bunch of sex I'd charge for you to read it. But you get the story..... and the result of Kitten's happiness. It is possible, folks. And although her feelings about Steve Jason were definitely clouded, and her heart was still broken... her mind was now fluttering with a new possibility... that maybe after all.... Shawn is 'the one'.... The one who knows exactly how to touch her... kiss her... and make love to her upon her bed in a way that a woman had never made love before.

It was all she had ever dreamed.