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Main Cast:

Lillith "Miss Kitten" Groves

Special Guests: Steve Jason and Steve Sayors

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Music: "Rest In Pieces" - Saliva
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Across the miles, investments in major enterprises had plastered her face on billboards and the sides of buses everywhere.... a spokesperson for persons suffering from schizophrenia… a model for the newest advertisement for Jack Daniels…… an author of her own autobiography, “Miss Kitten - Nine Lives Down, And Counting….”…. and her recent appearance on MTV, where she was caught off guard by another appearance of her cousin…. Hilary Duff.

A pause from the role-play to introduce “Hillbilly Hilary”, a name given to the blondest of blondes on this side of the galaxy. For someone that used Disney to make a circus of herself, and throw herself somehow to the top of the charts with “So Yesterday”, the most annoying anthem of 13 year old drag queens all around the globe…. and for someone who could bring upon a war with another girlie-girl teen pop star for no other reason than media attention that has pedophiles everywhere whacking off for weeks….

Let’s just say, that Kitten was not thrilled. Of course, MTV made it a big deal since SOMEHOW this numbskull bimbo halfway through puberty had become the “One Hit Wonder” of this year. And naturally, Kitten had graced the scene in her beautiful Prada bitch boots that had so beautifully tripped Hillbilly Hilary as she exited the TRL stage…. Most importantly, ON CAMERA.

Back to reality, a strange place where even Kitten can’t believe how far she had gone. After placing her little sister Abbie in protective guardianship, she had set out to do some soul searching. She had found old friends of her father’s, that had for years been setting up small catastrophes in the path of Kitten. Even though she had ridded herself of her father when she was sixteen, then again last year, he still riddled her life with garbage that preceded, and trailed Kitten in a stinking mass of hell and chaos. But now that Kitten overcame her hatred of her father and those who threatened her peace and well being, let go of her inner demon in a massive testament of her strength, will and courage, and brought down the terrorist group with the majority of the US Cellular Building… she had finally settled down. Not saying that her wild world of media attention, her massive success story and novel following it and her new job managing her own clothing and jewelry line wasn’t hard…. In fact it was, when you added her upcoming release of the Mistress’ own scent, ‘Curiosity’, her personal life and her little sister, it was just as hectic….. But it made her happy.

Her life had taken a turn for the ‘WAY BETTER’, leaving her at least… a short week and a half to tie up some loose ends. Her first intention was to stop at the spa and take up residency, but there wasn’t enough fame or money in the world to stay day in day out at her official spa in LA. So instead, she found herself taking the long drive from the east coast - to the west.

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Recently, an Amber Alert brought Iowa on a search for a 10 year old girl named Jetseta Gage. It played over and over on the marquee on local television, and most likely in nearby states. She had been found in the morning the next day in a trailer near Iowa City, dead. Asphyxiation had been the cause of death, but something even more shocking caught the hearts of those who actually care. Roger Bentley was arrested just before they officially announced the search for Jetseta was over. In the few days following more information flooded from the gates of the Linn County and Johnson County courthouses. Jetseta - had been molested. No more details were released about what had exactly happened, but when a child is molested and murdered, it is never just a touch or a lick…. Kitten knew first hand. But it wasn’t just once Gage had been molested. There was already a case against Roger Bentley’s brother James Bentley, for molesting Jetseta earlier in the year. It had been founded that both James and Roger had assisted each other in the murder of Jetseta Gage. Apparently, Roger had abducted Jetseta from her home, and brought her to an abandoned and condemned trailer home full of broken and fallen beams, ripped carpets and the stench of rot and mold, wrapped her head in a plastic bag and suffocated her to death all while James and Roger took advantage of her. After the deeds had been done, Jetseta was shoved into a cabinet in the old, abandoned trailer and left for the birds, bugs and beasts.

But that is not all to the case. Not much has been released about James Bentley’s trial… but his brother’s trial has been largely publicized thanks to a few loopholes in the law. And the last that Kitten heard about Roger’s case…it is only supposed that Roger sexually abused Jetseta, and proven that he kidnapped her… and thanks to the wonderful laws our country has in place, because Jetseta is not able to be cross-examined and testify on her own behalf, the case could be thrown out.

Again, that is not all to this story.

These two men had been good friends of Craig, Kitten’s biological.. Er… sperm bank. Along with three other men living in the same vicinity as Kitten’ grandmother Vicki, and her sister Abbie. And Abbie, had been a friend of Jetseta Gage.

Now this doesn’t seem like it is too big of a deal… but these men Kitten knew well. She remembered the smell of beer, playing cards in every hand, cigarette smoke everywhere and the loud tunes of Ozzy or Metallica and ACDC playing all night. Men with yellow teeth and tight pants laughing down at Kitten as she went out to speak to her father. She couldn’t sleep on a school night with the music as loud as it was. So as punishment, he made her strip down to her birthday suit in front of all these men. All these men who suddenly grew a banana garden in their tight pants…
The laughing…..
The touching..
The crying….
The blood….
The laughing….

Suddenly, a plastic bag slapped over Kitten’s face, suctioning into her nostrils and her mouth. She grabbed outward, but only to feel two powerful hands hold them to her sides. Kitten tried to scream, but there was no oxygen in her lungs to make the noise louder than a whisper. She kicked out, her feet clanking against something wooden… a cabinet….her coffin….

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kitten gasped as she sprung forward in the seat of her Jaguar. Her hands grasped firmly around the steering wheel, as she tried to catch the breath that left her… it all felt so real. She wiped the beads of sweat off her upper lip and forehead, brushing her long red locks out of her vision. She was sitting at Union 76, a gas station somewhere in Southern California. She recoiled herself, bringing together what had seemed to come undone in her sleep, and started her car.

~I need a stiff drink...~

Although she had brought herself away from the temptation of the hell she loved to cause, her mind still fell into relapses of the past, an unfriendly way of reminding her everyday that she was a major fuck-up. Indeed she had passed her many illnesses, she was left with pieces that weren’t hole. Nonetheless, she became a better person inside. Over 5 Million in earnings of her new entrepreneurships had gone to five different organizations that feed the hungry, build homes for the homeless, and send children to college to three hundred families all over the nation. She had changed, a prodigy to the many who failed to make it… and now either celebrate in the Kingdom Of Heaven, or rot in Hell.

Feeling quite good on a bright day in LA, Kitten strode down the city walkway, following a two block stretch to the XWF building. In her black stilettos, white leather suit and coat… she fit right in the Boulevard’s big money travelers. Walking among the many holding cell phones to their ears, clutching laptops and briefcases, Kitten bumped shoulders with a man from oncoming traffic. She turned just for a minute.. The old rage inside feeling like beating him level to the concrete with her white snakeskin purse. But she glanced back to the XWF building at the corner, leaving a struggling Centurion trying to work back through the busy sidewalk, but nearly being carried away. In the back of Kitten’s mind, she swore it was Centurion she had thoughts of committing concrete homicide… but had no time to stop.. Otherwise, she would have been carried away with her side of the crowd… heavily packing the walkway thanks to summer tourism and the rush hour as it was.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Boxes to the ceiling, Kitten stood in the center of her locker room. She overlooked each box, picturing the pieces of her past that lay inside. She touched the edge of a box, lightly flipping a slab of cardboard away….

Her black leather costume.

But her whip was nowhere to be found. She began throwing random boxes across the room, tearing apart bubble wrap, unloading about ¾ of all her things back on the floor. She was determined, for some odd reason… to bring together the signature items that had once been so important to her back together. In her might, she had caused a ruckus that had brought a small crowd to her door. A few excited staff members ran down the hall to inform their friends, their co workers.. their husbands, moms and dogs that Kitten had arrived. For some, it meant a pay raise. And others, it meant trouble. Steve Sayors happened to be in the hallway, but rather than grab an interview with Kitten, he had a better idea. About fifteen minutes prior, he had run into Steve Jason in a rather interesting conversation about Heather. Steve Jason had been has happy as he ever was about Heather, but became annoyed by Sayor’s perverse questions and eager determination to get all the gory details. Sayors knew getting Steve Jason to talk to him again would be tough, he knew that he had somewhere either hurt the Stinger, or pissed him off. Sayors being the little man that he is of course, could only possibly peeved off Stinger…. But it was worth the shot for the first interview between two headliners back in the day to present time, coming together for one last match.

Sayors knocked on Steve Jason’s locker room. A voice nearly shook the door off the hinges.


Sayors jumped a little, then returned to his mission.

“Uh… Steve! Come on, man! I’m sorry! Cut me a little slack. Upstairs keeps pressuring me for the real stuff, ya know? Come on!”

“I am not going to come out there so you can make a mockery of my relationship with Heather, Sayors. Forget it.”

“No! No no no no no no no! I have some different news for you, Stevey! You’re never going to believe this.”

Steve Jason raised his hand to the forehead of the babbling interviewer, pushing him away.

“I know she’s here. I’ve been hearing her for the past fifteen minutes.”

Steve Jason pushed Sayors back another half-inch, his calf catching the edge of a package cart wheeling by. Sayors tripped, knocking the whole load of packages off the cart. Sayors stood, brushing his 50% discount suit free of dirt and wrinkles. SJ laughed as he stepped out of the door, helping Sayors return to his more…. casual self. Sayors faced Stinger, a half-cocked grin on his face.

“I knew I’d get you out here with that.”

SJ smiled.

“I don’t think so, Sayors. You aren’t going to be within 10 feet of me for the rest of the day. You don’t deserve it.”

“But I-”

SJ made a serious of noises that clearly meant the conversation had ended the FIRST time he closed the door on Sayors. Sayors sighed, and stomped down the hall. Halfway down the corridor, he began hysterically crying, bawling until he reached his office where he slammed the door shut, and locked it.

Steve smiled and shook his head. He looked to the end of the hall in the opposite direction, where the door to Kitten’s locker room was half-open, a light peeping out from the inside. Shadows flying through the light clearly indicated that Kitten was not through searching. He strode down the hall, hearing the wild pants and murmurs from Kitten’s room louder and louder with each step. Before he reached the threshold he stopped to scope out the room. With his back pressed to the wall, he made a quick glance around the corner of the door into the room. Amidst the boxes and rubble, stood Kitten still in her stilettos, and one piece white leather sleeveless suit. Her hair had grown out completely, draping down her back in a long river of cascading flames. She was a healthy, muscular bombshell once again, much like the first time she had set out in her wrestling career. Now, several hospital trips one eating disorder, dying, going evil, getting locked up and one dead father and found sister later… she was almost ‘fully-restored’ as you old model car lovers out there like to call it.

And there never was, or never will be anything like her, and she knew it. Steve smiled because HE knew that she knew it. Strictly platonic, of course. But there still was no one like Kitten. At least no one that is still alive.

He pressed once again against the wall, taking in a deep breath before turning to face her locker room. Before he reached his full turn, a loud, shrieking “AH - YAH!” echoed out of the room, and down the hall. A *WHACK* snapped somewhere in front of Stinger, and it made him flinch. Kitten posed in several art forms with her bullwhip, cracking it in the air with a powerful snap. She hadn’t seen Stinger in the door, nor did SJ think that she knew he was there now. Kitten faced away from SJ, cracking the whip. SJ crossed into the room, where Kitten instantly saw him in the reflection of the mirrors on the wall. She had been in the middle of switching the hilt of the whip between her hands by rotating it at about four miles an hour, catching it back and forth. When she saw SJ, she lost the grip of the hilt, releasing it into the air. She tried catching it, but it bounced off her hand… she tried catching it again, bending so far forward into the rubble that boxes she had been standing on toppled over, throwing Kitten out of view, behind a tall set of lockers that had been torn out for some remodeling, new for a newbie who would be sure to take Kitten’s room when she left.

Steve jumped across the cesspool that Kitten had created, reaching Kitten who lay in the most awkward position that looked painful enough to make Jeffrey Dahmer flinch. Her feet above her head, one stiletto heel twisted, the bottom half of her legs hanging limp above her angled position. Laying on her chest and face, wedged somehow in the mess, she grunted and kicked out one foot that SJ was trying to grab. The foot kicked his outstretched hands, swiping pass them to his chest. Steve Jason’s eyes nearly lost his eyeballs out their sockets as the tip of her heel connected with his chest. He gasped for air, as Kitten started screaming in alarm.

“AHHH! Get me out of here!”

Steve Jason tried catching his breath, dragging Kitten about three feet out of the rubble by her leg. Kitten untwisted herself like a pretzel, and sat up to face Steve.

“Oh my god, are you okay!?”

Steve, catching his breath was able to get a few words out before having to clear his throat.

“That was originally my well.. second question for you. You took…. a nasty spill there, are you… alright?”

Kitten smiled as she pulled something that was like a large sticker out of her hair. She tousled it once, and it settled again elegantly down her back and shoulders.

“Hell, I’ve been through worse. Thanks for helping me out there…. And… I’m sorry for that kick.”

Kitten laughed a little, pushing Steve by his shoulder. She turned around, and crawled halfway through the tunnel of crap she fell into, and pulled out her whip.

“A girl can’t life without her artillery.”

Steve smiled, taking a seat on a box close to the door. Kitten pulled off her right high heel, and set it on her lap to examine her twisted heel. She sighed, a chunk of her hair floating upward in her frustration.

“So what are you doing here? Come here to bash me for being a part of the Black Order?.. Or… to make fun of me being thrown in the psych ward… or is it just to push me around so I’m a little sore for our match? Or maybe it is to make cracks about my retirement because Lord knows I‘ve heard enough from the papers already.”

Steve’s smile grew, and he chuckled.

“No, it’s nothing like that, actually. I heard you were back… actually the whole floor heard you were here. And I had heard you were retiring.”

Twisting the heel back into place, Kitten reached into her purse and pulled out a black permanent marker, and bit off the lid.

“Yeah, so?”

Filling in a chapped part of the heel with the marker, Kitten snapped the lid back on the marker and stopped for a moment to once again sigh, then look to Steve Jason.

“I just wanted to know why. You were one to always tell me how you were, even if it seemed like I was to busy. It is what our friendship was about.”

Kitten laughed.

“What? Me getting in trouble, you saving my ass, me getting all emotional about it then getting bombed into the ground and left to rest in pieces!? Getting pushed by Jonathyn and Cyren to be a part of The Black Order so I could return to the XWF when I was taking leaves for the problems I was going through.. Only for you to hate me, SJ? Come on, what kind of friendship is that?”

For a second, Kitten’s mouth gaped open wide, as though the words came out without meaning. Kitten had meant them, but never intended to flat out say it.

~Ahh, shit. I should get used to being hated again, it has probably already started.~

But Steve sat with a serious look on his face, and a calm expression in his voice.

“Now I see why a part of you hated me for awhile. I never hated you for The Black Order. I thought you had joined it on your own free will. And it wasn’t you I was intent on destroying, it was the faction. And you shouldn’t be angry over the times that you were hurt and you needed my help. Without me, something worse than their prelude torments would have happened to you. And as your friend, I felt it as my duty… my honor and responsibility to come to your aid. Isn’t that friendship?”

Kitten’s angry browline went smooth. Her lips formed a small smile as she spoke.

“We are still friends?”

“Why wouldn’t we be?”

“I thought you hated me for attacking you that one time….”

Surprisingly, it had turned into nearly an hour and a half that Kitten and Steve Jason sat in her locker room talking. Not so much about the past and the problems that were in it… but of Kitten’s new adventures on the East Coast, the projects she has done and the entrepreneurship she had come upon. Kitten hadn’t the vaguest thought if SJ was interested at all in what her new life was giving her and Abbie. It seemed as though he did, listening and laughing, commenting a few times, relating some funny stories of him and Dougy, Kitten laughing in return…. It was the friendship that, if had done right before, would have been Kitten’s dream. If anything she had wished to actually DO something with Steve Jason. It was a friendship yes, but as Kitten described it was.. Well.. Kinda how it went. They never went out as a big group to the club… movies… hanging at his place… nothing. Only once did she show up at Steve’s birthday party for a few short minutes in the amazing chaos that it was, then left again.

But now they were actually doing what…. Friends… would do. And inside, the butterflies in Kitten’s stomach finally settled, and civilized conversation ensued.

“I still can’t believe that you actually thought I would be a part of some crackpot organization as The Black Order willingly. Remember how I had to take leaves now and again thanks to my health and living situation?… Well, each time I had to re-join the XWF. And each time there had to be some sort of gimmick, and at that time was The Black Order. The Black Order drew me in, being my only way back into the XWF. And this happened like… two or three times. I hated being a part of it, and I hated being the kind of target that I was. I was a part of something that I knew I did not want to be in. So I tried to stay low, and fall off the map, and hope that you would finally ruin the Black Order. And finally, I got so mad at Cyren that I wanted to literally kill him. I joined back in thinking I could tear apart The Black Order from the inside…but then before I started I left again… and it never happened. Now Jonathyn Brown.. One of the major benefactors of my contract with the Black Order… someone who PUSHED ME INTO IT…. If I had enough time to get to the PPV… I would request a match against Jonathyn, the dirty asshole.”

Steve smirked a little, “I heard that it was YOU who specifically requested this match between us.”

Kitten smiled back, “Yeah I did. I was hesitant because of our past and everything, and I thought you were still gung-ho on getting me impaled on the defeat tree. But you are the only person in this federation who I think even remembers my name. I suppose… I thought closure.”

Steve looked to the massive pile of boxes and junk and nodded.

“Closure…. Hm. Yeah, closure.”

Kitten’s smile grew, “You know I’m going to kick your ass, right?”

Steve laughed, “HA! What makes you think that? Because if you can fall into a trap like you did then beating the crap out of you won‘t be necessary… I‘d let you sit there and suffer.”

“Ha, ha funny. It’s quite easy, I nailed you pretty good by kicking you in the chest on accident, imagine what I could do on purpose.”

Kitten winked flirtatiously, Steve catching on.

“Uh… Kitten…”

“Call me Lillith, love. Kitten is just a stage name.”

Steve blinked hard at Kitten almost shocked a little, but continued.

“Before we continue, I think I should let you know something about me….. I mean, I know I wasn’t very kindhearted towards you when you needed it. But I tried to be your friend as much as humanly possible. But … I’m different now. I’ve changed too. I’m seeing someone.”

Kitten smiled, “I’m seeing someone too.”

Steve sighed, “Oh, I thought that was going to be difficult.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve been seeing mine for almost two years now. It was kinda.. Behind the scenes before… but we’ve been together openly for about 8 months now.”


“Plus, I already read everything about your little escapade with Heather in the National Enquirer.”

Steve’s eyebrows raised, “What!?”

Kitten reached into her purse, and pulled out the newspaper tabloid out. She handed it to Steve who immediately found horror on the front page. SAVE IT FOR THE RING - "Wrestling In Bed".. An entire six pages of snapshots and critics laughing at positions, teasing about bust size and the look on SJ’s face during the act.

“It seems as thought the paparazzi wasn’t too far away, and not without enough film, too. Flip to page thirteen.”

Steve Jason flipped through the pages, coming up to his section. Luckily enough, the pictures had been blurred away, so none of the naughty parts could be seen.

“Looks like Stinger’s definitely not a virgin after all.“

But then the realization that the pictures could be on the internet… who knows where… it began to make SJ’s veins boil.

“But you don’t need to worry. You see, I have a very big fan who works there who phoned me about the story before it headlined. I had phoned your attorney about it and had talked to him. But of course, I highly doubt a lawyer would tell the truth.. Meaning the message never got to you. Well anyway, I paid off the Enquirer and bought the magazines they already printed. I burned them all… except this.. Last…one.”

Kitten tapped a long-nailed finger on the paper SJ held. Kitten couldn’t tell what Steve Jason was thinking, but he looked angry, frustrated, and yet a little relieved. Of course it had been a hilarious section and Kitten would admit it, but she knew that it could easily effect Steve’s career, which she knew he cared about…. It was something that deep down Kitten knew Heather would never get the opportunity to do for him. And maybe that’s why friends last longer than girlfriends…. Because one is out saving their ass while the other is either getting ass or chewing it. Steve thought for a moment, then realized just what this could have done to Kitten.

“Oh no, this didn’t get to you at all….. Did it?”

Kitten smiled a little, and cocked her head.

“You were a dickhead to me….. But at least you found your piece sooner than later…. Because later could have been too late.. And then I would have been really mad at you for being so stubborn.”

Kitten smiled again, SJ joining her too.

“Hey, listen. Don’t worry about it. Next time make sure your security isn’t off piddle-farting around…….. Except I‘ll tell you….I could have done *flips to a page* THAT position so much better than that…”

Steve frowned, “Lil’…..”

Kitten laughed, “Oh, come on I’m kidding. Take a joke. Plus, I saved your ass.”

Steve thought about it for a moment, then smiled a little. "Thanks.”

You can do what you want with that paper. But I give you my word there is no more magazines, and contact your lawyer if you want to file suit.”

“Heather will really appreciate this.”

Kitten burst into a fit of laughter.

“Oh Steve… I didn’t do it for her.”

Steve smiled, reaching out a hand to help Kitten stand. She took it, gracefully planting her toes on the small area of floor visible in the room, in front of the door. Kitten placed a hand on Steve’s chest, a serious look on her face.

“Steve, listen. I just wanted to thank you. Thanks for everything you ever did for me. And you know, we only have a few short days before I am leaving for good. I’m going to tell you that there are some things that I still haven’t told you.. And maybe never will. Maybe tomorrow, or maybe during the match. You never know. But all I know is that it is awkward now… and it is only Day one…. And I need to go. So maybe if you contacted me, we could get in touch again.. And say anything that needs to be said.. If you do….”

Steve smiled, “I’m sure I could think of something.”

Kitten laughed a little, grasping SJ’s hand for a moment before walking out the door, clutching her suit and whip in hand.

“Thanks again, Steven.”

“No, thank you.”

Kitten smiled happily, bouncing happily away on her heels down the hallway, waving goodbye. Steve Jason waved one last time before she disappeared around the corner…..

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kitten sat in her Jaguar in the parking lot two blocks from the XWF Headquarters. Tears dwelled on Kitten’s bottom eyelids, soaking her cheeks with warm tears. Someone hadn’t forgotten about her.. And someone still cared. It was great to finally talk with Steve Jason, and make the bond that their last friendship lacked. She hoped he would contact her again before their match. There were still a lot of things to talk about and a lot of preparing left to do before their match. After all, it would be Kitten’s last match.