Locked inside this mortal shell, forced to quarry with the incestcial swarm that is reality. Blinded by a blindfold of what I've been forced to see, my mouth covered with the hand of law and manner. Driven entirely upon rage derived from lies and deception from years past.... walking out into it all unable to grasp why. Hands tied behind my back, feet shackled by this human pain, wasting it all, trying to rid of it.. the weakness that is me, the weakness you will find.. but I shall never fall.... only you shall fall before me.

Empty and alone, am I. Withering slowly in the existance that had been a torture-bidden, fear-stricken one. Waking up in breaths deep, soaked in sweat and the illusion of the nightmare we live everyday. In the middle of a city, looking to be somewhere in the wrong side of town. Trash lays about, houses eroding from years and years of missing improvement dates and the carlessness of their owners. Mixed races from white to black huddled in groups along the street, mostly a bunch of neighborhood friends talking a lot of shit. Pack-Rats. Porch-Monkeys. The whole stero-typical 'ghetto' in the small state Kitten had hailed from. She returned to bask in the glory of our government... the rotting corpses of roadkill, the road crews taken from the state to conserve street budget. People stopped caring as prices rose and war became inevitable. Businesses closed after September 11th, leaving this town almost completely abandoned. But in this small community... the dirty roaches strived to survive.

~Smoking a rolled herb, watching the red bud glow it's luminous red sunset glow. Exhale... watch the smoke dance... Take another drag, pull into the exstacy that is the mirage they feed us. Exhale... Inhale.. start over with anew tomorrow.~

A lone figure, moving amonst the shadows walking the cracked sidewalks. A warm night lay thick with fog, summer coming soon. Two glowing eyes peered out among the prey, smiling. Shouting from across the street caught the eyes attention, the bobbing and weaving head darting between street poles and cars. Only on bright orange street light marked the stop sign at the corner, keeping the crime a secret from prying eyes.... but not these eyes.... not these eyes at all.

~The Sleepy Serpent had been revived from it's solitary slumber. A true danger, indeed. A shot, a scream, people running.. it's not the issue to worry, it's what lurks behind you~

The steps were too quick, charging at the unsuspecting individual, a gunshot erupting into nothingness. Falling back, gasping for air, as the criminal's hand reached to his throat... Oh God... blood.

A switchblade reflected the moonlight, the eyes watching over a snarling grin.. watching the blood leak from the juggular.. into the ground.. liquid life flowing down into the Gaia, the sprit of the Earth.. to be soaked into the bowl of everlasting life, and be reincarnated again in the blood of every child.. only to age into criminal adulthood once again. The eyes darted upward, as the sirens came... but to the suprise of the neighborhood, the sirens faded. For nothing was more important than the rich neighborhood... far from the ghettos of this rotting city. A smile came across a feminine face, the frame moving closer to the moonight, away from the shadow of the trees, and the gasping, dying man.

Later, the night sky; an ominous cloud of black, and white specs twinkled a heavenly pleasentness throughout the area. The warmer temperatures felt good against skin that had been covered since the leaves turned. The wind danced with the swing of crimson hair, blowing the newly growing strands about the back of a pale neck, just grazing the bottom of a thin, heart-shaped face. Walking with the pipe, smoking a heavenly, sticky weed... bringing a new sensation after another, through the veins of blood so cold......

~Creeping up behind you, avoiding your attention. Stealthy gaze and swift movements keep the corner of your eye, empty. Keeping quiet, watching from a distance, seeing things that the night owl couldn't see...~

Flicking back and forth, the switchblade peirced through the thick fog of the night as the woman steeped lightly against the pavement. As if she could walk on water, she flicked a paper into the street, in front of a rather crowded apartment building. A desperate attempt at looking tough, a young black man stepped forward, lurching in ehr direction.

"Hey, baby..... how much YOU cost?"

With a slick grin and a quick flick of the wrist, Kitten had the cold blade of the switchblade against his thigh, just between his family jewels. A low, distant hum eminated between her lips. A sultry, warm quickness of her tongue even had a slight accent, despite her living in Iowa most her life. Her journey to Europe had rubbed off, a slight Norweigien accent whined through, almost sounding Russian.

".......More than you can afford, small fry."

Ripping upward, into his groin, the last of what mattered in his manhood fell to the floor, bursting the most precious vien, causing almost instant death. The rest of the crowd began to see what was going on, as the young man cried out when he fell to his death.

"What the FUCK!?..."

They turned in Kitten's direction, Kitten facing them with a strong, sturdy stance. She smiled, a growl coming deep within her belly. Hunger. A desire to feed... on pain.

~It is hard to break away from pain. When you've lived it for so long, it becomes the norm. Soon you begin to forget happiness, and only fight the pain. You either give into it, and let is pass and become notiong, or it becomes your testimony... .~

"..........Hello, children."

The men stopped in their tracks. They may have been inferior to cunning fighting skills, but they were not stupid. The eerie way the eyes upon her face glowed like the stars above had them entranced enough. Though with the hot breeze that consumed them all, a small cloud of cold breath followed in front of the glowing eyes...

".... El Diablo, ese'! Run, homes, run!"

A mature looking Latino man took off running, the men looking in his direction. They turned quickly to face Kitten, even as a few men of about 10 began to run. But the mysterious 'devil' had dissapeared.

... "What the blue hell is going on here!?"

An older woman stepped out on the porch, who beat upon flour and eggs in a large bowl.

..."Get in the house, mama! Something is out here....."

The woman peered out into the nght. catching a glimpse of her dead grandson laying in the road. She screamed, dropping the large bowl to the wooden steps, the bowl cracking and splitting. She took off running to her grandson, the women of the house also looking out to see what was going on.

".....Heh heh heh ha ha hah hah haaaa....."

Deep, evil laughter echoed above them, the eerie woman somewhere perched around them.


One man tried holding "Mama" back, but failed. She ran to the street, clutching her grandson in her arms, crying to the All Mighty.

".....Heh heh heh ha ha hah hah haaaa....."

~It becomes unbearable, like watching a young babyt bleed to death... but this time, that baby is you. So you feed the pain. By feeding it more pain.. But not your pain... but the pain of others. Most people walk oblivious to the raw pain I know so well. So you must enforce it. Or the pain of famishing death overcomes you.~

...."Come out, you crazy bitch!"

Nothing.. The elder man of them all, a middle-aged father figure, came tromping out onto the porch in a white robe, holding a bat.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk.... heh heh ha hah haaa......"


With the blink of an eye, the body of the creepy cat-woman had taken out another, then another. The man on the porch held the bat up in readyu position, the elderly woman beginning to sense something was VERY wrong.

".... gointhehouse!.."

A quick whisper made the elderly woman jump, standing completely straight above the body she cried for.


The elderly woman screamed, as if the Grim Reaper himself had jumped in front of her face.


Swinging from a tree branch, Kitten's feet came in contact with the woman, knocking her into the remaining men like a bowling ball. With a loud scream, came the sounds of sirens. The man in the robe with the bat ran to the street, looking to the sky for the acrobatic queen of the night. .. nothing.


Looking down from above the rooftops, watching life spring awake below her feet, the mourning of the young man dead.. the woman's broken hip and mutters were satisfaction enough. But it was becoming hard to satisfy this growing hunger for the pain. So the next time.. it would have to be worse. It usually was. But something triggered Kitten different this night.

Two glowing eyes blinked in the camera, a Menthol ciggarette burning smoke into view, the red cherry tip at the end of a long, sophisticated stick. Red lips glistened with saliva, a bright white set of teeth clenched behind them. A pale complexion beamed with the eyes, a few red curls draping in the mystic creature's face.

"...... It's been a while... but it has been a long time coming. A young man whom has tried to beat me before, but never succeeded. Even when I was tubed and tied to a hospital bed, half-dead in a coma. Inpenetrable. Unstoppable. Unkillable. That is I, but I have changed. I am no longer as dim witted as before. It is very different now. I know the weaknesses. Take away his voice box, and he can no longer lie. Instantly, bringing him to face each and every fault that he has avoided all his life. Remove his eyes, so he will never be able to see any beauty no matter how hard he works, so he is always in the dark, always alone in his mind. Take away his tongue, so he can no longer taste the fruits of life, or the flowers of women he loves to take for granted...."

Her hand trailed teh edge of the building in front of where she had crouched, looking as if she was a beautiful black swan from hell, perched above the prey she hunted for years.

Her eyes glistened with rage as she uttered her next words, emotion shrouded by wall after wall built up to conceal the hate... just for this moment.

"....Andrew Gibson..... I am coming for you. I hunt the city each night, just a few blocks at a time. Sucking up every force I can... preparing to unleash the worst demension of hell that has never been opened. The box Pandora wouldn't open or own. The portal the devil never faced, in fear he may be sucked in. It will come for you... and when I do, you will taste the pain you tried enforcing upon me. And then I will feast upon you as if you were a wide-open carcass baking on hot coals... quenching my thrist with your blood and tears. ..."

A smile swept her gentle face, a long claw-nail coming in contact with a red, luscious lip.

"... And then I will move on to the next, as if you were jsut another obstacle. One that was quick.. easy... just like the whores that you fuck. You will be revealed for the gutless roach that you are, fornicating with leperous blind newts set to eating themselves. You will die. And I shall live.. just like I had planned for you since you attacked my best friend.... You mean nothing to me.... you are only my prey."

Her smile growing wider, an expression of hell and hate upon her face. Time will only tell what the fate of her enemies are.... but in the end... she will still stand... ready to move to the next.

~....But for now.. the first shall be.. Gibson....~