Locked inside this mortal shell, forced to quarry with the incestcial swarm that is reality. Blinded by a blindfold of what I've been forced to see, my mouth covered with the hand of law and manner. Driven entirely upon rage derived from lies and deception from years past.... walking out into it all unable to grasp why. Hands tied behind my back, feet shackled by this human pain, wasting it all, trying to rid of it.. the weakness that is me, the weakness you will find.. but I shall never fall.... only you shall fall before me.

.......riiiiip... riiiiip......

Tearing away at old pictures, ripping up happy memories of what had been coulda been. Happy faces of a family... which never was happy at all. One last picture, a blonde woman with a baby on her lap, a young teenager with auburn hair at her side. Long, slender fingers clutched the picture to a well-sculpted bosom.

~*So long it's been, I've changed so much, losing sense of reality now in the past, my future looking bright*~

Optimism, cherry, wonderful optimism. It is hard to do that. They say that you must wake up everyday and look in the mirror, and say, "I AM BEAUTIFUL!" Or some crazy nonsense like that.

....pid, pad..... pid, pad.....

Pale skin stretched over strong feet and long, smooth legs moved in the dark, just under the pale light from outside the window. The cheap hotel room was enough to sustaina being for the night... but it was about to change. So much change, isn't there Gibson? Gecko? Gukas? Killjoy? So much change.. but one thing never changes... ME. And I shall remain ME.... until I, am all that is left.

...pid, pad... pid, pad....

Feet now stagnant, in front of a cream-yellow sink fixture. It used to be white, no doubt but the time has changed that. Delicate, yet experienced hands cupped water into a bowl from the faucet, splashing it upon the same rich skin on the face. Red hair blanketed the face from view, just long enough to touch the tops of muscular shoulders, her naked back rippling. She no doubt was beautiful,.... but deadly.

Flipping the water away, cold green-blue eyes stared at the reflection in the mirror. Kitten.. Lillith Groves.... the woman she had to admit herself to... because she, was all she had. Sure, she toted along friends with her from time to time... but friends come and go. They always do. She stands in the mirror, a crooked smile... a wicked grin....

"I..... am...."

Say it - Say it - Say it - You have to you you'll die! -You crzy psycho fucking bitch - Say it or you'll die! - Say it - Say it - Say it!


No! You're wrong! Don't! Turn back!


You'll be lost forever! You're already lost, you're talking to yourself! No!

"kill them AALLLLLLL!"


The mirror came crashing down, the angry, distorted lips of a scream upon the perfected skin on her face. Yells came from above her, angry patrons kicking and screaming "SHUT UP!".. in various other languages. In her spasm, Kitten grappled a towel, wrapping it around her cold, naked body.

For a brief moment, the bathtub could be been, a pool of red blood washed away, rolling down the drain... then back to Kitten, tiny red droplets dripping from her hair. Something had happened.... something must have changed... except for Kitten.. she doesn't change, right?... Then what must be her habit, that caused all this blood? Could it be anything like her past? Had she done it again? Had she simply bathed in red bath salts? No.. we know Kitten better than that. ....

Kitten padded away back into the dark bedroom, plopping upon cool sheets of silk. Her favorite. Soft.. gentle... so different from reality. The reality of being torn apart from a mother.. a sister.. or the reality of finding failure in times you hard worked the most. That is all life is to Kitten, a failure. And the fleshy wrapper left for her to deal with is her body, only a shell of whaat is inside... what will really become after this life. Knowing this, you must know she lives to die. The more she fights now, the mroe she will be later. Nothing phases her.

For where there is anger, she will bring rage. For where there is passion, she will bring death. Where there is love, she will bring chaos. No one is safe.. why?...It should be obvious by now. She doesn't care. Not anymore. Not after yesterday. What happened yesterday?....

Next time....

Patience for you. The story is too yummy. Too delicate for your tastebuds. You have to be insane.... like her.