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Main Cast:

Lillith "Miss Kitten" Groves
Shawn Mather
Black Widow
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Eighty degrees in Iowa and it is only the beginning of April. This, being a natural phenomenon considering snow can sill be found in rather large piles at least until late April where you are lucky to see sixty degrees and a sunny day. Wintertime causes the blood to clot and thicken to keep the body warm, and summer it thins to cool it down. And since this week has been such a dramatic climate change, it has turned the entire community of Cedar Rapids into a major infestation of bathing suits, diverse races walking the sidewalks (and a lot of them I may add), and of course, the crime. Crime’s cold heart hates the Iowa winters, for only the summertime, or summer weather draws it out like flies on a turd. The hype of the Pope’s death has most of all the good little Christians of Iowa packed into churches, or at neighborhood gatherings or with their families. Now that something besides the MANY wars, the losses of major government organizations that help the needy, mental retarded or dying and the trials of molesters and murderers has hit CNN, everyone has dropped their lives. Dropped their jobs, dropped their bills, their remotes and small children to grab their bibles and crosses and make some sort of pilgrimage to their church or across the ocean to stand in a three mile long line to see a dead and decrepit old man in a white bath robe who did what for… who? Not for me… Now all that remains are the businessmen, the agnostics and atheists, and the scum.

And Kitten.

There is no doubt why she visits this godforsaken part of the most boring state in the world. Her last surviving relative…. Her grandmother…. A foster parent.

After finally retrieving her sister Abbie from some of the worst ‘foster parents’ in the world, Kitten placed her with her last living family member. To save Abbie from a lot of harsh thoughts and unnecessary pain, we are calling the people who abducted her, ‘foster parents’. Kitten hadn’t seen Abbie in nearly a month, and hadn’t intended to for a very long time. As long as Abbie remains in Kitten’s custody, she remains in danger. Plus, Kitten grew up and lived for many years thinking Abbie was dead, blaming herself for the horrible altercation between her and her father… which left both her mother and sister dead…

At least that is what she thought until Abbie came back into her life that fateful day back in the trailer where she was raised.

But something had brought her back. Something that she had dreaded for a very long time.

Recently, an Amber Alert brought Iowa on a search for a 10 year old girl named Jetseta Gage. It played over and over on the marquee on local television, and most likely in nearby states. She had been found in the morning the next day in a trailer near Iowa City, dead. Asphyxiation had been the cause of death, but something even more shocking caught the hearts of those who actually care. John Bentley was arrested just before they officially announced the search for Jetseta was over. In the few days following more information flooded from the gates of the Linn County and Johnson County courthouses. Jetseta - had been molested. No more details were released about what had exactly happened, but when a child is molested and murdered, it is never just a touch or a lick…. Kitten knew first hand. But it wasn’t just once Gage had been molested. There was already a case against John Bentley’s brother Grey Bentley, for molesting Jetseta earlier in the year. It had been founded that both Grey and John had assisted each other in the murder of Jetseta Gage. Apparently, John had abducted Jetseta from her home, and brought her to an abandoned and condemned trailer home full of broken and fallen beams, ripped carpets and the stench of rot and mold, wrapped her head in a plastic bag and suffocated her to death all while Grey and John took advantage of her. After the deeds had been done, Jetseta was shoved into a cabinet in the old, abandoned trailer and left for the birds, bugs and beasts.

But that is not all to the case. Not much has been released about Grey Bentley’s trial… but his brother’s trial has been largely publicized thanks to a few loopholes in the law. And the last that Kitten heard about John’s case…it is only supposed that John sexually abused Jetseta, and proven that he kidnapped her… and thanks to the wonderful laws our country has in place, because Jetseta is not able to be cross-examined and testify on her own behalf, the case could be thrown out.

Again, that is not all to this story.

These two men had been good friends of Craig, Kitten’s biological.. Er… sperm bank. Along with three other men living in the same vicinity as Kitten’ grandmother Vicki, and her sister Abbie. And Abbie, had been a friend of Jetseta Gage.

Now this doesn’t seem like it is too big of a deal… but these men Kitten knew well. She remembered the smell of beer, playing cards in every hand, cigarette smoke everywhere and the loud tunes of Ozzy or Metallica and ACDC playing all night. Men with yellow teeth and tight pants laughing down at Kitten as she went out to speak to her father. She couldn’t sleep on a school night with the music as loud as it was. So as punishment, he made her strip down to her birthday suit in front of all these men. All these men who suddenly grew a banana garden in their tight pants…
The laughing…..
The touching..
The crying….
The blood….
The laughing….

Suddenly, a plastic bag slapped over Kitten’s face, suctioning into her nostrils and her mouth. She grabbed outward, but only to feel two powerful hands hold them to her sides. Kitten tried to scream, but there was no oxygen in her lungs to make the noise louder than a whisper. She kicked out, her feet clanking against something wooden… a cabinet….her coffin….

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kitten gasped as she sprung forward in the seat of her Jaguar. Her hands grasped firmly around the steering wheel, as she tried to catch the breath that left her… it all felt so real. She wiped the beads of sweat off her upper lip and forehead, brushing her long red locks out of her vision. The school bell rang across the street, children pouring out of the door, laughing and carrying on. Most of them found a seat on the buses, or jumped into cars and rode off to join the rest of their happy little Christian families. Probably go to church and pray for John Paul or something.

But not Abbie. She walked out hand-in-hand with another girl about her age with beautiful red hair. It made Kitten’s eyes well up with tears. She knew exactly why Abbie had such a friend…to replace the red headed sister that she lost again.

Abbie smiled at her friend and said a few illegible words. They hugged for a second and went their separate ways. Abbie headed down the road, walking along the sidewalk for nearly three miles, just as she had been for most of the school year.

But Kitten wasn’t the only sexual predator following Abbie….. Only problem was these sexual predators wanted children….. Wanted.. Abbie.

A car pulled out in front of Kitten about thirty yards ahead, following just behind Abbie. An old worn out red Ford Tempo coasted just short of Abbie’s pace, surely beginning to make a move. Kitten quickly turned the corner, and raced up the block and parked. She looked around the corner back the way she had spotted the vehicle following her sister, low and behold there it was again. Abbie crossed the street, clutching her backpack tight as she seemed to prance happily home to Gramma. Oblivious to her certain doom. The Tempo came to a quick stop, a man with shaggy blonde hair popping out of the passenger side. He looked eerily familiar….. The cards in his hands…. His rising cock in his tight pants as he watched Kitten be humiliated by her father.

She felt her blood begin to boil.

Just as Abbie passed Kitten, oblivious to her standing in the stoop way of a store, ‘Banana Pants’ made his move closer and closer…. Around the corner.


The force of a thousand Mack Trucks slammed onto either side of the man’s face, grabbing him up and slamming him into the wall of the alleyway by the store. He cried out, but the hands only grasped tighter. He opened his watery eyes to stare into those of the red-headed blue eyed little girl he had fucked around with once… only problem… she wasn’t so little anymore. And she was madder than a hornet’s nest.


The man tried to cry out again, as she finally identified the ASSHOLE who was about to abduct Abbie. Brandon Miller tremored in fear as Kitten burst into a fit of rage and sorrow. Her hands still clutching his skull, she begun to bash his head into the brick and concrete wall of the store. Her fingers pushed through the bone itself, mashing into his brain as she kept on beating him harder and harder and harder into the wall. Her screams of anger and pain began to sound animalistic as she turned his head into pudding. Her face turned red, the veins in her neck and hands bulging as the blood leaked from under Kitten’s fingernails. The force of the beating on top of the sharpness of her fingernails cut through his skin dug through the cranial membrane, and slipped into his brain. A sharp, high-pitched cry sounded from Brandon as he let out his last breath. His face barely recognizable, and blood staining everything within a three-meter radius, Kitten pulled her fingers out of his skull as if in a Chinese Finger trap. It made a small suction-cup noise, almost a perfect interlude conclusion note. His body slunk down the bricks, and landed in a heap on the alley road. As her deed was done, she turned to see another man run around the corner….. The driver of the vehicle.

And this man was not only familiar to Kitten, but it was a person she would have never thought would be a part of an operation such as this. Brett Hart skidded to a stop in his sneakers as he turned the corner to see his friend Brandon Miller, with less of a brain than he originally had. Flabbergasted, his eyes left Brandon to observe the beautiful red headed woman who had been a little red headed child the last time he saw her.

Brett Hart had been a very close friend of Kitten’s father. Together, he and Craig had beaten a man to death whom they believed was having an affair with Kitten’s mother. The man’s body was so broken and bruised after being laid out and kicked to death, that he went into grand maul seizures that eventually took his life. Brett had helped ruin Kitten’s mother’s life, especially the day he raped her mother in clean sight if a young Lillith Groves. Before the worst had become of Brett Hart in the eyes of the young Kitten, she had called him, ‘little brother’, because no matter how young Kitten was, she was at least a foot taller than him. But now he was lower than dirt, leaving Kitten several feet over him. He was nothing but guano scraped off the bottom of an Adidias with a rusty nail.

But his new fate; to end deeper in the dirt than he already sat and wallowed.

Kitten took a step forward, Brett instinctively standing in a protective stance, his arms and hands extended forward. His voice cracked as he spoke, his fear told through his shaky fingers and knees.


Kitten paused, smiling slightly to hide her anger.

“What’s wrong, Brett? See something you don’t like?”

He eyed the long-legged auburn beauty for a moment, her breasts, her hips, her penetrating eyes….. Then to his dead friend lying against the building, missing most of what had been within his skull. Kitten’s eyes fell upon Brandon once again, hiding her bloody hands behind her back.

“Oh, I see. Poor Brandon. Never expected a thing. But I suppose that no one would expect to be caught in the act…”

“Wha- what are you talking about?”

Kitten interrupted his plea with harsh laughter that echoed down the alleyway. She rested her bloody hands back onto her hips, staining her tight white jeans. Her lips curled from a smile into the worst snarl she could conjure.

“I know exactly what you were doing. I know who you work for… my father. Apparently, he must have quite the hefty bank fund for you to carry on with his business even after he died….”

Brett’s eyes went from Kitten’s bloody hips to his vehicle, then back to Kitten. Kitten’s posture changed, expecting a sudden run for the car. Kitten laughed slightly.

“Do it, lil’ brother. I dare you.”

A small trigger went off in Brett's mind. "Little brother"... it was what a young Lillith Groves had used to call him when he visited his best friend, Lillith's father. Finally connecting the dots, he realized that this Brett’s knees trembled slightly as he tried to decide which route he’d take. One, he could make a run for the car and get trampled by the muscular legs of one very angry kitty, then be drug back into the alley and…… *shudder*…..or…. He could make a run straight forward, possibly catching Kitten off-guard, getting at least the first hit in. If he knocked Kitten hard the first time, it could render her unconscious, giving him a chance to flee.

And the moment his foot left the ground to take his leap at Kitten, Kitten moved forward, leaving a clean path for Brett to move through. Brett lost his balance, falling on his face in the puddle of what was left of Brandon. He screamed, pushing out of the sludgy remains, and into Kitten's grasp. She grabbed him first by the hair, leading him into the side of a large dumpster. Brett fell back, forcefully digging his elbows into Kitten's ribs. Kitten fell back along with Brett, his elbows doing damage on her aching ribs, already injured from the attack on the US Cellular Center. It felt like her ribs were cracking.


Kitten wailed, painfully. Brett took his chance, and arose with laughter echoing deep from his gut.

"You don't know me anymore, Lilly. You don't know what we've become."

"We've?" Kitten's eyebrow raised.

Brett laughed once more, pulling a gun from the inside pocket of his coat. "You just have no idea."

He fired once, Kitten doging quick enough for the bullet to graze the front of her shirt, ripping the front almost entirely off. Of course, it wouldn't be a normal Kitten fight without clevage...


Kitten looked down to her shirt, now exposing a major portion of her upper half. Clevage bursted from the seams, Kitten grasping her shirt to keep it intact.

"Why does this shit always happen to ME!?"

"You fight one-handed unarmed in a gunfight? You're a riddle, Lilly.... tell me what that means."

Kitten ripped her shirt off her body, a leather ensamble now the only piece of cloth (and very small I may add) covering her modesty. With the rip of her shirt, a large, extensively long whip flashed into view, hanging from her shoulder. She grasped onto the woven hilt, lashing it wildly around him, splashing the puddles of water in the alley, sprinkling him yet with more of the brains of his friend.

"But it is a mouse in cat's territory, my enemy, lil' bro. You must not know who I am. Or what I have done to your dear leader."

Brett bursted out laughing, "Oh please, Lilly. What could you ave possibly done to your father!?"

"I killed him, DUH"

Brett continued to laugh, puzzling Kitten. She lashed her whip twice, grimacing at Brett's evil cackle.

"You son of a bitch! You're going to pay for what you did, and what you set out to do!"

Kitten's rage unleashed form her body as if an internal dam busted, draining all the emotional and mental stress and feelings to burn through her hands, mouth and feet. It was hot to the taste, her fury. She could feel her knees buckle. Her hands shook as they remained steady in the lashing of her whip. With one quick movement, she had the gun out of Brett's hand. With another, she had him around the ankles.

Brett's laughter turned from a chorus of his own joy and torment upon Kitten, to a high-pitched, pleading howl. Kitten flipped the hilt of her whip on the iron slabs of emergency stairs from the building they were in the alley of, dropping down the opposite side of a slab, hooking perfectly. Kitten yanked tightly, dragging Brett upside down, alongside the wall. Kitten begun a sequence of drop-kicking him into the wall, bashing his face off the bricks, and grilling him for information.

Several rounds through the sequence, plenty of blood had accumulated under Brett. He cried somewhat, mostly murmuring under his breath. Kitten, almost breathless, stopped her torture.

"I --*pant*- am going to ask you... -*pant*- one...last....-*pant*-time. Who are your superiors, and where can I find them?"

Brett cried, "I don't kno-"

"WHERE?!" Kitten forced Brett's head into the bricks once more, shattering a few teeth in his skull. He expelled the teeth via a large loogie, in Kitten's direction. Kitten, who had lost her patience nearly an hour ago, picked up Brett's gun, which still laid in the alleyway.

"NO!" Brett felt the cold tip of the barrel against his temple. An even more terrifying 'click' sounded as Kitten's thumb snapped a bullet into the chamber. "P-p-leaaaaase........unh...huhhhhhh!"

Brett was crying even harder, pathetic and almost bringing Kitten to the idea of scaring him until he pissed himself, then she'd turn around and leave....


Kitten pushed the gun harder against Brett's temple.

"I am being VERY nice here, little bro'. I didn't even give my own father as many chances as I have given you. So I will ask you ONLY THIS ONCE AND FINAL TIME....... WHO ARE YOUR SUPERIORS, AND WHERE CAN I FIND THEM!?"

Brett began to sob again, making Kitten even more irritable. But as Kitten bowed her head in disappointment, Brett's crying turned into... laughter.

Kitten raised an eyebrow, pushing the gun still to Brett's head.

"What's the joke, lil' bro? The fact that even at seven I was taller than you? Or your dick-size? Because the world knew those jokes a decade ago."

Brett's face contorted to an angry one, sptting blood on Kitten's cheek.

"Fuck you, you worthless whore. I know what you are! I KNOW! I knwo what you ahve done, and what you think you've done. But you know nothing, Lillith. You KNOW NOTHING! You might think that because you have a big paycheck that matches your ego, and just because you have won these meaningless titles at fake-ass wrestling shows for the last five years......."

Kitten pistol-whipped Brett across the face, Brett nearly drowning in his own blood pooling in his nose.

"You fucking bitch! -*spit*-*cough*- You BITCH! -*sniff*-*spit*- You think you're something, Lil'. But all you are is Daddy's little whore. His plaything.... YOU'RE NOTHING!"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Kitten's thoughts had been a whirlwind of thoughts since the attack on the US Cellular Center. So many things had been going so terribly wrong. Even though she had found her little sister, Shawn had taken off to visit his own father int he hospital, who was struck with illness. She had been so happy he made it out of the wreckage of the US Cellular Center alive, only to have him turn around and leave her... comepletely alone. "X" and Jericha left for their own escapaeds in their wierdness..... then she had to give up Abbie again. She had lost almost all touch with feds and their meaning that they had been once to her before.... almost claiming bankruptcy becauseof her high-priced help that saved Abbie.... and even Black Widow was having her ongoing problems with Wannabe.

But she needed to settle down, this fight for Abbie was over, at least for now. But her career wasn't. Even though too many tragedies had hit the Groves' small family and Kitten herself, there was a major story going on in Kitten's career. She still holds the CWF Title she won at the last show, and she ahd even been chosen to represent the CWF in XWF's 05-05-05. She was still in contact with Steve Jason and Jem Williams periodically, and had even talked to Cyren, and man she had hoped she would never have to deal with ever again. Not after the Black Order.... not after... 'them'.

But nothing would make her more happier than to wipe the competition away at the federation she once owned.... once dominated for two months in a row. Slightly concieted, Kitten knew that she had been one of the biggest forces to move through the XWF. Especially being female. And in ehr prime at the XWF she could take down any enemy if not the first time, then the second. Her win loss record looked like Osama Bin Laden's win chart against America: 100 to 1.

And now she has the opportunity to be a part of a major show that will set the most records in XWF/CWF history.

And when she is finished....... she will eliminate the CWF competition left for the XWF World Championship..... and proceed through the various combatants of the XWF.

If she needs to.. every.... last.... one.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

But if it is not one thing for Kitten's mind to unscrable, it is another..... the last words of a dying criminal... rapist and child molestor....... words that had frozen in Kitten's memory, no doubt for the rest of her life....

Words that could very well put her whole wonderful career at a halt....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"-*cough*-*spit*- See, Lilly? What you are.. is a big pawn. A big pawn in a game that has been planned out long before you came along. We've made some changes but.... -*long period of hacking and coughing up blood*- but... -*spit*- nonetheless, your father has always been in charge. In charge the day your mother died.... the federations you've been sent to..... the men that have come in and out of your life.... it's all been controlled by your father."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"You see.... he was even in charge when he staged his death, so you could take Abbie."


"He needed you to take Abbie so he could track you. You're much more traceable as a famous foster mother than you are a lunatic ex-wrestler roaming the world.....," Brett begun his laughter.

Kitten's eyes welled up with hot tears that burned her eyes even more. Blood begun to drip from Kitten's nose, a pure sign of the fury boiling over within. Her eyes fell upon Brett Hart one last time.....

"Hehehehehh........ -*spit*-.... Your father is still alive, Lilly."

With all her might, she drove the point of the gun into Brett's skull, cracking the entire plate on the top of his head. He screamed, even louder when his head his the concrete when Kitten cut him down.

..... And shoved him in the trunk of his car, hopped inside, and drove into the sunset......