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  Zion Battle Grounds


The winner exit the path of redemption.

All disputes shall be settled here.

Each Combatant can have a max of three spectators or Judges.

Judges must remain impartial.



1)  The battle shall be turn based.  Each combatant will be allowed at least 3 attacks.

2)  Combatants must use only the disciplines their clans allow.

3)  The Challenged shall make the first attack.

4)  Length of turn is unimportant, so choose your words wisely.

5)  A dice roller will be used with a difficulty level of 3 set for all battles.

The dice roller will be used for all attacks and defends.  Thus stating as success or failure.

6)  If an attack is successful, the opponent MUST defend against the attack.

7)  A tally will be kept as to how many attacks each opponent has against them.

8)  The battle shall continue until one is beheaded or concedes the battle.  Time here is irrelevant.

9)  The final attack for each opponent will be announced before it is to commence.

10)  If a combatant does not wish to use disciplines, both combatants must agree and neither can use them.

11)  If an attack is deemed illegal or controversial, an outside party will be brought in to make a ruling.


Please use logic in a fight.

Do not counter in a way that is contradictory to the previous attack.


If you do not like the rules.  Do not fight in my realm.

Queen Lilith


Losers Depart Here