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Le Sang De La Vie

Welcome to Le Sang De La Vie! In case you don't speak French and don't know what that means, it means 'The Blood of Life.' Now that you're here, I do hope that you stay awhile. This site is all about Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. This site is brand new so I'll always be updating, so please remember to check out the Updatesand there are parts of this site that are not up yet and are under construction. There are lots of pictures, info, links and much more about your favorite Vampires and the author behind the Vampire Chronicles! However since specs (fanfiction) are no longer allowed by Anne Rice there will be none on this site. So come and look around! And if you have any complaints, queries or suggestions feel free to email me!

The Webmistress of Le Sang De La Vie-Rebecca

The Vampire Chronicles: Here you can read the profiles of all your favorite vampires, check out the quotes section. Also you can read my reviews of the books. You can also read a little about me and the Vampire Chronicles. (If you're that bored :D)

The Movies: Information, cast listings and PICTURES from Interview With The Vampire and The Queen of the Damned movies.


Updates. Last UPDATE: 8/4/2004
Thank you section.

Amusement: Obsession Lists, Screen Icons, Wallpapers...lots of other fun stuff.

Links and Webrings: Links to other wonderful Vampire Chronicles websites and the webrings to which I belong.

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