Prisoner of Passion


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Rating: NC17- Violence, profanity, consentual and nonconsentual sex, oral sex, anal sex, torture, blood play

Rant: I'm so tired of looking at Angel the smiling Dork and Buffy the hamburger slinging Vampire Ditz. I don't know how much more of season 6/3 of the shows that I can stand. And to describe Angel and Buffy's love as a childhood crush!! Who the Hell thought of that bit of nonsense!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!! ANGEL AND BUFFY'S LOVE IS ETERNAL. FOREVER. 'NUFF SAID.

So, since I'm totally fed up with both shows I thought I'd go back to a time where Buffy was still kick ass Buffy. And bring back Angelus, the sexiest, cruelest leather wearing vampire we all love to.....well hate and love.

Summary And Warning - READ CAREFULLY: Angelus has surfaced and he's come to find his mate. Although torture and blood play will be a minimum If you're looking for a cuddly, soft Angelus you won't find much of him in this story. Looking for a possessive, passionate, lustful, strong, arrogant, dominant male vampire (who can sometimes be cruel, tormenting and murderous). This is your story. Set after the Freshman episode and before The Harsh Light Of Day episode. In other words Buffy is still wearing Angel/Angelus' scent.

As I move into the chapters this story is going to get dark, kinky and maybe even a little twisted. I'll just have to see where this story goes. Remember we are dealing with the demon vampire Angelus and not the souled Vampire Angel. So if violence and graphic sex offends you this might be the time to turn back and read one of my more fluffy smutty stories. SOME OF THE SEX SCENES WILL BE NON CONSENSUAL SEX.

Buffy will soon learn that she is going to be held prisoner and is cut off not only from her family and friends but from all other humans and society.

By the time this story is completed Buffy is going to come face to face with the fact that Angelus is not a cranky version of Angel but a cold bloodied murdering, manipulative, dominating, destructive demon who is her husband and her mate.

Angelus will take Buffy down a dark, sometimes brutal and murky road of lust, passion, heartache and betrayal. The demon that is Angelus is about to show it's true self. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Dedications: Sheryl who I wrote this story for as a birthday gift. Enjoy girlfriend. Thanks to StarrKitty for using my stories on her page. She has some of the coolest pictures of Buffy and Angel together on her homepage. Tango and Gia, they write stories that raise anyone's temperature a notch or two.

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He came to slowly. The fog gradually lifting from his brain. Two things became apparent immediately. Someone calling his name and the distinct hammering in his head.


He recognized the voice. He knew it was Cordelia. He could feel her hands gently probing the cut above his left eyebrow. Wrongly thinking that the cut on his eyebrow and his fall was the cause of his unconscious state. He stretched tentatively. Trying to absorb how badly he was hurt, before he made any sudden moves. He had to be assured if needed he would be swift. Very swift. He remembered the events that had led up to this. Cult followers had kidnapped 12 infants. Their ritual called for the souls of a dozen innocents.

Doyle had a vision and they'd found the underground sewer where the infants were being held. Doyle and Cordelia had gone out to follow the demon cult members above ground. Angel had followed through the tunnels using his heighten sense of hearing and smell to place an exact location of the infants.

He and the others had located the nest of the Kovra demons and cult followers just as they were performing the ritual. The Kovra demons and cult followers had placed the children on a sacrificial altar. Angel and the others had attacked. The human cult followers had presented no problems. They had been knocked out and Cordelia was securing them with ropes. It was the demons that required Angel's strength to battle and defeat them. Seven in all. Angel had fought the demons steadily, viciously, deadly in his wrath. He had showed no mercy to the would be child murderers/parasites. They deserved none.

The fight was almost over when he heard Cordelia scream. He ran over to help her and he was struck from behind by one of the humans who had yet to be secured. Doyle had tackled the man and confined him. The demon attacking Cordelia had turned to confront Angel and had touched him for a split second. It was at that moment Angel realized these demons could also feed off his soul. For although Angelus was guilty of committing many crimes and sins against humanity Angel's soul was innocent of the suffering it did for Angelus' sins. In theory he was an innocent.

Angel killed the Kovra demon who touched him and attacked Cordelia before the power of it's touch could render him unconscious. He fell forward striking his face on the cement floor, then total darkness had encompassed him. He allowed it knowing that everyone was safe even as he felt his soul slowly being forced to the background.

"Angel, are you all right," Cordelia asked worry lacing every sentence.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just goes to show you even I'm not invincible," he gave a wry laugh.

Cordelia laughed too. "Nope, you're not," she agreed.

He slowly raised up off the sofa in his office wondering how they had managed to get him there and get the cult followers and children out of the sewers.

Reading his mind Doyle explained, "I called in a few favors. Got some cousins of mine to come help us get you here and get rid of the bodies of the demons. Cordy made an anonymous call to the cops and she hid until they got there and got the children and arrested the cult followers." Doyle stared at him hard. Looking for something and afraid that he wasn't seeing it. Something didn't seem right but Doyle didn't seem to be able to put his finger on it. "Are you sure you're alright, man?" he asked moving closer to get a better look at Angel. Staring directly into Angel's eyes.

Angel broke eye contact with Doyle. He raised his hand and forced himself up from the sofa. "I'm fine Doyle. Thanks for the concern," he said giving Doyle one of his half smiles. "I'm going to head down to the apartment and lay down for a few minutes. Just need a few minutes to clear the fog from my head."

"Great, you do that," Cordelia said already dismissing him. "I'm going to go home and wash this sewer and demon goo off me. Plus one of those babies spit up on me. Eeww," she grimaced looking at the yellow chalky spot on the shoulder of her cashmere sweater left by one of the babies.

"Since you're going to lay down and there probably won't be much to do today I'm going to take the rest of this night off," she said breezily. She gave Doyle what she hoped was a look of exasperation. "You want me to give you a lift home?"

For a moment Doyle didn't hear her he was still watching Angel. After several seconds he turned to address Cordelia, "What did you ask Delia love?"

Cordelia let out a weary sigh and began to repeat herself as if talking to a child. "Do-you-want-a-lift-home?"

"Yeah, Delia," he said swaggering towards her. "I can't deny you the pleasure of me company. It would be a crime," he teased.

Cordelia rolled her eyes in exasperation and headed for the door. "The crime is having to ride next to you in my car. See you tomorrow Angel," she said waving her hand over her shoulder heading out the door Doyle on her heels.

"See ya tomorrow," he said turning around to head towards the elevator. He took the old elevator down to his apartment and started walking around. He went to the frig and pushing aside the pigs blood went for the good stuff. O positive. Walking over to the microwave he warmed up the bag of blood. Transforming to game face he sunk his fangs in the bag gulping greedily. Finished he let his face transform back to his human visage. He rolled his shoulders, looked around at the meager apartment. This would not do. Not for what he had in mind. This place was a dump. He preferred more opulent conditions. Well if he was able to maintain this charade for at least a week or a little more he would have everything in place. He still had contacts. He'd take care of everything. He wanted to get everything taken care of in 5 to 7 days.

Now he just had to keep Cordelia and Doyle from realizing that he was Angelus. He gave a cold chilling smile. Doyle was already a little suspicious. If he became too suspicious he would have to kill him. He'd drained the little Irish man and probably be snookered for days. Doyle did love to drink. For now he'd keep up the guise. He didn't want anyone alerting Buffy and Giles that he was back. Didn't want to give them a chance to take precautions. To fuck up his plans. Thinking of Buffy his body tighten uncomfortably. Yes, he had plans for his little almost virgin wife. Quite a few plans.

Walking into the sitting area he sat at the desk and picked up the telephone and made a call. The line rung six times before it was answered.

"Willie's" came the answer from the other end.

"Willie," came the chilled voice of death. "I need a little information and you are going to get it for me. And if you fail me you do know the consequences, do you not?"

For a second there was no answer from the other end, then a terrified stammered response, "Angelus. That's you isn't it?"

"Glad you recognized the voice," came the chilling reply Willie knew all too well.

"Wh-at, W-hat can I do for you?"

"One Willie, if anyone finds out that I'm back in control you die....slowly and as painfully as I can make it." He let the promise hang in the air. Hearing Willie swallow through the telephone line. He smiled his death smile. He could almost smell Willie's fear through the lines. He hadn't lost his touch.

"Two, and in just as many days I want to know everything about my little wife Buffy." If Buffy didn't know her status every demon in Sunnydale knew. The mark on her neck proclaimed it to all.

"She's on UC Sunnydale's campus. I want to know her entire routine, who she talks to and if she spends any significant time with any man. And all the information you can find on the man. And Willie........If she is seeing a man I want to know if they're fucking," he gave an evil chuckle, "If I have to castrate someone I want to make sure I'm doing it for the right reasons." Then he thought about it and gave an evil chuckle. "Not that I need a reason. Have that information for me in two days Willie." He didn't say or else suffer but Willie already knew that. Angelus hung up the telephone not needing a response from Willie. He knew in two days time he'd have the information he demanded.

He looked down at the clothes he had on and frowned. Since coming back from Hell Angel's taste in clothing had declined. He ran his hand over his head and was even more displeased. What the hell kind of hair cut was this. It felt like a blind man had cut his hair with a dull knife. He'd have to get it cut short on the sides and back. A more tapered look. A little spiky with a curve at the top. Yeah. He smiled to himself. He prided himself on his good looks, taste in clothes, blood, wine, lodgings and women. In all but one Angel was sadly lacking. Only the fact that he had made Buffy love him was his only redeeming quality thus far to Angelus.

Angelus made a list of things he needed to take care of before he and Buffy disappeared:

1. New wardrobe

2. New hairstyle

3. Transportation (he wasn't taking Angel's car. Although he loved it he didn't want it traced)

4. New wardrobe for Buffy. He smiled after writing that one. He'd get her clothing that befitted his mate. Expensive, handmade, one of a kind, demure; virginal....for now.

5. Have his mountain retreat cleaned, stocked and ready for his arrival. Another wry smile. He had quite a few places scattered across the world. He'd was going to take Buffy to a much colder climate than she was used to.

6. Hire a private jet and pilot. He knew just the demon for the job.

7. He had to go get a few syringes filled with enough medicine to keep Buffy unconscious until they arrived at their destination. Then a smaller dose that would weaken the slayer physically. He would need an unlimited supply of it until the time he decided to turn her. He'd just get enough for a month and have more delivered as needed. He knew the demon pharmacy over near the docks where he could get everything he needed.

He stopped writing. He knew he'd have to add things on the list as the days approached. He wasn't going to spend a lot of time on this. He had to do this quickly before Cordelia and Doyle realized he was Angelus and alerted the others. He briefly thought about just killing them and hiding their bodies. He dismissed the thought. No, he couldn't take the chance one of Buffy's little slayerettes would drop by or she would send one of them to bring something or Giles would call them to warn them of some impending danger from a demon of some kind. He'd let them live unless they posed a threat. As long as they remained clueless to his change he let them live.

He thought about going out to hunt. He wanted a kill. It had been too long since he made a vicious and brutal kill. Too long since he'd tasted blood flavored with adrenaline and fear. Blood hot and tangy fresh from the source, spurting from a ruptured jugular vein gurgling in his mouth as he gulped it down. He almost salivated thinking about it.

Nothing could ever be as sweet and nourishing as the nectar of Buffy's blood but she was his wife and mate not his food supply. Then he gave a wolfish smile, licked his lips, while biting into her sweet flesh and drinking from her he (well it was Angel but still he felt it too) had the most intense orgasm he'd ever experienced in his life and unlife. No Buffy's blood was the thing of wet dreams not feeding. Right now he had a boner so hard from thinking about drinking her blood he didn't know if he'd be able to stand up straight.

For the moment he would keep his mind on Food. His eyes turned feral. Yes, he'd go out tonight and make a kill. Something gruesome. He thought about what Buff would say if she knew he had killed a precious human. He gave a evil smile. She wouldn't have to know. He twirled the pen in through his fingers for a few minutes. Okay, just this once because what the hell, he thought, he was in a charitable mood, he'd go down to the docks, to some of the seedier bars and clubs and find some of the human murders or rapist that plagued the night. Yes, he smiled just anticipating it, perhaps he'd find a group of those humans who liked to stalk and rape women and he'd kill and feed from them. Not because he cared about what humans did to one another, but because it would be so rewarding to let these men feel the fear when they became the prey. To stalk them to turn the tables on them. Plus, that pestering ass soul was still nagging in the background and wouldn't leave him the fuck alone! He'd have to take care of that; Soon.

Angelus stood up and walked towards the bedroom. He lacked the purposeful walk of Angel. He had an arrogant predatory swagger. Although it had been hundreds of years since he'd seen his face he knew how handsome he was. Women and men alike were attracted to his face. Usually to their down fall. He walked with arrogance and predatory grace because he knew of his physical beauty and his hypnotical pull on the human species and demon species as well.

Right now Angel was weak. So weak he might as well not have been inhabiting the body. That soul was still there but had been pushed to the back. Angelus promised to do what was necessary to make sure the weak soul did not interfere with his plans. He'd have to finish what the Kovra demon started. The demon only touched him for a split second and didn't have the time needed to feed off the soul entirely, so the soul this clung to the body. Weak, but still there. He'd have to find more Kovra demons. There breed was rare but he'd get his minions on it. He needed to find those demons. Barring that he knew a witch doctor that he intended to call on as soon as he had his wife safely with him. He'd have this damnable soul removed once and for all.

* * * * *

It had been three days since his change. Doyle was still suspicious of him but Angelus didn't give him any reason to pursue the suspicions. Angelus had to remind himself to watch his speech. Angel had a very mild tone where as Angelus' tone was clipped and authoritative. His voice always portrayed arrogance and dominance. He had to control the swagger, and the predatory grace in his walk. Angelus was about to lose it. At least 20 or more times a day he wanted to kill Cordelia and Doyle and be through with the charade.

Angelus skin crawled each night they went out saving the lost souls. Angelus didn't give a sewer damn about lost souls. Why should he be concerned about saving something he wanted to rid himself of. Hell if these humans were that tormented he didn't know why Angel didn't just drain the fucks and be through with it. Serve two purposes; have dinner and end their misery. Everyone was happy.

Instead of following his instincts to kill these pathetic whiny humans he ran around following Doyle's visions helping these human losers. It was enough to make any self respecting vampire want to heave.

Plus Angelus didn't get much time alone. It seemed as if Cordelia and Doyle tried to live at the office. If he had to smell their arousal's for each other as they played these simple human mating games he'd rip their throats out and take his chances that Buffy and Giles would find out he was back. Each night by the time they finished dancing around each other fanning, but never fulfilling their desire to fuck and finally left the office Angelus only had a few hours to arrange for his traveling plans, check on his finances, prowl the demon bars and hunt.

Angelus sat at the desk in the sitting room of Angel's apartment. He received a call from Willie yesterday. As he had known Willie had the information that he demanded. Willie had the information hand delivered per Angelus' instructions and left in a sewer tunnel where Angelus could pick it up.

As he read the report he didn't like it at all. Seemed as if his faithless wife was seeing some senior College student named Parker Abrams and some corn fed Iowa boy named Riley Finn was hanging on the fringes, but wasn't a problem right now. Riley Finn didn't know how lucky he was that Buffy was Not interested in him. A feral smile appeared on Angelus' features. Parker Abrams was the immediate problem and might be missing an appendage by the end of the week if he wasn't careful.

The report said Parker was a "find her, fool her, fuck her, forget her" kind of guy. He preyed on freshman girls. He'd better hope that he had not practiced his 4 F's on Buffy. Angelus would know for sure whether Buffy had fucked Parker when he got to Sunnydale Friday night. Angelus fumed, If I smell Parker on her Parker's body will be found drained and mutilated because I will personally cut off his dick and shove down his throat.

The report also stated that Spike was in town trying to keep a low profile. Word in the sewers was he was searching for a piece of jewelry. Angelus laughed. He knew what Spike was looking for. Let him search. Spike would never find anything under Sunnydale but rats, skeletons and demons.

That weak ass soul having Angel had found the Gem of Amara when he first arrived in Sunnydale during the Master's reign and destroyed it. What a pussy, Angelus thought. Angel had his hand on true immortality and he destroyed it. What a candy ass. Angelus tossed the report on his desk. He made a mental note to call Willie and tell him to put a trail on Spike. If Spike got too close or posed a threat to Buffy he wanted to be notified. He knew Buffy could take care of herself she bested Spike on numerous occasions. But she was his wife his mate, in other words his possession. Her safety was now his concern. Unlike that pussy ass Angel he took care of his possessions.

Angelus took a deep breath. Today was Wednesday. Friday he would be on his way to good ole Sunnydale to pick up his wayward mate. He allowed that thought to offer him comfort as he got up from the desk. Only a few more hours of night left and he had to go out and hunt his dinner. No rest for the weary, he thought.

* * * * *

Angelus had made it. He didn't have to kill Cordelia and Doyle. He'd told them that he was taking a break to get in touch with himself. That he was going to a retreat for the weekend. They hadn't suspected a thing. Well maybe Doyle was a little suspicious but he seemed to go along with Angelus. Even told him he'd been a little more brooding than usual and the retreat would do him good.

Angelus smiled. It would probably be Monday morning before Angel was missed. Willie and a few friends were kidnapping Parker for the weekend. He had some plans for good ole Parker.

A note was being delivered to Willow's dorm room that Buffy was spending the weekend with Parker at the beach. Buffy's belongings in her dorm room were being packed and loaded on the airplane. Angelus had everything planned. It would be Monday before the Scobbies in Sunnydale and the AI Team in LA realized that something was amiss. And hopefully days before they contacted each other and started to put some of the pieces to the puzzle together. Angelus was proud of his planning. By the time they had enough of the pieces in place it would be too late. Hell, it was too late now.

Friday and everything was in place. He had the syringe in his pocket it would keep his love unconscious and weak as they traveled to their new home. Smiling his feral smile he went looking for his wife.

Angelus had searched the cemeteries before heading to the Bronze. He spotted Buffy on the dance floor as soon as he walked in. She was wearing a little cotton candy pink halter dress. She had on a pair of high heeled, strappy sandals. Her hair long and hanging down her back to mid back area. It had grown longer than he remembered. He liked watching the thick blond curls and waves float around her body as she danced. He could imagine himself wrapping his hands in the soft stuff and holding her head against him as she blew him off. His groin tighten painfully just thinking about it.

She was with her friends tonight. Willow, Xander and Oz. They were all dancing in a circle. He watched as she swayed to the music. Her upper body and hips moving to the hypnotic beat of the music. Her hands were above her head crossed at the wrist. Her eyes were closed and she was swaying erotically to the pulsating music. She had such a sensual grace when she danced. He became hard just watching her.

A blonde guy strutted on the dance floor and wrapped his arms around Buffy's waist, pulling her flush against his body swaying with her. She opened her eyes and stared at the guy. She stopped dancing, forced the guy's hands from around her waist and walked off the dance floor leaving him to stand on the floor alone. Angelus smiled, the blonde guy looked Pissed. If he had time he'd kill him for touching his wife, but Angelus didn't have the time. Angelus stared at the guy long and hard. If he ever saw him again he would remember him and take care of him then. If nothing else he had a long memory.

Angelus watched as Buffy said good-bye to her friends, grabbed her purse from their table and walked out the club. He followed.

It would probably be hours before the scoobies left the Bronze by then he and Buffy would be gone. Little Red would probably spend the night with Oz and when she returned to her room tomorrow morning she'd find the note stating Buffy had decided to go to the beach for the weekend with Parker.

Angelus knew Buffy sensed him. Every so often she'd stop walking and turn around or look over her shoulder. He watched her shrug her delicate shoulder and continue walking. She made a detour through Restfield Cemetery. Oh, Restfield Cemetery, he thought, what memories that cemetery held for them. He kept his distance stalking her in the shadow.

He finally decided to make himself known. He came from the shadow walking right behind her. He heard her soft sigh when she realized someone was behind her. She didn't turn around immediately. She seemed a little confused as if she felt something but knew that couldn't be the case. Maybe she felt Angel's presence but ignored it.

"So, you wanna play?" She asked flippantly and swiftly turned around stake in her hand raised to strike, "your funer---," the words died on her lips. She looked at Angel in disbelief, her eyes bucked, her lips turned up in a half smile, "Angel?"

He wondered if she'd ever say the Souled One's name any other way. It always came out as a caress, part question and wonder. Before he answered he got close to her. Their bodies almost physically touching. Her expressive green eyes widened with pleasure at his nearness.

"Not, quite Lover," he smirked.

Her breath hissed out, "Angelus."

Her split second of hesitation was all he needed. Before she could strike, he grabbed the stake from her hand, pulled her forward and with all his vampiric speed and strength punched her in the face knocking her out.

He shook his hand. "Damn that hurt," he mumbled surprised that it had caused so much pain.

He knew that the only reason he had succeed was because he'd taken Buffy by surprised. He looked at her lying on the ground. Her dress had rode up above her thighs showing the little silk and lace piece of nothing the same color as her dress. He shook his head. For the little the thong covered she might as well have not put any thing on. He reached down and picked her up and started towards the car to drive to the private airfield. Hopefully, he'd have her shackled and on the plane before she woke.

He was not so lucky he wasn't completely on the aircraft before she came partially awake. Her eyes struggling to open as she tried to fight him. He almost dropped her going up the steps to the plane. He squeezed her tightly trying to squeeze some of the breath from her but it didn't' work. She became angry and started struggling harder. Kicking her legs out, bucking against him, trying to free her pinned arms.

"Let me loose, you soulless, murdering bastard," she railed looking at him in disbelief. Even in her predicament she was showing no fear. If any thing she was pissed. In the position he was carrying her foot found a sensitive area near his groin.

"Enough, Lover," he growled in her ear.

They were on the plane. Without warning Angelus dropped her in a seat grabbed her arm and she felt a sting. She looked up still dazed from his punch to see him stepping back from her with syringe in his hand.

"Why you no good bas---," her world slid into darkness.

Angelus watched her as she slid down. He caught before she fell out the seat. He buckled her in. They had a plane ride and then had to journey by car before arriving at their destination. He took the seat next to Buffy kicked back and relaxed. Everything was under control and he had his prisoner of passion.


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