Lela Rose's Fanfiction

Prisoner of Passion
Angelus has surfaced and he's come to find his mate. Set after the Freshman episode and before The Harsh Light Of Day episode. Warning: This contains alot of violence, profanity, consensual and graphic violent nonconsensual sex, oral sex, anal sex, torture and blood play.

The Hunger
A collaboration between Rehatha, Gia and Lela Rose. Written from a challenge. Buffy goes to LA to meet an old friend. Warning:Contains graphic sex.

The Pain and the Pleasure
AU, sets a month or so after Angelus was released. Very dark. Warning: Contains non-consensual sex.

The Face of Evil
AU Fic. For this story let's just say most of the episodes did happen as written. One twist Buffy has never had sex except on two occasions on her 17th birthday and the I Will Remember You episode. Although Parker and Riley did exist Buffy never had sex with them or Spike for that matter. I think I prefer it that way for this story. This story picks up in Season 6 of BtVS and Season 3 of Angel.

The In My Dreams series

In My Dreams - Angel
Angel and Cordelia are now a couple, but Buffy is playing center stage in his dreams. What does this mean for the main players; Angel, Cordelia, Buffy and Spike. A/C and B/S, as well as, B/A pairing.

In My Dreams - Buffy
Buffy has been thinking about Angel. He's playing the lead role in her dreams.

In My Dreams - Buffy and Angel
Angel visits Buffy after his visit to the PTB's and his break up with Cordelia.

In My Dreams - Buffy, Angel and the gang.
Buffy gets two surprise visitors on her Birthday. My twist on the birthday episode.

In My Dreams - A Night at the Ballet.
Following her birthday party from Hell, Buffy travels to LA to attend the ballet with the AI Team.

In My Nightmares - Spike
Spike is having dreams of Buffy and Angel.

In My Nightmares - Shifting Loyalty
Confused about what to do about the prophecy that Angel will kill his son Wesley meets with Buffy to talk. Buffy comes face to face with Holtz and Justine. Angel faces his first trial from the PTB's.

Hellish Bells
The next in the series.

Buffy and Angel have not seen each other or spoken to each other since her birthday over a month ago.