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It is our plan to create a friendlier, more people-oriented place to host and play.  We want a relaxed atmosphere where we can all go to to have fun and use the DOORBELL if we want instead of always knocking! :)

We want to recreate our family in our new surroundings. Here are a few things to get you started...

The first thing you must do is send a letter of resignation to making your resignation effective Dec2, or as close to that date as you can.  If you are a TD in both gin and bones, you must ask to be removed from both leagues.

Second step is to sign up for our new league RENEGADE GIN On the left hand margin, click on FREE SIGNUP to register. You may use your existing ID if you like, but we recommend creating a new one.  You will be sent an activation code via email, be sure to activate your account.

Next step is to fill out the TD application. On the left hand margin under TOURNAMENTS, click on DIRECTORS. All former Jungle Gin TD's will automatically be approved. We hope you'll join us!

Admin for the new league will remain the same; mixed, saint, kellis and itsme will be the admin team.  Together with you, we know we will be a successful new league!

Please contact us if you have further questions. WOOHOO! LET'S PLAY!