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Working On My Cars

Here I'll be showing some work and progress on my car. At the moment its a 1993 Ford Thunderbird LX, but hey I'm working my way up to my Skyline. Even if that mean owning a Honda Civic *shudders* in the mean time. Yeah don't really like the Civic's seen too many around the city, I really think movies play a big part in ppls lives (The Fast and The Furious). Ah well, enjoy my pages and the information that it will have on it. ^_^

My Cars to Own

The Cars (Sites under Heavy Work)

Ford ThunderBird-Present
Nissan Skyline-Dream Car
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution-Fun to Have
Dodge Viper-Car that got me interesting in them
Something different (Yaoi site) nothing to do with cars at all!!!