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Hunter: NYC

A Reckoning Cometh

Heroes & Heels

Angela "Ghost" Raven: The child of the affluent Raven family up Upper Manhattan, Angela leads a life in exile due to some unacceptable lifestyle choices in the eyes of her father. She skates, she drinks, she raves, and she trespasses on private property. In a word, she’s little more than a delinquent to her father, but worst of all, she has a girlfriend; one that her father feels she flaunts to anyone who will watch. If this didn’t make Angela’s daily life difficult enough at times, she must now hide her part in The Hunt from her loving girlfriend for fear of what danger knowing the truth might bring to the both of them.

Robert "Bobby" Pumo:

Tariq Dahbor AKA Sirus:

Theodore Carter:

Christina Cunninghan:

Dr. David Kenney: