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Enemy at the Gates


Zombies: Reanimated corpses that stalk the night, responding to almost nothing beyond their masters and their own base instincts.

Ghouls: Monstrously powerful and often intelligent, these walking dead are far deadlier than their weaker brethren.

Vampires: The undead blood-drinkers of legend do indeed stalk the night, hiding in plain sight and permiating every aspect of human society.

Werewolves: The moon beasts are terefying to behold, more than most human minds can bear to see. Predators in the truest sense of the word, humanity is their prey.

Demons: Ancient beings alien in so many ways that they make other monsters seem human. Where others were once men or at least bear their forms, Demons are a being all their own, inhuman in every sense of the word, and malevolently powerful.

Ghosts: Restless disembodied spirits who crave the lives they once lived. Some are malign spirits that bring doom upon every human they touch, while others are more benign, lost souls in the seas of time.

Warlocks: These dark beings that may have once been men warp the world around them to their will. The mystic forces they weild out pace any limit the imagination would try to place on them; they weild raw power, and power corrupts.