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The Cast

Quentin: Once a member of the infamous Bloods, Quentin ran on the wrong side of The Law most of his life. While not necessary in the "right" side of The Law at this point, he's at least on the side of Good.h4>

Billy Jo Sirus: While some brag of tracing their geneologies back to kings or folk heros, Billy Jo is quite content that his never leaves the trailor park. After seeing his happy hick homestead destroyed by werewolves though, he has left for the not so open road of LA to join the fight against evil and prohibition.

F.H. "Effey" McNally:

Laurie Jones:

Jeramiah Cunningham:

April Baldwin:

Jeff Murphy:

Kimberley Nyuguen Paige:

Tracey Dean:

Ezmarelda Barrio: DECEASED

Charlie Bartle: DECEASED