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Ray Stuff

Ray’s dojo where he trains prospective Reckoners [see paper notes for roster] is located on the southern coast of Spain. He has cleared out most of the supernatural presence in his region and annihilated an form of supernatural government in the country, having killed 2 Bishops, 1 Archbishop, 1 Prince, and a Legendary Garou Chieftain in the last year and a half, not to mention countless Kindred and Garou of inconsequential rank.

Recently, Ray has created an entirely new tree of Reckoner powers; Hatred. Learning this power invariably causes its practitioner’s mind to degenerate into that of a deranged and homicidal sociopath when involved in any interaction with the subject of his “Hatred”. Obviously, with Ray, the change in mentality was completely indistinguishable from his natural self. Ray has also taught a select few of his charges at the dojo, those with motivation enough to master its incredibly difficult ways, the path of Hatred.

Spend two conviction and one willpower per 2 levels to activate any level of the power:

1 – cause 1 unsoakable lethal to a target of your hatred

2 - cause 2 unsoakable lethal to a target of your hatred

3 - cause 3 unsoakable lethal (or 1 unsoakable Agg.) to a target of your hatred

4 - cause 4 unsoakable lethal (or 2 unsoakable Agg.) to a target of your hatred

5 - cause 5 unsoakable lethal (or 3 unsoakable Agg.) to a target of your hatred

Ray has just arrived back in NYC, Melissa having been one of the latest victims of “the ghost”. He had come to ask her to join his dojo, only to find out she had been murdered mere days before he arrived. Ray knows it’s Absmiliard doing this and will call the PCs to offer his advice, and perhaps his help if they want it, striking a devil’s deal with Surge for a mutual cease-fire until “the ghost” is stopped. If they treatise is accepted, he won’t attack any of the PCs until he has parted their company on this one occasion. He does have a strange sense of honor.

Dojo Roster

Donna Greaves – From: Phoenix, AZ. 17 yr old daughter (Mary) raped, drained, and embraced. Husband (Michael) of 22 yrs beaten to death with a 5’ metal pipe. Donna’s Reckoner powers protect her and the assailing pack retreats, taking her daughter. Ray rescued her daughter and helped Donna kill the pack. He now keeps the daughter stored in his basement in a coffin, “saving” her for Donna, “aiting for the say they find a cure to vampirism”(Ray: “Yeah right…”).

Joey (Joseph) Glasgow – From: Allentown, PA. Joey’s orphanage became the target of Sabbat boredom when he was only 13. 15 Sabbat attacked the orphanage, destroying everything and one they saw. All manner of atrocity was commited that night. Joey killed two Sabbat after “awakening” and fled into the night. Ray found him half starved a month later and gave him a home, training him at his dojo in Spain and becoming the first father Joey ever had.

Uri Karova – From: Maine. On a weekend camping trip to distress before finals at UVA, Uri, his two best friends, and his GF drove to the forest for a weekend camping trip. The second night there, a wandering pack of 3 BSDs found their camp-sight and ate the 3 closest people to Uri. With the use of his newly found powers, Burden and Balance (Judgment), Uri took to wyrm claive from one of the BSDs and cut each of the three down like dogs with their own corrupt weapon. He still carries it to this day. Uri’s hatred of werewolves is so complete that it border’s on Ray’s deranged mental state. The wyrm blade has not tainted him due to his Reckoner nature, but he is deranged and he does practice the power of “Hatred”.

Ruby Salvator – From: 2nd generation Puerto Rican; NYC, Bronx. When a Lasombra marked Ruby as an easy meal, she proved he was wrong, staking her assailant and beheading him with a fire ax. Ray found her that same night and helped her clean out the rest of the packs in Bronx, then she joined with him to clean out the rest of the world.

Bart (Bartholomew) Reed – Bart’s family mansion became the target of a haunting by 7 Haunters. The experience killed his maid, butler, 12-year-old son, 18-year-old daughter, and baby girl, also driving his wife completely insane. Bart did destroy 5 of the 7 Haunters, but carries the pain with him still. After institutionalizing his wife but before joining with Ray, Bart set fire to his family mansion and liquidated all his stocks to start a new life in a new country with Ray and his dojo.

Palo Kapua – From: Hawaii. Julian’s battle in Hawaii didn’t just destroy a Brujah Elder, it also cost the lives of many innocents. One of those was Palo’s wife. The two had been going home after a dinner out when Julian’s body collided with a car and the car hit Palo’s wife. Much to Ray’s regret, Palo is more sad than angry, but he is still useful despite this slight disappointment. Ray met Palo years after this happened and managed to talk Palo into desiring an eventual confrontation with Julian, stirring up some of the latent hatred in Palo, though not enough to become a user of “Hatred”.

Alice Dory-anne David Hallsbury Allison Hallsbury Dorice Clayburn Gordon Val(h)orst Dallas Borne Alan Alansted Valerie Gonzalez David Abernathy Terry (m) Winslow Karen Tear Kurio Matsu Marie de Queaux Aaron Slade Blair Cunningham

Next plot for Modern: “Evil never dies”

1. A serial killer is killing women. He kills 142 (1 each day) of them before an FBI task force kills him in a shoot out.

“The Ghost” as the Media has dubbed him, made a name for himself over the last 4 months and 3 weeks as he killed an unbelievable number of women, with no apparent pattern. Even looking back, there is still no apparent pattern what so ever. Over the last 4 months and 3 weeks, every district police department, and even the FBI, was unable to find a single piece of physical evidence or a single eyewitness to tie a killer to the scene. The only link, a calling card present at every 142 killings, a shard of black onyx 7 inches in length used as the killing weapon, shoved through the victim’s ribcage and heart with deadly accuracy. What finally spelled the end for “The Ghost” was actually random chance. An off duty officer with his wife saw an apparent alley way mugging in progress and called it in on his cell phone as he drew his gun and proceeded to investigate himself. Upon arriving, he called in for an ambulance to come for a murdered woman in the alley and for back up as he pursued to assailant. Details are still sketchy what happened from here, but the end result was “The Ghost” cornered in a near by abandoned building and his death at the hands of LA police and the FBI. His body has now been remanded to a police coroner to obtain the identity of this mysterious and infamous serial killer. (picture of “The Ghost’s” body on a stretcher is provided.)

2. The Team gets a call the next day from Syphon, who tells them that “The Ghost’s” body has disappeared from the morgue after its preliminary examination but before the autopsy and he wants to know what happened, and it was replaced with that of a 43 year old John Doe, his wounds being similar (identical) to those “The Ghost” suffered. NOTE: This is the “host” of the specter that was “the ghost”. Once the specter was killed, it left the body, which then reverted back to its regular corporeal form.

3. Reports on “The Ghost” before his body disappeared, if the Team bothers to get them, say that the body had no finger prints at all, none. The DNA and blood tests came back confusing, the sample was just empty plasma, no DNA strands and no typed cells. The medical examiner is completely stumped and isn’t publishing the results.

“The Ghost” is the result of Absmiliard placing a specter into a human body and removing the human soul. The resulting creature is a hairless and androgynous (though slightly male looking) creature with a Cro-Magnon like skull and very pronounced bone structure. He wore black mesh pants and a worn/torn black trench when killed, no shoes or shirt. Its body was completely covered in various laceration scars and bullet scars. Eyes were a deep jet black and teeth were feral. It has supernatural strength and speed (Potence 4, Celerity 4, Fortitude 4), and the ability to regenerate damage at a terrifying rate (3 per round, no expenditure). Other abilities include Dread Gaze, Heightened Senses (all at once), Feral Sight, Claws, and Total Invisibility-Only visible when/to:

§ A target it has just hit for the round following. § It chooses to show itself § A Reckoner spends a Conviction point § Various mage senses § Otherwise, always benefits from blindfighting rules (-4 dice, +2 difficulty)

“The Ghost” will “reappear” in several days. Absmiliard can use what strength he has left to shove a specter through the shroud and into a body, but he has to concentrate to keep him there and keep him strong enough to do this. The person has to have gone to a “grotto” in Western NJ and gotten into a hidden lake with no current. This is a “weak point” in the shroud that Absmiliard has found. The next person to “contaminate” himself is Mike Hasbro, a 43-year-old family man, returning from a family camping trip in the NYwilderness. He left his family and the sedan they came in, wandering off into the woods, never to be seen again. The first murder was 80 miles from that campsite, that very night at midnight. The team won’t find this out until they speak with Mike Hasbro’s wife, who comes to the Hospital that night, hearing her husband’s body has been found.

1. If the Team interviews the wife; “Mike seemed really cold, emotionally, on the ride back, but I thought he was just upset that he fell in the water, it was kind of cold. The he just… left. I don’t understand why he did this. He wasn’t that sort of person, not at all. ***Cries a lot***”

1. After the new “ghost” has killed for the 2nd time, they hear about a “Ghost” copy cat that’s started in New York City, 2 are dead already. From here, it’s the PCs call what they do, though Syphon is telling them, find it and deal with it, I want to know what’s going on.

2. The team should manage to hunt him down before he kills too many more times, perhaps with Alexia speaking with spirits of the dead.

3. When they find him, it’s obvious to everyone he’s a possessed body. He has the EXACT same appearance as the first “ghost”. Alexia will know that a possessed human doesn’t usually change in appearance like “The Ghost”does. When they kill him and Alexia or Billy kill the actual specter, “The Ghost” turns back into the 26-year-old human (changing in front of their very eyes, hair and all), now very dead.

1. “The Ghost” will reappear in the next male who touches the “mere” in the upstate NY wilderness in the next couple days. This time it’s a 26-year-old graduate celebrating his Masters degree with his girlfriend. This is the “ghost” that appears in NYC and starts the “copy cat” murders. After the fact, the girlfriend is found dead about 50 yards from the “mere” with a shard through her heart. Someone should remember that Mike Hasbro was on a camping trip in upstate NY too. They should be able to connect both men to the “mere”. It’s a portal to the

1. If the don’t, the next “ghost” will be a young boy who visits the area with his family two weeks later.