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Vanessa Williams

Vanessa gave birth to Julian Williams over 80 years ago and under less than ideal circumstances. Her husband, Troy, had been embraced by the Sabbat the night before Julian was conceived in a torrid night of good-byes that made no sense to the newly sired vampire or the confused widow. Nearly nine months went by where Vanessa simply did her best to carry on, not knowing where her husband had gone or what sort of monster her child would be. Mere weeks before she was to give birth though, everything came to a head all at once. Troy returned in the middle of the night in an effort to rush Vanessa to safety, the Sabbat pack Troy was a part of arrived to have sport with Troy's widow, and Vanessa's water broke. Troy rushed Vanessa to safety as the pack set fire to the house they were in. Vanessa was hurt in the escape and looked as if she might die. Troy, seeing no better option, embraced his dying wife in a misguided effort to save to only two people in the world he cared anything about. After embracing his wife and leaving her lying in the rubble, Troy returned to his pack so that he might keep them away from where his wife lay unconscious, the kindred blood slowly doing its work on her (un)dead body... and unborn child. That morning, just before dawn, Vanessa awoke in the rubble of her former home and gave birth to a serene and beautiful child that looked as if it might never cry a single tear. Those first years were hard for Vanessa, skirting from city to city in an effort to find a place she could stay, all the time trying to keep her child a secret. After nearly 2 years, Vanessa learned the hard way that it was impossible to keep Julian, the dearest treasure of her life, both healthy and a secret. Making the hardest decision she ever had to make, Vanessa took Julian to Washington DC, where she left Julian with Victor van Fleet, a kind and powerful business man who Troy had always spoken well of. Victor had been close to Troy, his once employee, and met Vanessa on several occasions. He asked no questions of Vanessa, but swore he would care for Julian as if he were his own blood. That was more than Vanessa had hoped for, and she left trying to hide her bloody tears. The next 80 years were difficult for Vanessa, but she managed them with the knowledge that her child was safe. Finally though, nearly 8 decades after she left her only son with a surrogate father, she heard tell of a powerful and dreaded hunter that could only be her former child. Taking it upon herself to make right on a relationship she never should have abandon, she began her search for her son. She became the unwitting pawn of a powerful Samedi who hoped to kill Surge, but he was killed, thus freeing Vanessa to try to make things right with the son she had finally found. Over the next 2 years, Vanessa and Surge have slowly patched their family back together and added to it dramatically. No family tree would do justice to the strange occurrences of these last 2 years, but the most pertinent part of it for Vanessa is her engagement and impending marriage to Surge's best friend, Jack. While happy to have her family back, living directly between the world of the Kindred and the world of the Hunters causes Vanessa nightly grief that none but Jack seems to understand. As no closure is likely to come here though, she deals with it the best manner she can and ignores it as often as possible.