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Johnny Annabelle Walker

Originally a street punk ska rocker in England, Johnny Annabelle Walker began her life as a troubled youth. Johnny then grew up to be an equally troubled adult. Johnny Walker began her military career as an agent for the elite British MI5, specializing in urban undercover, being a member of the English sub culture already.. Here she met her one time sweet heart Andrew, a fellow agent and teammate. The two had a brief relationship that ended abruptly when Johnny was called upon by the enigmatic Syphon to join Julian “Surge” Williams as a member of an elite vampire hunter group. Having had a hint at what lay beyond they veil of normal mortal knowledge, Johnny seized the opportunity and joined Surge and Jack Watson in DC. Through the course of many trials and tribulations, Johnny and Surge became romantically involved, later getting married in Hawaii. The relationship was anything but sedate though, and the two fought almost as often as they made love. Jack even seemed to relish in the tumultuous relationship of his two closest friends, often adding fuel to the metaphorical fire in his own unique ways. Through it all though, the three remained a close knit team, saving each other’s asses on multiple occasions; that is, till the divorce. Johnny and Surge, having had quite enough of each other after being married for two years, divorced. Johnny has now returned to Essex, England, rejoined the MI5 and reunited with her once lover, Andrew. At the current date, Johnny is seven months pregnant with Andrew’s Child and looking forward to getting back to work once the child is born.