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Jeramiah Cunningham

Jeremiah’s led a long life, and it shows on his wrinkled and weather 68 year old countenance. Every line on his well-worn face tells a story, though he rarely seems to jump at the opportunities to tell them. His long white hair either hangs free, shielding his eyes, or is tied back in a tight ponytail when he needs his vision clear. At 6 feet 4 inches and a wide shouldered build, the hunter cuts an imposing figure when wearing his high collared trench coat and dark fedora, looking the part of an old west gun slinger with his lean muscled build. Quiet almost to a fault, Jeremiah has always been a man of action that would rather simply plan and act, saving his words for times they’re truly needed.

A long life filled with learning experience after learning experience has hardly made Jeremiah a decisive individual though. It seems as though his eyes dance with uncertainty when faced with choosing a course of action, as if all his years have just shown him too many contradicting lessons to make an easy decision anything but. Jeremiah’s personality is calm and mannered, obviously not a product of his time in LA, more likely some Midwest rural lifestyle that doesn’t carry too well into the megalopolis of the West Coast.

Jeremiah was imbued a little over half a year ago and had taken the mission of the Patrons up as his own holy war. He lives for this hunt, and is very likely to die for it too. He knows he can’t do it alone, and he’s far from a zealot seeking to give his life for a noble cause; Jeremiah is actually far more calculating and reasonable, preferring planning and thought before taking the war to the monsters; that way one or two may slip through the cracks of judgment, but the Hunters will all still be around to administer vengeance at that later day of reckoning.