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Welcome to my Nightmare!

I started this site several years ago, and I've changed it. Now its an online photo album, I realize if you don't know me then you really don't care; however, if you do know me you are more than likely on this website. So enjoy, or hit a wall and burn, whichever.

Also, in the unlikely event that anyone visits this site on a weekly basis ... get a life ... I mean, you will be able to keep up with what's going on in my life.

Now I was trying to figure out what else to put on my site so if you can think of anything ... and you actually care ... drop me a line.

Favorite WebSites

Jobs - Past and Now

Adult Friendfinder - The World's Largest Sex Personals Site free personals, online dating, chat, millions of members
Enzyte — Maximize the Pleasure


ITC^Deltacom - $7.50/hour - Quit

KBToys - $8.50/hour - Fired

Disney Store - $5.75/hour - Quit

Toys R Us - $8.00/hour - Lay-off

Circuit City - $9.00/hour - Quit

Simplot - $11.50/hour - Quit

Subway - $8.50/hour - Currently



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I, along with everyone else on the internet, have a myspace account. Its not all that impressive but it makes it easy to keep in touch with people.
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