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My Band
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Wednesday, 20 October 2004

Mood:  lazy
Topic: My Band
HI ppl! To day is a lazy day.Nothin is happinin.Well the band that me and my friends started off in a roff patch.We have a name we have some songs but NO BODY WANTS TO PRACTICE!! COME ON PPL IF WE WANA GET SOME $ OUT OF THIS WE GOTTA WORK!!! ~~~~~~SIGH~~~~~~~~~ Oh well... Any way whether you like it or not I am going to fill you in on my life *bwahahahaha My Life Sucks! My mom is never home my bro is a dumb azz and a brat.I am what moste ppl would lable goth or punk. I really don't care! Lets seeeeeee I am in drama and band.I love drama and like band a little bit. im a bit of a band goob! ^-^ I love anime and all of that shit... lets seee....... Hm my best friends are Yoomi Jun,Kara Mintion,Lonny Nelson,Raymond Ha,Jessica and Amber Hughes and Courtney Mcphail. I am in the band w Jessica and Amber Hughes and Courtney Mcphail. They r cool but The twins *Jessica and Amber* have some reall boy probs. i wont get into now. I think im gona write in this thing a lot. Its a bit like a diary...but other ppl read it.LOL Well if you would like to read my "diary" every day just look it up! !@# Vamp/Girl P.S Oh I am also on neopets a lot so if you ever wana chat just look me up! xx_vampire_girl_xx

POSTED BY Baby Bat at 3:27 PM MDT
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