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  Moonlight Rising Convention


The stars together on stage

(James Marsters, Amber Benson, Tony Head, & Christopher Golden)

Where was James Leary? Ask Christopher Golden. He suggested checking the Bar.

The Venue
Adam Busch
Amber Benson
James Marsters
Anthony Head
Charity Auctions


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Welcome to my Tribute to the Convention

Here you will find links to all things involving the convention, plus an account of my experiences and other Buffy related stuff. Be warned that this site is seriously Anthony Head heavy. He was the main reason that I went to the convention.

Favorite Links

The Road Trip

My favorite sites on the Web If you have a site about the convention let me know and I will be happy to add it to my list.

bullet   Moonlight Rising Website
bullet   Ann's Magick Box
bullet   Realm of the Tweedy Book Guy

For myself and many others getting to the Convention was just as much of an adventure as wandering through the Friar Tuck Resort itself. Plane flights and rental cars were abound. Just to add to the fun of the Trip I don't mind admitting that my Hubby and I got lost more than once :)

Photo Album

Communities & Forums

Visit the Links to the left for A Glimpse of the many convention pictures housed here.
bullet   Moonlight Rising Posting Board

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