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UPDATE 5-27-04
I'm putting up a picture I had taken down. Due to request, I love you, babe! You know who you be! ~big hugs~

UPDATE: 5-17-04
Alright… I’m clearing this out. I’ll hopefully be uploading some newer pictures. I have some extremely recent. Most of the new ones are from our trip down to Florida. Bree wanted pictures of herself up so they are the first ones you will see. I love you Bree!!!

UPDATE! 2-12-04
Pretty much, I have just gone to me first high-school formal (yay!) and mom has gotten her film developed. Since it was on a CD I uploaded it completely, so the first pictures you will see will be my formal piccies! Love ya Bri! I did this all (mostly) for you!

Hey, this is my little corner for the photos of people I know. Most of these photos are graciously donated from one of my best friends, Amber. You will see quite a bit of her around here, anyways… Yes, this is under a password lock, and I can lock specific photos if I need to. Please, if you have photos you would like to donate to my cause (to have fun!) please send them via e-mail, which can be found on my home page. Thank You!!!

Here be Bri, down in Florida… gotta love the Tink… MY SHORTS! Bri being cute… Here, kitty, kitty, kitty… Bri-Bri and Dad…
All of us kids playing with the crystal sticks in China. The boys being their crazy selves. Our dinner at the Japanese steakhouse. Delicious. Me holding the teddy bear my dad gave me for Christmas…x.x…
Meeko being bashful because I had just kissed him… Me and dad at our first real dinner in Disney. Me and my little cousin Shelly walking down a path in Disney. The three of us sisters lined up and dancing to the parade music.
Everyone playing with their new toys.. if they got one (I didn’t) Everyone who got their new toy cars lined up on our back porch.
Me and my dad.. my eyes are closed… x.x
My and my dad again, eyes closed AGAIN, and I hate my smile…
My and Amber… I look slightly stoned too…
Me and Amber yet again…
Are you getting tired of seeing me and Amber yet?
My lovely shoes that everyone wanted but were too big for everyone else!
Me showing off my thigh-high slit of the skin tight black dress…
Pose for the camera baby!
Show me that hair! Oh! The curls! So fine!
Amber’s soft velvety black shoes and lacy flowery tights…
My Amber chicka… too stiff in dresses I swear…
Smile… no, I said smile now nervous grin!
Me and my chicka… do we have to go through this again?
Oops! Both eyes are closed in this one… kinda innocent on me… scarry!
Right after I got my hair done…
My lovely stiff curls…
My glossy can’t-move-an-inch iron-hard-copper… well… golden… curls!
Cristina on the left, and Jerry on the right…
Dereik, my very best friend.
 Amber’s new haircut… she has to show off some!
Sweet little Amber, before I truly corrupted her… just last year if you believe it!
Me, Danielle, and Amber over at a her house. I’m the innocent one! Look at my ironic mocking expression…
Me and Amber just messin’ around… camera girl (her sister) moved….x.x
Me and Amber again, I’m always the sweet and innocent one! Look at those sweet eyes and elf ears!!! Camera girl moved again! ~bites~
We just be crazy little people! Gotta love us!
Me hiding behind Dereik’s notebook, while Rachelle tries to get me in a picture
Just a group from the Halloween Dance, Mandy, Richie, Jenna, Korey, and Kevin.
Korey is such a sweetheart. Last year’s formal
My sister, Minda, being herself….
Me, Minda, and Melissa dancing during a workday out at fest/
Me and Minda teaching people how to dance (belly dance)
Yohan has Minda tied up… Rick, her boyfriend, stands back watching and laughing.
Scott, our true ladies man. Such a gentleman you never knew.
He’s supposed to be the innocent one… but who knows what he has in mind with that mischievous face!
Scott and Ann, their last day while Scott was still in Belton, and they were still dating. I love you both!