If you have to ask...You'll never know.
You've Never Known Love Until You've Known Suffering...

Last time I updated I had graduated high school. That was 2 whole years ago. I lost MOST of my information, but now I am writing again. My friends have changed, my home has change, my job has changed. I'm almost completely different than I was before. I know, for a fact, that it has changed my writing. I hope you enjoy the ride that I'm about to write about. I'm going to be writing under the name Doxi now. My actual name is still Chyna, but I felt I needed a little change thrown in. ~D


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All ideas on this site to Doxi.
I don't own Buffy, Angel, or any other cast members I may use for those ideas. They belong to Fox, the WB, Joss Whedon, and all those other people. No lawsuit neccesary.

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