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Around the World Series
This is an AU series with the Fanged Four in which Angelus was never cursed.
Pairing: Angelus/Darla
Summary: Angelus tracks down his severely pissed-off sire.
Pairing: Angelus/Spike
Summary: Angelus visits Spike with a proposition
Pairing: Spike/Darla
Summary: Darla calls a truce with Spike. But will he believe her?
New York
Pairing: Angelus/Spike
Summary: Angelus' relationship with his favored childe reaches a new level, with surprising consequences.

Chance Encounters Series
These are in the same series because each story set involves a "chance encounter". Each pairing has two stories which are connected, but the series as a whole is not connected throughout. So you can read any pairing(s) you wish.
Angel/Faith Faith/Angel
Angel/Lindsey Lindsey/Angel
Spike/Xander Xander/Spike

Pairing: Angel/Faith
Summary: AU fic. Angelus was never cursed and Faith doesn't know she's a slayer

Lost and Found
Pairing: Angel/Spike
Spoilers: Set mid season 3 of Angel, 5 of Buffy.
Summary: Cordelia gives Angel a present, and he decides to surprise his wayward childe with it.

Mile High Club: Version Angelus/Xander
Summary: Xander runs into Angel on a plane. Or at least that's who he thinks it is.
Warnings: Dark fic. Angelus isn't so nice (duh) at first. Rape/non-consensual sex in one part.
Angelus/Xander Xander/Angelus Darla/Spike Spike/Xander Grand Finale
(Multiple combinations of the previous characters)

Mile High Club: Version Faith/Xander
Summary: Not related to the other MHC series. Separate story. Xander runs into Faith on a plane.
Faith/Xander Xander/Faith

Pairing: Faith/Lindsey first but then later a surprise Lindsey/male ending
Summary: Faith needs Lindsey's help with something.

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