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Eldo's World

Welcome to my World. I am Elliott. My life is different, to yours and well almost every one elses, my world is one like no other. IT is a place of darkness, fear, and failure. No one wants to be in such a situation but unfortunately for some they have no choice. Life is how your parents bring you up, what you feel about other people, what the world feels about you.
Its not what is on you is it what is in you.
It isnt where you come from, but where you go.
So while heading down your road of life look for inspireation, treat people as they treat you. Just do what you want, all in all.

I cant really think of what to put now, so this is the end of my page so far. Email me and tell me what you all think i should put on my site. I could write a bit about my life, or my ambitions, or well anything, just email me your suggestions

Below please find links to what I feel are some great sites! They include much information.
This site is a great site for those interested in Magick
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The Everlasting Rose

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